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Tatum Babb  Los Angeles based 🌆 Cannabis Industry Photographer 📸 Business Inquiries at Prints available on my website 🤘🏼

Keep your head up kid you’re gonna be someone someday. My hardest piece when you got nothing else to say. Feel the power ⚡️

Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain. You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today...

I was walking when I heard a violin and came across this beautiful soul. This guys smile changed my day, and sometimes that’s all it takes. #bekind it costs nothing✌🏼

This is probably one of my favorite photos from last year and I decided to finally share it. I was taking @6amlosangeles home one night after a long weekend and I caught something flickering in my rear view mirror. I looked and didn’t see anything and noticed it again. It looked like a small fire but was busy driving. I asked Ray to look and see what it was. He said it was it definitely a fire of some sort. I pulled off the freeway and turned around immediately for some reason. We headed that way and caught a fire truck speeding towards where we were heading. As we pulled up to the end of this neighborhood we saw a fire quickly spreading and heading towards these peoples homes. It all happened so quickly and the fire was spreading rapidly. I shot this photo of a firefighter during the chaos only to notice it was a Los Angeles Fire Department Photographer. Tons of firefighters went through the houses and up the hill behind the homes and were trying to stop it. A helicopter came no more than 10 minutes later and was able to control and stop the blaze. It was crazy seeing this unfold and happy it ended safely for these peoples homes. Swipe for a video of right before the helicopter put it out, you’ll see how quickly this thing spread. Be safe and shoot everything 🙏🏼

These days burn fast. Got to make a good thing last, but it’s hard when you feel alone. Stardust memories thinking of the way it used to be... Thanks Zeds Dead for giving me feels that not even the closest people could give me ✌🏼

No gimmicks, no tricks or overplayed themes. Just late night creating with my bestfriend. Composition is always key and lighting is the essential in capturing a great shot. Been holding onto a lot of killer shots and this dude been itching to share some stuff, so thank him for making me post the goods @6amlosangeles #hypebeast

Cloudy weather is upon us. Spring and fall are my favorite times of the year. The weather is perfect and the sun sets in the best angles. Lots of moods here 🙏🏼 one of my favorite spots here in LA and haven’t been happy with many of my shots here until now. Trying to work outside my comfort zone more 🤘🏼

Finding new ways to motivate myself and further improve my work and ethics. Being ignored or left behind used to just make me isolate myself further from the world. Im now realizing how to use it to prove others wrong and to quit trying to make everyone else happy instead of myself. I’ve got some crazy new edits coming your way. Keep looking out, and I appreciate those who continue to support my work. I’ll be doing a giveaway here pretty soon. Stayed tuned ✌🏼

I have a lot of history with this place. My family and I have been coming here my entire life and this is probably the first lake I ever learned to fish, maybe 4 or 5 years old. I still come camping here with my dad every year, its my ultimate getaway and never ceases to feel like home. Most people don’t even know Arizona has trees let alone forests. That movie Fire In The Sky also happened near here 👽

This spot has been destroyed over the years. Here it is in pristine condition on day 1. We spent probably 6 hours in here exploring nearly every inch the first weekend this opened. No shots were chased and no graffiti was seen. Its the best creating in places no one has been yet, setting the scene and killing it 🔪

I love those photographs that have crazy history behind them or photos that shouldn’t exist. We got detained by military police, and waited for an airforce captain to come decide what to do with us. I hid my dslr at the time, but they took the roll of film on my 35mm I had around my neck. Thankfully we were able to get leave without any charges, and I was able to show you guys this shot. I smoked and chilled in this cockpit of a B-52 bomber for an hour and its still one of my favorite memories. Here’s a shot heavily influenced by Fallout, and really just dystopian vibes in general. Enjoy 🤘🏼

This week or next I’m going up the coast and being one with nature. I love living in the city, but being in the middle of nowhere is good for the mind and soul, especially with a camera. Be on the look for my story, I’ll try and share some stuff and interact as much as possible 🙏🏼 Also open to suggestions where to go, still mapping out the best route.

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