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Chapter 22: Sarah's POV; Niall and Liam came out of the dressing room, and Niall wouldn't even look at. I'd have to ask him about it later. We all got into the huddle & Niall wouldn't even stand by me! What the hell did I do?! We heard the too familiar voice yell "Go !" And the boys ran onto stage. I took my spot on the couch and waited. *an hour later* I heard Louis yell "THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT!" the boys came running backstage, out of breath. "Good show?" I asked getting up. They all nodded, except for Niall. God damn what did I do to him? "Well let's go back to the bus, yes?" Harry asked. We all headed for the bus. -on the bus- The boys were exhausted and headed to their rooms. I walked down the hallway and knocked on Niall's door. "Come in." He mumbled. He didn't even look up at me when I walked in. "NIALL? !" I yelled his head shot up. "What& #39;s wrong with me? Do I look weird? Do I smell weird? Is there something on my face? Because you've been avoiding me ALL DAMN DAY!" I yelled at him. He looked shocked. He got up and said "Sarah… its not what you think. I ju-" I cut him off by saying "oh it's not what I think, huh? That's the oldest excuse in the book, Niall. You know, I don't know what's come over you today but I don't like it i-" I was cut off my Niall's lips being pressed against mine.|| NIALL MADE A MOVE!(: sorry for not updating, lovelies. School is stressing me out. Not to be rude, but telling me to update isn't going to make me update any faster. I'm sorry sometimes it gets annoying. Love you all, though!:)

Chapter 21: Niall's POV: GAH! why am I so stupid?! I actually screamed how stupid I was. I'm sure Sarah heard, but I don't care. Now she probably thinks I'm a creep! I just like her! But as girl as amazing as that would NEVER like me... right? *an hour later* "Niall , mate? Something up?" Liam questioned. I shrugged. The concert was in an hour, and we were rehearsing. I wasn't into it and it was obvious. All the boys, and Sarah looked at me. I felt my cheeks heat up. "Liam? Can I talk to you in private, please?" I questioned. He nodded and we went into my dressing room. "Mate , I'm bloody stupid!" I yelled. Liam looked confused, and asked "what? Why?!" "I told Sarah how amazing, and beautiful, and skinny and UGH. She probably thinks I'm a huge creep, but damn it! I just like her! I know I know she's Harry's sister b-" Liam cut me off "you like her?! YES! Zayn owes me 20 bucks! He and I bet you liked her. HA! Wait till I tell him he'll-& #34; "LIAM NO! You can't tell anybody! Harry will have my head on a platter. Hell, she wont like me anyways!" Liam opened his mouth to speak but he was cut off by a knock on the door and Louis yelling "FIVE MINUTES! IT'S WARM UP TIME BOYS!" I sighed. "Thanks for listening, Li." I said with a half smile. He smiled back and we left the room|| IT SUCKS I KNOW! more of a filler type deal. But oooohh! Niall likes Sarah:) did any of my lovelies watch the VMA's? !?! So proud!

Chapter 20; "HARRY !" I yelled running down the hallway. "Damn it Harry! Where are you?!" I yelled. As I was looking around I ran into something.. well.. someone. "Sarah? ! Sarah why are you crying? Who did it?! I'll kill them! Love what's wrong?!" I smiled slightly at Niall's concern for me. "Ni , h-honestly am I f-fat?" I whispered. He looked taken about by my question, like it was a joke. "Are you.. are you fat?! Why would you ask that? Of course not! What the hell, wh-" he stopped talking, a look of realization coming across his face. "Oh .." he muttered. He pulled me into a hug, and I let him. "You didn't .. you know?" He whispered in my ear. I shook my head, unable to speak. He pulled away and said "good , now do you want to talk?" I nodded, and he pulled me into his messy room. I don't know why, but I trusted Niall, so I told him everything. About my parents dying, about Harry and Anne, about my struggle with bulimia, about being bullied in school, everything. He listened intently. Taking my crazy life in. He pulled me into a huge hug and said "oh my god, Sarah. You do NOT deserve that. Those bullies are asshole who are jealous of how amazing gorgeous and skinny you are. Honestly you are so beautiful, even Zayn is jealous." He said with a smile "and honestly, you're not fat. You're so amazing, ya know? After everything you've been through, you're still stronge." He trailer off but I swear I heard him whisper "you& #39;re so amazing.." his eyes got huge and he got up abruptly "uh- I.. I have to go.." he said leaving. After he left I heard a faint yell from him "I& #39;M SO STUPID!"|| GAH STUPID SCHOOL!:( sorry for no updates, but I pinky promise to update tomorrow :3

Chapter 19; I woke up to the annoying sound of loud voices. The boys were up. I looped at my phone and saw it was 1:00 PM. The bus was stopped. I got up out of bed, and heading into the living room area, where the noise was. "Oh , look who's up!" Niall yelled. I just brushed him off. I was not a morning person."might not wanna talk to her in the morning mate. She is not a morning person." Harry interjected. I shot him a look at sat down at the only available spot, next to Niall. He smiled at me, and I trued to smile back. God I was tired. "Why are we stopped?" I asked. "Paul and the driver, Tom, are getting us Starbucks." Liam replied sweetly. " Don't worry, I told them your favorite." Harry said with a laugh. There was only ONE thing I'd drink at Starbucks, and only Harry knew that. "So the plan for today is to eat, get to they venue, practice and all that fun stuff. You'll be backstage, of course." Zayn said nonchalantly. I nodded. "Alright sounds good. I'm going to take a shower now. If the food comes before I get here, put it in my room. Away from Niall." I said jokingly. He only smiled and let out a chuckle. I headed down the hallway of the giant tour bus until I found the bathroom. Once I got in I locked the door. I don't trust 5 teenage boys. Make that 4, considering Harry is my brother. I looked in the mirror, and immediately regretted it. My hair was a mess, as was my face. And I look exceptionally fat in the shorts I was wearing. I hate this body i'm cursed with. I want to throw up, so bad. But I don't . I run out of the room, to find Niall,Harry, anybody. I need help.


Chapter 18; Sarah's POV: As I sat there and slowly listened to what Niall was saying, I finally understood. All he was doing was looking out for me, and trying to help me. To get me to stop. Because he cares about me. I mouth fell slightly open at my own realization. "Sarah? Are you okay? Should I leave?" Niall asked with a concerned look and tone. "No ! No I just... I finally get why you told Harry, and I'm not mad. Will you go fetch Harry for me?" I asked. He nodded and started to leave. "WAIT !" I yelled. Niall turned back around. I leaped off my pastel floral comforter and hugged him. Yes I know.. IIII hugged him! Crazy right? He smiled, hugged me back, and went to get Harry. I sat back down and waited for awhile until I heard a light knock on my door. "C& #39;mon in." I called. "Yo-You wanted to s-see me?" Harry asked sniffling. "Awh , hun, come here!" I said with open arms. He came to me and nuzzled his face into my face, crying. "I& #39;m so sorry." He whispered. "Harry . " I pulled away. "That& #39;s why I want to talk to you. Granted what you said was out of line, you were angry. You didn't mean to. And you only said it because you care about me. So I'm not mad anymore, okay? So quit crying. " I said wiping his tears. A huge smile appeared on his face. He pulled me back into a hug and said "I& #39;m so happy you think that. I hate fighting with you, ya know?" He mumbled. "I know Haz. Because I hate it, too." I replied smiling. "AWH WHAT A CUTE HALLMARK MOMENT!" Zayn yelled. Harry and I pulled away laughing. "Well I'm glad everything in the bus is back to normal. Now get some sleep kids, it's like 2 AM, and we have a show tomorrow." Zayn said sternly. "When did you turn into Liam?" Harry asked sarcastically. We all laughed, and they left. I shut my door, and layed down, happy everything was back to normal.|| feedback would be nice! Xx.

Chapter 17; Niall's POV; After Sarah yelled at me, Zayn and Liam came over to me. Zayn asked "Woah , mate. It's been like 3 days. What happened?" I looked over their shoulders, to see if I saw her. I was gunna ask her if it was okay to tell them, but Sarah was gone and Louis was entering her room. For some reason that upset me. I know there would be nothing going on between them because Louis had a girlfriend, but I didn't want her to get very close to anyone, but me. It was safe to say I kind of liked her. I looked back at Zayn and said "I don't know if I can tell you. Ask Sarah later, mate." He nodded. Just then Harry went storming out of the bus. We all exchanged looks and Liam said "ill go talk to him." Awhile after Liam left we all heard a voice yell "MY BABY SISTER HAS BULIMIA." Obviously it was Harry. Zayn looked shocked. "Was that why Sarah was yelling?" He asked I just nodded. Louis left her room, and not long after Harry went into her room. A few minutes later he left, crying. "I& #39;ll go speak with him." Louis added. I figured it was my turn to talk to Sarah. I knocked on her door and said "Sarah? It Niall. Can I come on?" I heard her quietly say "Uh .. yeah.." I opened the door and saw her on her bed. Wow she looked beautiful. "What do YOU want?" She asked coldly. Ouch. "Sarah , hear me out, please. Harry came to me, and asked me what happend in the hotel room. He kept pressing me for details. I got fed up, and told him. But it's better now. We can get you help, we can-" she cut me off "I don't need help, damn it! I'm not a mental case, you know!" She was cute when she was mad. Oh god Niall, stop. "I& #39;m not saying put you in am institution, I mean we can monitor your eating, and make sure you don't .. puke.." she sighed. I think she finally understood my point.|| updated today because Imma be SO busy tomorrow! This chapter was set about 20 minutes behind, but in Niall's POV. Feedback? Xx

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