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Dylan Hiester 

Come check out some powerful singing, tasty guitar licks, and me dancing to it all at rockwood music hall stage 1 on Tuesday the 28th with @ghostownrambler and @ess_see_nyc. It's gonna be a party fer sure.

Rest In Peace Newton, I'm glad I got to be yer bud in New York. Thanks for all the good times. Love to @amyvanarsdale @jqspindler

The most fun I've ever had. Savannah GA with @ess_see_nyc and @ghostownrambler dancing behind their music.

Made it to Savannah with the best, @ess_see_nyc and BOOM she's on the front page of newspaper. Can't wait for our show tomorrow at the Savannah Stopover. Georgia, I'm into it!

One of my clients has a blog and did this awesome story on chess at 3! Here's a link to the story.

What a hike with ma dukes and eiger the dog. Thanks for the photo and the hike @markdemolar and @laurawynne

Deez Ratqueenz!!! Most fun polo I've ever played.

Ass burgers.

@nate_mumford shredding the most bodacious radical skid turns at my parents house. Don't try without parental supervision. He's a pro.

That time a bird pooped literally in my mouth. I guess I should stop my shit talking. #nycbikepolo

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