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Jeanne Grey  Digital creative x Media consultant NYC based || 22+ countries & counting. OUR WEDDING VIDEO + LOVE STORY↓

Squeeze the day 🍋. All natural, long weekend feels. #greyonthego

& I think to myself, what a wonderful world.🌿 [edited using my mobile presets] #greyonthego

Sun-baeing 💛 any plans for the weekend ? ( entire outfit thrifted) #greyonthego

Good morning everyone let’s keep it sexy and mindful✨. // @givenchybeauty #greyonthego

When you’ve worked at McDonald’s at $7.15/hr for 3 yrs, $9.00/hr at Holiday Inn for 2 yrs. while juggling college, gotten fired from 2 retail jobs for being an influencer and no one clap for your efforts while trying to get through life, and get out of it all alive, better and badder while having been able to build a career off of something people discouraged you about, laughed at and frown upon, had that career take you to visit 22+ countries, build a brand, work with over hundreds of international companies, touch over 400k+ lives daily in the process, make about 95% of your crazy dreams come to actual life, live the life you’ve only pinterested and talked about on tumblr 5 years ago, I GET TO SMILE MASSIVELY. NEVER EVER STOP. Keep going. If it’s gotten me here through it all, I am a living proof that it’s all real and right behind the wall of hard ass work. GREYLAYERS HIT 5 STRONG YEARS! Read my thank you letter to a little girl I once knew who got me here today. Link in bio.

Let’s forget the world existed. Because time can wait for us. More on the blog. @CLUSE #clusespringfling

Actually me 99% of the time* messed up buns, wearing second hand tings 30+ years older than me. ✌🏼

And repeat, ladies.

Leave wedding questions below!!! Going to answer all your wedding questions in my next WEDDING SERIES blogpost! Dreamt it then real lifed it. It’s been a wonderful journey being able to share my big day with you all! All of your heartfelt congratulations and warm wishes for Varick and I will forever be remembered. If you haven’t seen our video yet, it’s linked right on my bio! 💍 #greygetsagroom

How do you like your coffee? In cups of two please. Both for me, thanks.

[I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU WATCH THE FULL WEDDING VIDEO NOW LIVE ON THE BLOG- link in bio ] I believe that only learning selfishness can we become generous. Learning to fill our own cups first in order to share a toast together. To better ourselves first that we become best for another. That only by loving and falling in love with ourselves do we find it in us to love another, fully, generously and deeply. I was never a half looking for another to complete myself. We were both wholes coming together. Two complete beings coming together to ignite the brightest fire on the planet. Our love story filmed by the artistic @yossuanaa, now live on the blog. #greygetsagroom

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