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J E S S • THE HEALTH CRAVE  🌿Journey of health and fitness 🌿Compassionate and conscious living 🌿Creating real and genuine connections 🍠Checkout Episode 1 of Sweet Potato Talks


I am starting a podcast with the lovely @mileswithmeghan!! This is a podcast of storytelling and topics that hope to engage all communities towards a life of movement, meaning, and mindfulness. Meghan and I have been friends for a while now and we’ve always felt the urge to share our conversations with others. We cannot wait to showcase our real and raw energies on this platform and open a discussion with this beautiful community ❤️ There is a link in my bio for EPISODE ONE introducing all of our intentions in creating Sweet Potato Talks and the ideas we have moving forward! Check it out!! Love you all,
Xo Jess
P.S. This AMAZING podcast cover artwork stems from the collaborative efforts of @llcoolok ( and @taylorjonpeters ( Check our these creative lights ✨✨✨ #SweetPotatoTalks #podcast #podcasting #storytelling #gratitude #health #podcastmovement #meaning #movement #mindfulness #vancouverpodcast

💚The most beautiful, delicious, and nutritious food on the North Shore! 💚 I’ve been working at @taoorganics with Agathe and Chrystelle for just over a year and I am still constantly amazed by their passions for the health, environment, and people within this community. Their hard work and dedication to a plant based lifestyle shows in their colourful plates alongside a welcoming energy and space! Pictured is the rawkin pizza 😉, royal green smoothie, and mushroom and cilantro soup. All organic. All amazing. 100% goodness. Come visit us if you haven’t already or come again and say hello, you’ll definitely taste the love ❤️ #thehealthcrave #vegansofvancouver #vegansofig #vancouverlove #veganfoodlovers #raw #rawvegan #rawandreal #plantpower #vancouvereats #vegan #vegansofcanada #veganfoodshare #veganfoodspot #lovewhereyouwork

Hey peeps! Who’s loving the sunSHINE?! I’ve been in a really summery mood lately, going swimming later and I’m so pumped 💕 This is just a simple bowl I made a lil while ago! Hope everyone is having a rad day ✨😊✨ #thehealthcrave #vegansofvancouver #vegansofig #vancouverlove #veganism #veganeats #bowlofhappiness #veganfoodlovers #veganfoodpics #vegan #summerjam

My happy face while on lunch/cafe dates with the lovely @blackberrytrees 💕😊 You rock girl, can’t wait to see this friendship grow grow grow 💫 Appreciate all them beautiful, strong, and creative souls in your life my peeps! Xo Jess

HERES TO JAM PACKED DAYs 💕 On Saturday I met my good friend @jenellelle to cruise the sea to sky highway for some sick photos in the morning fog, then attended the march to close all slaughterhouses which was an incredible first time experience, then my friend @doryxu_ and I headed for some refreshing açai bowls from @melujuice to cool us downnnn from the sunny weather, and finally dinner @ilovechickpea (special 💋) and watching the sunset from Stanley park✨🥑 Even though I’m busy, I make sure to do my best to stay present in these days where there’s all this beautiful change and growth occurring. So happy Monday, and if it’s a busy day don’t forget to make time to stay mindful in it all ❤️ #thehealthcrave #vegan #veganfood #veganism #vegansofig #vegansofvancouver #veganshare #veganbow #acaibowl #veganlove #veganlife #veganpower #plantpower #planteater #vancouverlove

WHERE DID THE SUNSHINE GO? 😭😂 For all my Vancouver peeps!! Sunny days = smoothie bowls and sunny mornings indulging in beautiful, fresh foods. I don’t know about you guys, but when it is raining and cold, I just want warming and hearty foods to fill me up. But Summer brings so much colour and creativity! I’m stuck in a bind, I guess, with this whacked out weather 😂👀 #thehealthcrave #vancouverbc #veganstrong #vegans #veganlove #veganeats #veganlife #veganism #veganfood #plantpower #vegansofinstagram #vegansofvancouver #vegansofcanada

What a beautiful day. Even though I spent many hours studying for an exam I have tomorrow, I took great pleasure and joy in eating nutritious foods and laughing with friends and family. Make all your moments count people and more importantly live them with meaning, gratitude goes a long way in changing one’s perspective ✌🏼✨ Xo Jess #thehealthcrave #vancouverbc #veganstrong #plantpower #bowlofhappiness #cereallove #veganism #vegansofvancouver #vegansofcanada #vegansofig #veganlife #gratitude #happyandhealthy

@jes.s.i stealing a great shot of me trying to get the perfect shot 👀 I’ve been taking a lot more photos lately and exploring the city, my home. In the past, I have taken for granted how truly beautiful this city is, but now I indulge in the nature that is so bright and breathtaking all around me. I take more nature walks. I realize the colours, shapes, and sizes - the intense variety at my fingertips. I notice more. I feel like I have a fresh pair of eyes and it is so wonderful ✨😊 anywhoooo that’s my blurb of the day! Hope everyone has an amazing one!
Xo Jess
#thehealthcrave #naturelove #explorebc #vancouverbc #vancouver_bc #clevelanddam #bc #getoutside #photography #vancouverlove #ilovemycity

It was a day of connecting and feeling disconnected. Went to the gym. Met a new friend. Chatted about topics that opened my eyes to new things and reminded me of some old. Worked on my Philosophy paper. Texted someone sweet. Made a delicious dinner but ate a lot in the process. Now realizing utter exhaustion. But grateful, happy, and finding acceptance in the little ups and downs of my current days ✨ It’s funny how life plays out each and every day, isn’t it?
Xo Jess 〰️
#thehealthcrave #veganstrong #vegansoftheworld #vegansofcanada #compassionatefood #veganlove #vegans #veganism #vegandinner #thoughts

DO CATS LIKE SMOOTHIES??? 🙀 honestly who knows 😂 But hey this is a berrylicious vegan goodness smoothie sunrise shake of love and fresh foods and @gardenoflife vegan vanilla protein powder!!💜💜💜 #thehealthcrave #veganstrong #vegansoftheworld #vegansofcanada #compassionatefood #veganlove #veganism #vegansmoothie #smoothierecipes #catsareawesome

{I wrote this about a walk I took with a new friend to Rice Lake; it is better spoken aloud} 😌💭
8am pick up
rub my eyes *yawn*
black beetle spurring soundly
near a clean cut lawn
drive slow
take directions from another
hit the gas and go
winding down back roads
lets start with catch up questions
and get to know each other again
green trees and gravel goes
the trail is occupied by less than 10
our feet know when
to stop and listen for the birds
take a minute to speak and be heard
or listen to the water run
rushing fast in the canyon
unmoved at the lake
getting back to it all
seeing ourselves in green
expressing our dreams
we feel a little small
these morning walks in good company
long strides and slow rides
and the loving, present talks
our words draw out the sun
and awake the waters
we say hello to a stranger
passing by on a sunrise run
the branches of the trees lift us up
our souls rising in unison
to the sky
we head back on the path
the time is flying by
and our voices breath no end
but the structure of life limits
the amount we can bend
our lives to nature and nurture
of the places we go with the people we know
this fleeting time we spend
should leave savoured moments
with a good friend
and zero distraction
but the rippling waves on the rocks
and the light wind in action
sweeping away worries
and put your thoughts into prospective
refraining from our impulse reaction
because the realization of our truth
lives in the forest
where we can turn over our youth
for a new leaf
teaching us what we need to breath
fully and forever

TODAY 💚 was an excellent day... I went for a lil jog, attended veg expo where I saw Kip Anderson speak and tried a million and one vegan foods, then I had dinner at my grandparents and we ordered delicious Thai curry 👅 YUM
✨also lately (and this is quite off topic) I’ve had a lot of genuine interactions, particularly meaningful hugs so I reccommend giving a good hug to a friend or family member - it really does brighten someone’s day and make them feel connected ✨#thehealthcrave #vegansofig #vegansoftheworld #veganlife #vegexpo2018 #vegans #veganism #thaifood #veganshare #vegansofcanada #veganstrong #veganlove #gratitude #compassionatefood #hugsmakeeverythingbetter

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