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Going out past 10 two nights in a row past the age of 25 feels like the olympics.

We all have that one friend who has no idea how to whisper. I’m that friend. @sorelfootwear #sorelfootwear

I’m at the stage of my life where I keep myself out of drama even if you tell me 1+1=5 you’re absolutely correct , enjoy friend. #pickyourbattles @yuzefi #yuzefi

I’d be lying if i said things I see on the Internet never offend me. Bumping into an entire site dedicated to bashing influencers, each person with their own tab with threads of terrible things spoken by people who hide behind generic usernames. I’m not mentioning the site because I mentally made sure to forget what it was. ( it’s been months I never wanted to bring light onto this because negativity doesn’t need any). But the more I think about it, the more we should address these things. •

Real talk: I stopped writing my long captions for months ,only starting again about a month ago because apparently I’m too corny and narcissistic with my captions.
But I realized 3 things: 1. More people can relate to it more than those who hate on it. 2.No matter what you think of me: I know who I am. 3. You either like me or you don’t. I spent 20 somethin’ years to learn how to love myself, I don’t have that kinda time to convince somebody else. •

Here’s the thing. Don’t use social media less. Use it more intentionally. Follow people who inspire and motivate you. Engage with experts you can learn from. Create genuine positive relationships. stop mindlessly scrolling and then complain and then hate to only engage in negativity and bitterness. But if negativity is your path, I don’t wish you terrible things. Just prayers because you need it. ❤️ love you.

Got that Friday feeling (complete exhaustion). FYI, you can do what you love and still be tired. You can do what you love and still feel burnt out. You can do what you love and still get excited about taking a break. It’s being human. It’s not because you don’t like your work/ not cut out for it. The heart knows what the mind doesn’t. And that only means you owe yourself a day of self maintenance. Like go make a voodoo doll of yourself and give it a back rub boo. Happy Friday. @forbes

Man, woman, blah blah. Most of y’all aren’t used to women demanding more, and knowing their worth and it SHOWS.

S/O to my past self for putting in the work to get me where I’m at now. And to my girl in the future, it doesn’t end here. I gotchu boo. ❤️ I love you.

The grass isn’t greener on the other side. It’s greener where you water it. Accept both compliments and criticism knowing that it takes both sun and rain to grow.

Woke up from what was suppose to be a 20 min nap, turned into a 4 hour nap and feel like I can do anything. Add rest to your agenda and don’t feel bad about it. You work hard. You deserve it. Well maybe not al 4 hours of it 😂🤭

I live in a panicked state that sits somewhere between “don’t be so hard on yourself” and “success is my only option”. 🙃

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Got 99 problems but working from my bed would solve about 90 of them.

There’s not two of you — the Internet you and real you. There is just one real you, which means if you’re not kind and real online, you’re not kind and real.

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