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Our seas are choking with plastic. Our planet is in peril. But it doesn't have to be like this - together we can make change happen. Join us! #blueplanet2 #blueplanet #environment

While wondering the best way to clean my shower during my plastic free week, my cat came up with an idea. Little does he know that I just needed a refillable bathroom cleaner from Splosh! Just buy your bottle and refill from concentrate from sachets you receive in the post! https://www.naturalcollection.com/shop/splosh-bathroom-cleaner-concentrate-starter-bottle---spearmint---melon---10g-by-splosh/?PCode=DSGPESS15&gclid=CjwKCAiA07PRBRBJEiwAS20SIJ65i6Zn7egot_ULJCN_uLiVfdF40bHpYrAljRLKmlzbmLHze6Dq2xoCk1YQAvD_BwE

Plastic is insidious in our society! From toilet roll to deodorant our daily routines are plagued by plastics.
This week I've been using @whogivesacraptp toilet roll who cover their toilet roll in paper and not plastics as well as donate 50% of their profits to build toilets.
I've also been using lush solid deodorant that works perfectly with no plastic container. https://uk.lush.com/products/aromaco

I also spotted another plastic free washing powder from Bio D. https://www.oxfam.org.uk/shop/sourced-by-oxfam/home-and-gift/laundry-and-detergent/bio-d-non-bio-concentrated-washing-powder-1kg-hn401412?pscid=ps_ggl_shopping&gclid=CjwKCAiA07PRBRBJEiwAS20SIAzOZoPc8Ol3Gyza98RvItFzbk0X3xP3T8ZknAFjtaoHAoTR1E04ThoC92cQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CO-el6bFgNgCFSukUQod1DQA9Q

Just a few changes in our habits can dramatically reduce plastic in our society.

I have a proper hanky to reduce my plastic waste from pocket tissues. Living plastic free for a week has been easier than I thought...it's mostly been about changing habits.

This has been my favourite cost saving and #plasticfree find for #plasticfreeweek. These are soap nuts that replace washing powder and detergent, they cost about 5p for each wash and although they come in a plastic bag they are far better than bottles and pollution.

It wasn't that long ago that confectionary came in foil and paper....going to a sweet counter today, these seem to be your only plastic free choices. Keep following me, @greenameliawomack on my plastic free week here on Instagram as well as on Twitter @amelia_womack

It was great to go to a temporary opening of a plastic free shop in Crickhowell with the leader of @walesgreenparty, @grenville_ham. When the shop opens in March they will be dispensing products such as pasta and rice from these gravity dispensers. This is such an important business to challenge plastic and packaging in our society.

It's @greenameliawomack updating you on my attempt to live a week without plastic!
So far I feel like I have mostly been eating bread and vegetables as pasta and rice typically come in plastic. It's been great to support local markets and business for all this food (although I don't understand why so many places sell potatoes in plastic bags!)

Did you know that every plastic toothbrush ever used still exists in the environment somewhere? I've already switched to a bamboo toothbrush which has helped me in my plastic free week. Just google "bamboo toothbrush" and you'll find products for a couple of pounds, and even cheaper if you buy in bulk.

It's @greenameliawomack here! I have taken over the Green Party's Instagram to update you on my week of living plastic free.

We live at a time where plastic in our oceans will soon out number the fish! We seriously need to address the problem of plastics - but how easy is it for individuals to make changes?

As we mark #TDoR today I've written an article in @huffpostuk about the crisis that is #trans #healthcare following mine and @greenjonbartley's letter last week. You can read it at http://bit.ly/tdor-health today -Aimee Challenor, Green Party Equalities Spokesperson

Today on Trans Day of Remembrance #TDoR we remember the 325 trans people murdered this year because of their gender identity.

#TDoR17 #trans
Data from TGEU http://bit.ly/tdor17

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