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The Green Wheels  Three friends cycling 20 000 km in 365 days to spread green message!

[THE GREEN WHEELS BOOK IS OUT!!!] 2 years after coming back from our cycling trip, we are very proud to depict our adventure in a small book The Green Wheels!
We share our everyday life on the field, our different challenges and how we overcame difficulties.
We are extremely thankful to Marie-Christine and Yves de Gentis Baichis for helping us in the writing of this book. Without them nothing would have been possible.
#2years #book #adventure #challenge #friendship #renewable #microfinance

[‼️ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY‼️] Today is a special day for the Green Wheels: on the same day last year we were coming back home after one amazing year around the world ‼️🍾👏💪🍻✅
We can now tell you that we still miss our bikes and our beards !! We are now all shaved and used to the "normal" life again !! We are now actively following the green projects we supported and financing some new ones thanks to our partners Entrepreneurs du Monde and Babylone !! We are really happy and proud to have helped hundreds of families around the world !
Finally, we are incredibly grateful to all of you who supported us during this incredible adventure, you made us going that far !
See you soon for more adventure ✌️️👏‼️🍻🍾✅🚵🚴‍♀️🌎🌍🌏

[DE RETOUR!!!] Chers green wheelers,
Ce n'est pas sans émotion que vous nous écrivons ces dernières lignes. De retour depuis quelques jours dans notre chère capitale, nous frissonnons encore et sommes heureux d'avoir pu enfin retrouver nos familles et amis!
Nous sommes fiers d'avoir achevé The Green wheels, cette aventure formidable qui restera gravée dans nos esprits pour des années, et qui a été possible grâce à vous!
Nous voudrions vous remercier infiniment pour votre soutien extraordinaire tout au long de l'aventure, ainsi que toutes les personnes présentes sur le Champs de Mars et à l'Entre Potes Samedi dernier! C'était mémorable!
Nous réfléchissons avec nos partenaires sur la répartition des 25000 € aux différents projets visités, et vous tiendrons très vite au courant!
A bientôt !!! Le voyage en quelques chiffres
Kilomètres pédalés: 17700
Pays visités: 32
Nuits sous la tente: 295
Projets verts visités: 9
Crevaisons: 85 --------- Dear Greenwheelers,

This is the end and it is a bit hard for us to write these last few words. We arrived in Paris a few hours ago and are still extremely excited and glad to be finally reunited with our families and friends!
This journey was more than amazing and thousands of pictures will remain in our minds for the years to come. We could achieve our goal thanks to you !
We would like to thank you all for your incredible support throughout the whole adventure! We felt very moved to see so many people at our gathering on the champs de Mars and at l'Entre Potes!
Along with our partners we are currently working on the allocation of the 25000€ to the projet we visited, we will let you know very soon! ‼️🍾🚴🏻✅🎉 #thegreenwheelsareback #thegreenwheels #paris #worldtour #365days #happy #celebration #arrival

FRANCE ‼️‼️‼️ We are back HOME ‼️ After having crossed 32 borders this is the ONE we were waiting for !! We spoke about it for more than 11 months, that is one of the magic moments of the world tour ! We feel incredibly good to be back in our beloved country ! It's now becoming harder and harder to explain to the people we meet that we come from Paris and that it took us one year to come here ! The policemen at the border did not believed us until they saw us jumping out from our bikes and kissing the French ground ! We still have more than 1,100 before reaching Paris, we'll soon be back ‼️ 🍻🎉👌🍾💪🍷❤️ #theboysareback #thegreenwheels #backinfrance🇫🇷 #border #home #worldtour #biketouring #happy

WE MADE IT: 222 KMS IN ONE DAY ‼️Yesterday we broke our own record : we cycled 222 kilometers in one day and spent 10h37 minutes on our beloved bikes !! It was exhausting but we are proud we made it ! We'll be in France in 4 days !! See you soon ! #thegreenwheels #biggestday #tired #italy #biketouring #worldtour #comingback

ONLY ONE MONTH TO GO ‼️ In 30 days we'll be back in Paris, can't wait to be back in France and to see you all !! We are now taking a last break in Verona, we'll then cycle towards the French border ! 🎉💪🚵🍻☑️ #onemonthtogo #backsoon #italy🇮🇹 #thegreenwheels #worldtour #green #bike #backhome

Just finishing another nice diner with a view ! We finally reached the Adriatic Sea after having crossed Slovenia and Croatia ! Next step: Italy ! We'll have nice few days riding along the coast !! 🚵🎉👌 #thegreenwheels #worldtour #croatia #coast #adriatic #sea #biketouring #cleanfuture

ALLEZ LES BLEUS !! Yesterday we celebrated France's victory against Romania, it was nice to drink a few beers while watching the game (thanks Payet for having saved us) ! We also introduce you Louis' brother, he will cycle with us for the next two weeks, good luck Henri !! We are now cycling in Slovenia, the 30st country of the trip ! 🎉✅🏅⚽️🏆 #thegreenwheels #euro2016 #thankyoupayet #allezlesbleus🇫🇷 #france

You are already more than 2,000 GREEN WHEELERS to follow our adventure !! Thank you for your AMAZING support ! You are making us even more motivated to cycle every day !! 🎉🎉🎉🔝😍💪#thehappygreenwheels #worldtour #365daysaroundtheworld #backsoon #weloveyou #greenwheelers

300 DAYS !! It has now been more than 300 days we are on the road and everything is going well for the Green Wheels ! We are currently cycling in Romania heading to Hungary ! We feel more than ready to smash the last 65 days ! ❗️🎉✅👌 #300days #thegreenwheels #worldtour #biketouring #camping #carpathianmountains

Two days ago we made a quick stop in Bucharest to visit ARBIO ! We had such a great time discussing with the CEO and the co-founder of this amazing Romanian NGO ! ARBIO is the Romanian Association for Biomass and Biogas, standing for a cleaner environment and the competitiveness of biomass and biogas at a local scale, ARBIO's team quickly convinced us of the huge existing potential for alternative sources of energy in Romania ! We found particularly interesting to visit a biomass related project as the Romanian agricultural sector is the biggest in Europe and that the organic waste it produces can easily be transformed in usable energy. Great job guys, it's always an inspiration to meet such motivated people ! We are now cycling north towards Hungary ! #project #europe #cleanerenvironment #biomass #biogas #romania #environment #thegreenwheels #cleanfuture #worldtour

BACK IN EUROPE !!!! After having spent 3 days on the "Geroite Na Sevastopol", a 185m Bulgarian cargo-ship we finally arrived in EUROPE ! So good to be back on this beloved continent after having spent 10 months away, we already feel at home !! 🎉🚴✅🔝 #backineurope #thegreenwheels #biketouring #worldtour #cargo #bulgaria #blacksea

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