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Lydia Dupra  I Mentor Heauxs Owner of 💁‍♀️@thelydiadolls ‪📱@theheauxapp 🎬@theheauxnetwork 📍SWIZZNESS 💲LydiaDollCams #heauxgang #coldpiece

With my new Billionaire Behavior program you’ll also receive this

New program! I immediately started creating this program after a conversation I had with @kinsleykarter and @gemmaparkerofficial they were talking about ‘rich’ men and I LOL’d at what they thought they knew. Then I got scared when Kinsley told me she blew off a mysterious phone call... which I am certain was a high net worth individual. I blew their minds with just a few minutes of explaining what it’s like to be selected as a billionaires play thing. Then I created this VIP Clientele Training Course: Billionaire Behavior. It will be available for purchase at 9pm PST. I will post in my story when it becomes available 🥂

I read every day. I've learned lots from books. I especially enjoy reading non fiction about marketing, investing and psychology. So ironic how real education is in books. No one wants to read them and students pay for college just to be told to read them. Do you read?


The Dolls are getting pampered by @lashmeuppilar this evening. Spray tans and eyelash extensions for myself, @siouxsieqmedia and @gemmaparkerofficial , @kinsleykarter is overseeing operations and helping @staci_stackin get settled in. Staci just arrived in LA for her first porn scene! #dollfactory

Founding my girl group @thelydiadolls came from watching Stella Jane @miss.stellajane walk down Rodeo drive. With her suitcase in tow, filled with cash and Agent Provocateur; she strutted like she was on a runway at fashion week. All eyes were on her and she didn’t even notice because she was focused on herself. She got in my car humble, happy and excited for the future. She looked like a doll and acted like an heiress of her own fortune. She was the first Lydia Doll. #DollBehavior isn’t typical behavior of the average women in the adult industry let alone the average human being. It’s a way of life and the only way for us. #dollbehavior

Permanent mood. We are all cyborgs. Smarter, more efficient,
Always connected to the digital world. Our technology is a part of how we function. If you’re humanity is ever getting the best of you..remember, you’re a fucking cyborg heaux.

This border patrol supervisor has just been arrested for murdering 4 of us. He got caught when he tried to kill the 5th SW. She met this man because one of the victims cleared him as a reference. We are never safe. In this profession, people are 400 times more likely to be murdered on the job than any other profession. My prayers go out to the victims families. If there is a go fund me for the victims families please post it and I will spread the word.

You can now text customer service! This line is for customers who have already placed their order and need assistance. Start your text with your order # and or email address. All other inquiries will not be responded to. This VIP line is for paying customers only.

I've luckily never had to test this one out 😂 #thingsmyclientstaughtme #howdidthiscomeup #donttrustpoliticians

Ok I’m gonna bring it back to 17 years old for ya. I didn’t realize that my past is so motivational for you guys. I just posted that house I lived in. I was happily living there in the beginning because this I where I was before that. Sagamore Psychiatric Hospital. I spent a year here. ————————————————————
I went insane from sexual abuse at home but my mind kept blocking it out. I was constantly being triggered but I didn’t know why and I lost it. Tried to kill myself and luckily I failed. I got transferred 3 times from private hospital psych wards until I got a bed in this state facility. It was hands down the worst year of my life. The abuse in there was even worse. It ended up getting shut down at one point years after I left. Idk if it’s operational now or not. This is the part that makes me have to pause whenever I try to write my memoir. Maybe I can give you guys bits and pieces.
That basement I complained about living in was HEAVEN compared to life inside the walls of Sagamore. If you look it up, there’s only one picture of it. No pictures of the inside. But I remember those disgusting yellow cinder block walls. I lived in the E unit with the thinnest nastiest green carpet in the main area. Made my feet smell like corn chips 😂 I got jumped in there by the whole staff at one point because a staff member touched my personal belongings. I lost it and broke her thumb and that just set my stay there back a few months. When they said they got me a permanent bed at Pilgrim for when I turned 18...that’s when I knew I had to get the fuck out of there. ————————————————
I stopped fighting, I stopped trying to consume cleaning products to get high, I took my meds, kept to myself. I did my therapy sessions and started exercising. I was deemed stable enough for release 6 weeks before I turned 18. ———————————————

Humble beginnings. I lived in the basement of this house before I started in the adult business. I shudder just looking at that place. My dream at that time was to have a window.

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