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Nicole Wiekierak  Sometimes I draw things.

Oh ho, another forehead rune complete...

Now to build those blacks further up the forehead, and define the lip edges, and you know...stuff.


Movie time!

What a dork!

So snug!

Them Sunday morning snuggles. She's wrapped in blankets and using me as a pillow.

Cleaned and drying for post apocalyptic hot mess! πŸ˜†


She always curls herself up so tightly! Such a smol cinnamon roll.

@sarafahling I saw this sandwich and I immediately thought of my old work bro. πŸ˜„

Then there's the GIANT eyes. You doubted me @bearcalledred! I told you, giant Kun eye wells need giant eyes! Now I need to get her repainted...she's getting something vaguely reminiscent of Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road. Those eyes are gonna POP out of all of the dark colors that are gonna be on her face. There's no cute Lolita girl next door Volks Kun here, ooooooh no.

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