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Hui Yi  Suitor of the whimsical and spontaneity. 🍙hopefuldandelion@gmail.com

My type of wanderlust: spotting kawaii graffitis at the backstreets of a city.

By chance, I took this at a garden last December. Initially mimicking a friend who was shooting her camera pertinaciously at a bush, under a willowy shrub with erratic patterns of light, it took me about a minute or two to observe this fragile gossamer. I wowed and soon followed suit with ridiculous shutterbug consistency. I scrolled through my gallery not too long ago and found this little anecdotal treasure, which reminds of this quote i really love, "The universe is a continuous web. Touch it at any point and the whole web quivers." When things get sticky, nasty and leaves me with a desolate state of mind, I visualize this form of interconnectedness, and a certain hope is draped over my cobweb of fears. That our struggles are not solitary, mistakes are refining pursuits, how our unevenness help us identify ourselves in equal measures, like dewdrops that luster when you see it in a different light.

Unveil the rosiness in upheavals.

With the past year gone and virtually everyone from all corners of the world celebrating a start anew, a reflective view on what had been and an anticipation for what is to come feel most appropriate. 2015 was truly a year of transitions, more often than not I found myself and the people I love went through the pivots of our lives. It's strangely unsettling but I have never felt more emboldened to explore. I wish for a wholesome 2016, no matter which country, city and position you find yourselves in, have a ball of a year everyone! 😃

Making way for breakfast at 10.30am and lunch contemplations.

Swimming in alternate realities of salmon-shimmered citrus.

I've always had a fascination towards the art of bokehs. They seem to dissipate every concrete rule you have in your line of sight and brings about that certain warmth where your perception and heart converge. Through all the obscurity that can loom over one's path of vision, as when going through a dark tunnel or first waking up from deep slumber, I love the blurness that whizz by; the few seconds it takes to slowly brush off the coat of sleepiness with eyes widening. When things come clear, there's something wistful left behind, and i wouldn't give up the beauty that lies in uncertainty, with all that it has to offer.

In states of decay, one may recognize a strange sense of growth. Beyond unrecompensed ignorance, there is fledging discernment. I'm a tenderfoot in this afternoon, ambitious in blooming proportions, perhaps in disorder fashion, but a fresh vigor nonetheless.


I was sitting in front of my desk the other day and while my eyes flickered at the clock, the plant beside it caught my attention where it appeared sublimely beautiful under that mid-afternoon light. I made a mental note to capture the tiniest glances that captivate me, that something hiding in plain sight, imagine and live in it, don't let myself forget it.

Embarked on this trip with a weighty expectation of authentic thai food paired with mass amount of guilt-free shopping. But as the week went by I come to find a city that has a unique brand of scent and sound; air bathed with smell that brings to mind fish sauce and perspiration, indistinct chatter in a language I do not understand but find amusing. Coiling maze of telephone wires thread the city streets as I observed from the taxi window, something that fascinated me upon my first arrival. The heavy traffic undulating over the city's structure engenders its own rhythm and pace, creating a scene of ever crowding pedestrians contrasting the seemingly motionless vehicles discharging grey clouds of exhaust as if tired from endless travels. Tuk-tuks, vendors and massage parlors are omnipresent, Thai alphabets are scripted on every sign and billboard, and traffic rules are disregarded as drivers only prioritise their respective destinations. Everything is so different in Thailand, yet one can sense the familiar force of the people desperate for change and growth, individually and as a nation, something we can all identify with. At once exotic and intimate, Bangkok, you've been a treat.

New roommate.

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