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Duminati🌬  RapGrid | MangoOnBeat | Show me a line so I can cross it 🧚🏽‍♂️

Before the storm start
Before the clones bop
Before the white hoes claiming this hip hop
When we was buying our wigs out the gift shop





🗣You have me mistaken😂
I knew you was basic😊
I knew you was hatin😏
I don't do fake shit🙅🏽
I just move on🏄🏽‍♀️
Who tf told you that Du soft?🏋🏽‍♀️
I'm on 229th💅🏽
What you on?👀
All the ugly ass hoes want Du GONE😜
But what's taking so long to make a🤔
I keep saying I'm: I'm. Not. Pussy.😤
I don't do broth bitch, I Du BEEF🐄
Other than that yo I won't speak😷 Making a scene no🎥
That's not me🙅🏽
Me getting beat⁉️
That's comedy😭
Losses I eat that😋
But I win so hard bitches relapse🤗
Now they wanna kii kii you can keep that🙅🏽 Id rather knock a bitch clean out her weave cap💥🥊 Oooooo the struggle🤣
I Love when a tough bitch look for trouble🤡
same bitch last week kissed and hugged you🤡
Hating for the reasons they use to love you😎
Dub another dumb bitch
Yeah it's fuck you🖕🏽
....It don't get no stranger mannnn😫
Cause they these bitches be strangers man😩
And I think they need some dick, to release this anger man🙌🏽

I don’t think they understand me
I ain’t know that that ain’t even in the planning...

A few years ago

Get it, lose it, then get it again Du. Don't talk bag talk to me and all you ever did was keep your case open! Good Morning.

I likey, next video 😍‼️

I am competent, so I might offended
Thee incompetent
They no comprehend
Fucking dummy imma cheat myself
If I sit here with you and repeat myself
No time to analyze all the lies n shit
3rd eye
I rely on ya Vibes n shit
Why hoes wanna fight over guys or dick
Why die with the title of rider bitch?

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