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Thehotbedcollective  Sex, relationships and pop culture. The Hotbed podcast #14 in Apple chart. #MoreOrgasmsPlease @cherryhealey @annikisommerville @lisaswilliams

A football-themed #teencrushtuesday today because, well, football. Here is Jamie Redknapp in all his 1990s glory. Enjoy, ladies. Thank you @mooms13 for the nomination. 🔥🔥🔥 #thehotbed #Nineties #jamieredknapp #ninetiesfashion #curtains

Some #mondaymotivation from your friends at Hotbed. 🔥🔥 Via @dameproducts #hotbed #thehotbed #sexafterkids

A shout out to all the dads out there...Happy Father's Day and hope you don't overdose on comedy golf cards, football shaped soap-on-a-ropes and novelty chocolates in the shape of rugby balls 🏀 #fathersday #sunday #thehotbedcollective #shoutouttodads

St Elmo's Fire was one of those films that got our teenage hearts racing. It also teaches some strong lessons about love. Which teen films have stuck in your head? And were you a Rob, Andrew, Judd or Emilio fan? (We're a healthy mix of the above) #johnhughesmovies #stelmosfire #teenfilms #bratpack #80sfilms #thehotbedcollective

We didn't want to get sucked into @loveisland but we have (just a little bit) and the rivalry between Eyal and Alex has made us more addicted. They represent the age old archetypes of confident 'player' versus 'the one you'd take home to meet Mum'. So who are you warming to the most? Or have you managed to avoid the feud completely? #loveisland #addicted #guiltypleasure #tv #archetype

How come women always behave in such unrealistic ways when it comes to having sex on screen? Like having immediate penetrative sex without lube? Or moaning before they've even removed any clothing? Or having perfect shower sex without falling over and bruising their bum? Hit link in bio for more unrealistic behaviors from @buzzfeed - what else would go on your list? #thehotbedcollective #relationships #moviesex #unrealistic #feminism #nothappening

Call-out: the Victoria Derbyshire show (BBC) has been in touch asking if any of our listeners/followers want to be a case study on their show about sexless relationships. Their definition of 'sexless' is having sex 10 times or fewer a year. More info on what they're looking for below. If you are interested in sharing your story, please
DM us and we will send on your details . ✨✨ 'We are hoping to film sometime around 25/26 June – the filming would just involve me and a cameraman and we would travel to wherever our couples are to do the filming.

It would take around 2 hours and we can offer up to £100 per couple as a disturbance fee.

We would ideally film a couple together talking about their relationship and their sex life. We can work timings of the interviews around job commitments etc.

We would have an initial chat on the phone beforehand so they would get an idea of ground that I’d like to cover, and also to give them a chance to ask any questions that they had.

Ideally I am looking to speak with younger couples in the film, especially those who don’t attribute a dropping off of the frequency of their sex lives just to having kids.

I’m also keen to speak with someone who hasn’t had children yet but is keen to – but has seen their sex life change due to other pressures on their relationship – and now perhaps is keen to ramp it back up because they want to have children.'

Who did you fancy as a teen? And do you still fancy then now? Was it Wesley Snipes in Blade? Let us know below and we'll post on #teencrushtuesday

So I've unblocked the loo and got that busted curtain rail fixed. What's next? #sundaydiy #thehotbedcollective #fantasy #jonhamm #yesplease

If you haven't listened to this podcast by Julia Davis and Vicki Pepperdine then please do. It's two women being hugely un-PC and sexually explicit but will make you laugh a lot. It's possibly not a podcast to listen to on public transport or on your IPad whilst cooking the kids tea though #podcasts #dearjoanandjericha #rude #funny #recommended

So can you be a feminist and have vaginal rejuvenation surgery? @rachtompkins gives us her point of view - click link in bio for more #thehotbedcollective #vagina #feminist #surgery #writing #opinion

Great recording today with author of the brilliant 'The Wild Other' @clover.stroud for the next series of our Hotbed podcasts. In it we talk about sex and writing, how difficult it is to write about authentic experiences and how Clover keeps the magic alive in her relationship as a Mum to 5 children- it'll be a goodie! #podcast #thehotbedcollective #writing #author #cloverstroud

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