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I’m seriously addicted to baked potato fries. It’s been salad n spuds lately and I’m lovin it!! Vegan ranch and buffalo sauce over perfectly crisp baked fries along side a mixed green salad. Simple whole food magic. 100% plant based vegan amazingness. 💪
It’s Q & A Wednesday!! Follow along with my insta stories. I’ll be answering all your questions live on VIDEO!! So ask away!!

Q & A Wednesday⁉️
It’s that time already!! I’ll be answering your questions via video and posting it this week on my YouTube channel. Are you curious about my lifestyle? Wondering how to truly #govegan? Maybe your thinking this way of eating is too expensive? I’m here to answer ALL of your questions. So feel free to Ask me anything! Wondering about Yoga? Or spiritually? Ask away!! Let’s use social media to really create positive change. Let’s make this world a better place for everyone and everything. Make sure your subscribed to my YouTube channel so you get your answers later this week. Check out my insta stories for more info!!!
Happy Wednesday ✌️

This pasta salad has been my JAM! Gluten free VEGAN 100% legit. The pasta is made from lentils and I used a sun dried tomato dressing to make it creamy. Add in some fresh seasonal veggies like broccoli. Lil olive action and raw sunflower seeds. Simple and delicious! It’s getting hot out so these cold meals are the best. Everything is made with wholesome ingredients and it truly is delicious! I haven’t had a good pasta salad in years because they are usually loaded with canola oil or processed garbage. Making food at home is always better and way better for you. Try making this pasta salad you’ll love it! Just grab your favorite dressing and pasta. Add veggies then viola!! Home made vegan amazingness ✌️

“Yoga is not just repetition of few postures – it is more about the exploration and discovery of the subtle energies of life.”
-Amit Ray 🙏🏻
Yoga is way more than just stretching. This is a way of life. Bringing in more awareness and longevity. Wether it’s asana practice or meditation yoga will help unlock life’s greatest gifts. I am beyond thankful for my practice. I don’t even know where I’d be without it. I want to encourage you all to practice daily. Follow a path that resonates with you and grow. This life is too precious! Namaste 🙏🏻

Raw Tacos 🌮
Best earth day ever! Started out with picking up the lovely @healyourselfwithnature and then we hit downtown Sacramento to the co-op which was amazing. The local bakery had incredible vegan and gluten free options too! To end the night it was raw tacos with buffalo ranch fries!! Some of the best food ever! I enjoyed everything!! From the blackberry lemon donuts to the amazing oven baked fries. This has been a dream come true. Happy earth day everyone!! ✌️

This gluten free VEGAN sandwich was the Bomb! Pushkins bakery in downtown Sacramento is really doing it right! This breakfast Sando has cashew cheese, cucumber, lettuce, vegan chorizo and tomatoes with avocado! I didn’t even know they did vegan gluten free donuts too!! This place is packed with a line out the door. Check out my insta stories to see more! Happy earth day everyone ✌️🚌💨🌍🌈☀️🍉🍊

Happy Earth Day!! 🙌
This is the best day ever!! Everyone should honor our mother (earth) in your own unique way. Starting out with your first meal! Hopefully it’s VEGAN because any other meal is harming the earth. Our food choices are directly linked to the survival of this planet. Today’s breakfast is organic potato hash with arugula, sprouts and avocado! Hope you all enjoy this beautiful day!! Let’s save the earth one bite at a time. ✌️

Just uploaded the Q & A video! I asked you all to ask me questions earlier in the week and here are your answers! I’ll be doing this every week!! Make sure your subscribed to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss out. The link to the full video is in my bio. Enjoy ✌️

Let this be a gentle reminder to everyone out there to
On this special 420 holiday I’m sure many of you are in need of some real water! With all those special “activities” your going to really need hydration. Get out and harvest it yourself! Check out and locate a spring near you! I just loaded up at one of my favorite springs in Grass Valley (no pun intended) got over 10 gallons of fresh pure goodness! Your into raw food right? What about raw water? Think about it✌️

Happy 420!!! 🌱
The most valuable plant in the world is honored today. We are all dealing with pain, inflammation or trauma. The question is what are you doing about it? Opiate addition is no joke. So many people are addicted to the pharmaceutical companies. Let’s take a stand for something natural. Something sustainable even!! Cannabis!! CBD is so healing and has zero harmful side effects. This medicine can be applied topically to a sore joint or muscle. Taken internally for nausea or pain relief. I even juice the fan leaves for minerals and phytonutrients. This plant can literally save our planet. Fiber, fuel and more! It’s been way to long now.. don’t let big pharma win! Stand up for what you believe in. This medicine is SAVING LIVES. From autistic children to treating epilepsy. This plant can do it all! For more info check out and keep it green! ✌️

Strawberry Bliss 🍓
Happy 420!! Starting the day with this epic strawberry smoothie. Organic frozen strawberries and almond milk.. DONE. So simple and delicious. The pink color is so vibrant. I’ve been craving a smoothie all week! It’s finally here. With this warm weather smoothies are back on the menu. 💪
What are you doing to celebrate earth day? This is your chance to make the switch! #govegan for the animals, the planet, and your health!!! It’s a win win for everything. Your next bite is a step towards health or sickness. The choice is yours! Eat more plants and save an animal. The earth will be happier too. ✌️

Throwback to last summer when I was kayaking in Denali National Park, Alaska. This was the first time going out on big water for me and it was glorious! 🚣‍♂️🌊☀️
Challenge yourself. Push the limits. Right when you say “I’ve had enough” life begins. Focus on what you LOVE. Try new things. Go on new adventures. EXPLORE. Create something magical. Let your experiences guide you to the next passion. Make that travel destination a reality. Choose love. You can do it!! You’ll thank me later. 🙏🏻

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