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J E S S • P I C C O  ⏺ Journey of health and fitness ⏺ Compassionate and conscious living ⏺ Creating real and genuine connections 🆕 Checkout Ep.2 of Sweet Potato Talks

6: gym • green smoothie • study • moment • studying • decided to post this delicious dessert from @oliveandrubycafe oops • 1.5 hours till my statistics exam • a few hours till I won’t be at school for 4 months • less than a week till I take flight • just trying to do one thing at a time • breath ✨ #thehealthcrave

7: early morning moment of oatmeal and the weird insatiable tv show on Netflix • added to my stats notes and examples • killer gym sesh brought to you by the raddest tunes paired with those ropes you hit to the ground • popped into whole foods • made a green smoothie and danced • more study • quinoa love • ONE WEEEeeeeekkkk ✌🏼p.s. pictured is my beautiful mom who doesn’t totally love modelling for me hehe ❤️#thehealthcrave #oneweek #thecountdowncontinues

8: statistics felt gruelling today • had a few moments that hurt • had lovely moments with my friend Jess glowing in the sunset, eating frozen yogurt sitting on fallen tree trunks • I feel the feeling of one step back and two steps forward • I feel what it is to touch a soul and what it is to say goodbye • I believe every person who shines their light in our direction happens for a reason • one week and one day ~ ah! ✨ #thehealthcrave #surroundyourselfwithlove #gratitude #momentslikethese #vancouverviews #sunsetlove

9: went up up up to the mountains with Mom to see cloudy skies and have realizing moments • checked a few things off the to do list • had a lesser moment and got back up • study • dinner with Dad that was positively lovely • study • sleep • 9 flipping days - am I ready? ✨#thehealthcrave

10: A meaningful morning with caffeinated beverages, coconut milk bircher muesli, and a catch up, smiling (some crying) kind of chat • studied for my statistics final and took a walk in the sun • wrapping it up with a movie and food for brain fuel and happy cells • 10 days till I take flight ❤️#thehealthcrave #veganfood #birchermuesli #breakfasttime #meaningfulmoments #vegansofinstagram #vegansofvancouver #veganfoodshare #veganfoodspot

LOOK AT ALL THIS BEAUTY ❤️ inside and out ~ nourish your mind and soul with great food and even better company! Find people who support you for who you are and push you to be the best you can be. I know @blackberrytrees is a gal I’m so happy to have entered my life and I am so excited to see where both are paths are headed and where they intertwine, love you and your energy girlie ✨💚 #thehealthcrave #veganlove #gratitude #oliveandrubycafe #beautyandhealth #vegansofvanvouver #surroundyourselfwithlove

ITS GETTING HOT 🔥🔥🔥 and it’s supposed to get hotter this week, so here’s a reminder to stay hydrated on these summer days ⭐️ Pictured is some ice tea my mom made with lemon love ✨ #hydrationnation #summerlove #health #vancouver #vancouverbc #vegansofinstagram #veganism #vegansofvancouver #happyandhealthy #vancouverviews


I am starting a podcast with the lovely @mileswithmeghan!! This is a podcast of storytelling and topics that hope to engage all communities towards a life of movement, meaning, and mindfulness. Meghan and I have been friends for a while now and we’ve always felt the urge to share our conversations with others. We cannot wait to showcase our real and raw energies on this platform and open a discussion with this beautiful community ❤️ There is a link in my bio for EPISODE ONE introducing all of our intentions in creating Sweet Potato Talks and the ideas we have moving forward! Check it out!! Love you all,
Xo Jess
P.S. This AMAZING podcast cover artwork stems from the collaborative efforts of @llcoolok ( and @taylorjonpeters ( Check our these creative lights ✨✨✨ #SweetPotatoTalks #podcast #podcasting #storytelling #gratitude #health #podcastmovement #meaning #movement #mindfulness #vancouverpodcast

💚The most beautiful, delicious, and nutritious food on the North Shore! 💚 I’ve been working at @taoorganics with Agathe and Chrystelle for just over a year and I am still constantly amazed by their passions for the health, environment, and people within this community. Their hard work and dedication to a plant based lifestyle shows in their colourful plates alongside a welcoming energy and space! Pictured is the rawkin pizza 😉, royal green smoothie, and mushroom and cilantro soup. All organic. All amazing. 100% goodness. Come visit us if you haven’t already or come again and say hello, you’ll definitely taste the love ❤️ #thehealthcrave #vegansofvancouver #vegansofig #vancouverlove #veganfoodlovers #raw #rawvegan #rawandreal #plantpower #vancouvereats #vegan #vegansofcanada #veganfoodshare #veganfoodspot #lovewhereyouwork

Hey peeps! Who’s loving the sunSHINE?! I’ve been in a really summery mood lately, going swimming later and I’m so pumped 💕 This is just a simple bowl I made a lil while ago! Hope everyone is having a rad day ✨😊✨ #thehealthcrave #vegansofvancouver #vegansofig #vancouverlove #veganism #veganeats #bowlofhappiness #veganfoodlovers #veganfoodpics #vegan #summerjam

My happy face while on lunch/cafe dates with the lovely @blackberrytrees 💕😊 You rock girl, can’t wait to see this friendship grow grow grow 💫 Appreciate all them beautiful, strong, and creative souls in your life my peeps! Xo Jess

HERES TO JAM PACKED DAYs 💕 On Saturday I met my good friend @jenellelle to cruise the sea to sky highway for some sick photos in the morning fog, then attended the march to close all slaughterhouses which was an incredible first time experience, then my friend @doryxu_ and I headed for some refreshing açai bowls from @melujuice to cool us downnnn from the sunny weather, and finally dinner @ilovechickpea (special 💋) and watching the sunset from Stanley park✨🥑 Even though I’m busy, I make sure to do my best to stay present in these days where there’s all this beautiful change and growth occurring. So happy Monday, and if it’s a busy day don’t forget to make time to stay mindful in it all ❤️ #thehealthcrave #vegan #veganfood #veganism #vegansofig #vegansofvancouver #veganshare #veganbow #acaibowl #veganlove #veganlife #veganpower #plantpower #planteater #vancouverlove

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