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Elliot Zyglis  Naturopathic medical student, fermented foods revivalist, explorer of consciousness, pantheist, lover of nature, human microbe ✌❤

Dozer is opening his very own massage clinic, Pleasant Paws massage parlor. Now booking new clients! 😂

Organic juice for two! It's nice to sometimes give the organs of digestion a little break and provide a delicious soup of nutritionally dense nectar to those hard working cells

#NaturopathicMedicine #FoodAsMedicine #OmegaJuicer #PlantBasedGoodness #theEarthProvides

Our bodies in this life aren't just biochemical.. Old paradigms become stubborn dogmas, not just in the sphere of science and medicine.. I'm so excited and grateful that my work will contribute to this transformative shift!! 🙏❤⚡🤓

Dozer and his man Little Ell ... so much puppy love!!

I had a blast presenting my research poster at the IFT Suppliers Night recently with @threepointnutrition, @beyond20questions, Meagan, and Sydney! Interested in our research findings regarding the non-enzymatic anti-bacterial effects of honey based on floral origins? My presentation from SCNM's Research Night is up on YouTube! Check out the link in my bio 🐝🍯

Dozer hates his cone! Poor guy ... you're welcome Bob Barker

I had so much fun visiting my sweet little nephew Jase out in LA! He and Dozer became best buds 😊

I'm so grateful to be a part of the research department at SCNM and to have had the honor of presenting our honey research to local doctors, students, and community members at the recent Research Night. Such a great experience, all of the talks were interesting and the presenters did a wonderful job. Thank you to everyone who spent their lunch hours playing with honey!! Our knowledge of the healing properties of this amazing substance is being advanced because of you 🙏🍯🐝🤓

The map is not the territory. Open your heart and experience the metaphysical background of the world... Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm: Beyond the Doors of Perception, Into the Dreaming of Earth, by Stephen Harrod Buhner. One of the most interesting reads of my lifetime...

Like drinking Life itself... carrots, beets, kale, apple & ginger

Dozer had so much fun in beautiful Sedona!

Amazing breakfast in Sedona ... thank you @localjuicery !!

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