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Nicole Wiekierak  Sometimes I draw things.

Sam found this most excellent of Deadpool mugs at Target and brought it to me! Ironically my tshirt today is a very similar splatterpool on black. Yay new mug!!

So I changed glues for the pupils and layered clear enamel over all before dumping on uv resin. No bubbling underneath, I still have the outer layer to lay down and set, so plenty of time for things to go wrong but still, much more success than previous attempts.

Uh...Alan spotted this in the parking lot when we left work today. Someone is gonna have a hard time playing hide the cucumber now.

@bearcalledred She's down to 7.50 now. 😏

Fluffy Japanese cheesecake is made!

Ah yes, money well spent in Valentine's Day. Alan got us pizza!

So I beat Final Fantasy XV today at level 48...while the game was fun (that linear as fuck second half though...😒), the story. Jesus Christ Square - spoiler time.
If you're going to kill Lunafreya off THAT early on, how about we at least meet the woman for more than a minute series of flashbacks and tidbits. Aerith (Aeris whatever) mattered because the players got to know her. If you left good materia on her when she died you had a consequence of her death. Luna had no weight with the player beyond being the Oracle and Noctis's betrothed. At the end of the game if you're going to kill everyone (hey there Tidus, your death had some oomph in X) let them stay dead but show the consequences on the world and other fringe characters. If Noctis's death purges the daemons SHOW THE EFFECT ON LUCIS. Don't cut to some bizarre empty wedding in Insomnia between Luna and Noct. They're both dead. Let them be dead kthx. The final campfire with the sausage bro fest, didn't need to happen because they're all FUCKING DEAD.
Ever since Squaresoft and Enix merged I've had this feeling of repeatedly polishing a turd every time I try a Final Fantasy game. They're all gloss and no heart now. While XV is technically at least fun and at times a challenge the story is so flat, and it could have been SO MUCH MORE. I maintain that X was the last good Final Fantasy, SquareEnix needs to learn story first, graphics last. A compelling story with characters we love or love to hate is what makes Final Fantasy, not slick graphics and licensing (looking at you Coleman and Cup Noodles).

All the cool kids are doing the #bjdaesthetics thing. I've got a two day headache, why not do one?

This was my view this morning when I told her I had to work the closing shift. Not a happy puppy.

Update: Alan has named him.

Beautiful Murderous Archduke Bastard the Fifth of the Seven Isles

But what should I name this beautiful bastard?!

I had to try it for the name and because it was on clearance. It's dark burgundy with blue sparkles. Photographs like shit though.