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Back home with my boy, Mr. Kitty. So thankful for my family and our time together in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was another fantastic Thanksgiving. I hope all of you had a wonderful time with your friends and family. #happyholidays

What a week.... For me it was a week filled with mixed emotions. On one hand it was beautiful. I spent the majority of the week in Dallas with my entire company. There I had the opportunity to be of service to all of the veterinarians that we employ. On the other hand it has been tragic and horrific. Our community was struck on Wednesday night with a mass shooting. 12 people tragically lost their lives at borderline. A place, myself and many of my friends and family members have frequented over the years. As the community was processing that tragic and horrific event, brush fires began. The winds exacerbated the fires. It has burned 85k acres and is only 10% contained. My father and my step dad lost their home in Malibu. Although our community is struggling right now, we will persevere and overcome. Thank you to all the first responders who are out there. You are true professionals 🙏 #woolseyfire #borderlinebar #venturacountystrong

#TBT to first powerlifting meet. She took 2nd in her division showcasing that hard work, dedication, and mental fortitude help you achieve your goals. I am so proud of her! Xo #theschimpffords #proudhubby #powerlifting #couplegoals

Spent the day in Malibu with my father, Alan and my brother, David. Love hanging out with my family. We had some great food, good laughs, and shared stories. These are moments I hold close. #familyfirst

What kind of leader are you? ..
This week I had the opportunity to spend time with my leadership team. For me to be effective I like to focus on building trust and familiarity with my team to foster cohesion. This means hanging out and connecting with them. ..
Second I need to know what is going on in the business which means giving and receiving information (presentations). ..
Lastly I work on developing my skills as a leader. That means digging deep looking at myself and asking for feedback (positive/constructive) from others. ..
As a leader, what do you like to focus on?
#allhustlenoluck #leadership #saturdayreflection #goafterit

Back in action(ish). 5 weeks post op, let the strength training begin #PT #traintoday #allhustlenoluck

Back at @paragonbjjacademy training with my brothers. It will be a month or so until I can roll (spar) again, so instead I did a lot of solo drills. For ideas I have been following @the_jiujitsu_ronin. I did a nice circuit of knee on belly, squats, core, shoots, and armbar work. Putting in that #sweatequity 🤙💯 #jiujitsu #everydayporrada #recovery #drillersmakekillers #paragonbjj

#FBF to a Saturday training with my brothers @paragonbjjacademy I miss jiujitsu so much. I cant wait to put the pajamas back on. Just another 4 weeks of recovery. #paragonbjj #jiujitsu #jitsu #gi #bluebeltjourney #agourahills #martialarts #porradatime #gameofinches

Aftermath from today's workout with @liz.marie.nutrition. nice hypertrophic session courtesy day of @kelsiemichelle_ training. So grateful that we have our own gym (even if it's a little ghetto 😂) putting out for that sweat equity today. Are you? #garagegym #gotrain #disciplineequalsfreedom #tattooed #instafitness #weighttraining #sweatequity #bodhicartel

#tbt to 2011 when I was Obsessed with Crossfit. This was me at my first serious olympic lifting class; I am very focused 🤣. In all seriousness without crossfit, i would have never delved into fitness which has changed my life for the better. The knowledge i gained is something I will have forever and be able to practice forever. And to those who recognize the shirt I am wearing, yes I was an L1 certified coach and yes I coached classes. Although my focus has changed to BJJ, I still love a spicy metcon from time to time. #crossfit #alwayslearning #throwback #gpp #gingerkid #tattoos #fitness

With the homie @patrickfisherart art show tonight. Amazing scene picking up in ventura county. Pat has been one of those people in my life who continue to inspire me to go against the stream, create my future and follow my passions. He is one of the most talented people I know. I remember years back when he said he was going to start painting, fast forward and he is in galleries and has an amazing following of folks. Give him a follow and check out his work @gamutlife #gamutgoons #artscene #artlife #artistsoninstagram #supportlocalartists #venturacounty #artcollective #supportlocalbusiness

Great training today @paragonbjjacademy. My hair is on fleek 🤣🤣🤣. Really happy to be back. I had to take a few days off. My UC/Crohns has been acting up and draining my energy levels. Saturday I almost passed out and couldn't finish training. Our professor @neto_blackbelt reminded me that rest is an important part of my training and i need to listen to my body. Sometimes I forget that I have a chronic illness, partly because I am determined to feel normal even though that isn't realistic. The days I feel "normal" allow me to feel grateful because I know it can be worse. #keeptrudging #bluebeltjourney #paragonbjj #jiujitsu #everdayporrada #ibdawareness #ibdfighter #crohns #ulcerativecolitis #spoonie

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