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Some good views up here. #thehimalayas #travellife

I have always wondered what Indian cider would be like, would I found it and it's safe to say I will never drink that again! #liveontheedge

The Golden Temple. Shame I couldn't get a good photo of the place.

The lads cooking up a storm! #indianfood #cooking #theladz

The Indian and Pakistan flags being lowered at the border ceremony. What a very strange ceremony. #indiaandpakistanborderceremony

Couple of windows there.

This is my mum looking well happy in a cue in India. Happy Mother's Day Jacki! Have a good one!

I love it when you think you can beat Mother Nature by building something where a tree wants to grow and then WHAM!! The tree say "FUCK YOU!!" And just grows on top of your shit concrete hut. Mother Nature always wins!! #mothernature #jaipur #crapbuilding0tree1

Been thinking about getting my self a new set of teeth and I think I found the right guy in Jaipur. #indiandentist

Jain temple Jaisalmer was pretty cool.

Lastnights hotel. #rajasthan #desert

Family photo.

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