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“It takes a long time-many incarnations of right action, good company, help of the guru, self-awakening, wisdom, and meditation-for man to regain his soul consciousness of immortality. To reach this state of Self-realization, each man must practice meditation to transfer his consciousness from the limited body to the unlimited sphere of joy felt in meditation.” -Paramahansa Yogananda
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True health and vitality comes from real living foods. Don’t fall for the trap of being indoctrinated into a club. You already have everything you need within you.
Trust nature and thrive!
Listen to people like @medicalmedium who don’t conform to any labels like “vegan” or “keto” It’s proof that this isn’t a fad or way to get your money.
Celery costs less than a $1 and you can radically change your health by just drinking celery juice alone! Wether you have common digestive issues or serve IBS like I did.. Anthony William is your man.
The power of nature is limitless.
Learn more in my latest video 👇

I just want to take a moment and give a huge shoutout to Anthony William @medicalmedium for being such a wealth of knowledge. I love how he combines health and spirituality without getting into religion. Just straight truth about the power of nature. I found out about Anthony years ago and started to drink celery juice occasionally. Once I got serious and decided to take full responsibility for my health celery juice became a ritual. It’s so simple and yet profound. The power of nature continues to inspire me. People like Anthony that can tap into that universal spirit and communicate are truly a gift to humanity. My mom even started drinking celery juice recently and she is already feeling the benefits! If you haven’t heard of him please go check out his page and check out all the miracle stories.

The famous neuropsychologist Rick Hanson describes 3 parts of our human brain:
The primate or human brain (cortex) focuses on connecting with others.
The mammal brain or monkey brain (limbic system) focuses on approaching rewards.
The reptile brain (brain stem) focuses on avoiding harm.
The real higher-order thinking of the frontal cortex comes after all this lower-order thinking is satisfied. Until the reptile brain and the monkey in our heads feel safe and part of the group, we don’t actually have real genuine thoughts.
Step 1: Target the Reptile 🦎
-Recognize the anxiety.
-Remind yourself that you are all right.
-Take a deep breath and feel the whole breath.
-Relax your body, which will soothe the lizard brain.
-Maintain this state for 30 seconds
STEP 2: Target the Monkey 🐒
-Think of someone who genuinely cares for you. Bring that person into your mind.
-Think of someone you genuinely care for, and bring that person in as well.
-Create a circle of caring in your mind.
-Remind yourself routinely that you are in that circle, a critical part of it.
-Feel your belonging.
STEP 3: Activate the Human 👫
-Consciously acknowledge ways in which you are getting energy.
-When you eat, realize the food is becoming part of you and nourishing you.
-When you breathe, feel the air entering you to maintain your life.
-When you get paid, recognize it as nourishment.
“Feel protected, enabled, and delighted by human craft.” (Feel unconditional love)
Once all parts of your brain are working together rather than fighting each other you will have a new perception of reality. Some people go entire lifetimes without ever truly being “human” Once you have true compassion and empathy you will only then be a human being. Learn more about the 3 parts of our brain in my latest video. 👇

Last night we got invited to a Dewali Celebration and had a blast! Diwali symbolises the spiritual "victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.” .
We enjoyed a huge vegan potluck and a candle lighting ceremony. We got to see so much of the beautiful Sikh culture, it was inspiring! I just finished editing a short vlog. Check it out! The link is in my bio. 🤙

“Sri Krishna said: Just as boyhood, youth & old age are attributed to the soul & the embodied soul continuously passes through these cycles, similarly the embodied soul passes into another body at death. The wise man does not get deluded & bewildered with such a change.”
I feel like broken record saying we are spiritual souls having a human experience every single day. The truth is a lot of people truly believe there is no soul. After my first out of body experience there was no going back.
I started to ACT like the soul I truly am instead of just catering to the physical. I learned how to meditate, started getting into juicing and making green smoothies. My life started to change right before my eyes.
At the core of every one of us is something bigger than we can even imagine. Something infinite. Our soul has never been born and it will never die. We are immortal spiritual beings. It’s time to start acting like it.

I AM GOING TO BE A DAD!! Can you believe it?!! Somebody pinch me. Words cannot describe my feelings. ❤️

intuition from Wikipedia:
the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.
Are you living in the flow? Guided by your intuition and the higher self or are you trapped inside the ego self? Here’s how to tell: if your nervous or anxious that is a sign from the body that you are in the ego mind. If you feel light and like there’s no effort in life and everything is just happening.. then you are being guided by your higher self.
We have two options. To constantly think our way into things or LET GO and surrender to your highest path. We are here to do something big, something meaningful. Take action and start creating a life you love!
Learn more about how to activate the intuition in my latest video. 👇

“We are all affecting the world every moment, whether we mean to or not. Our actions and states of mind matter, because we are so deeply interconnected with one another.” -Ram Dass 🕉
It’s so hard to come up with something to write after a Ram Dass quote. So I will just get to the point. @healyourselfwithnature
You are so incredibly beautiful, inside and out. I feel like we’ve known each other for several lifetimes. You light up my world and I’m soooo excited to start a family with you. Here’s to infinite love and gratitude. 🕉❤️😍

Activate the third eye by cleansing your body and decalcifying the pineal gland. The pineal gland gets hard and sluggish over time from bad habits and environmental toxins.
Both pinoline and DMT, secreted by a healthy, activated pineal gland, are psychoactive, causing changes in perception, mood, consciousness, cognition, and behavior.
Start addressing the toxicity in your life. Wether it’s from bad relationships or unhealthy amounts of TV. Eat more raw foods, start juicing, and learn how to meditate effectively.
This will change your life! There’s more about how to decalcify the pineal and activate your third eye in my new video.

Ever notice that everyone who has had some sort of #spiritualawakening ends up growing out their beard/hair? What do you think? Is it all coincidence?

Some Native American tribes believe that the hair is connected to the nervous system. They believe that long hair reaches out like tentacles, and pulls energy and information from the world around us similar to a cat’s whiskers.
Dreadlocks are a symbol to the earth and nature. Many Native Americans believe that hair is a physical manifestation of the growth of the spirit, and some say it allows for extrasensory perception, and connection to all things.
In the Vietnam war, where skilled Native American trackers were recruited for their abilities as scouts by the US Army. It’s said that after joining the Army and getting their military haircuts, they lost their powers and failed to perform in the field.
Check out my 10 year freeform locks and learn more about natural dreadlocks in my latest video. 👇

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