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Aeran  iPhone SE -> Lightroom -> Instagram . . . . I try to photograph travels, but mostly you're about to see some dogs and food and buildings and stuff..

I was born in California, but we left before I was old enough to remember anything. I've always wanted to come back because I've long held on to a gut feeling that some connection awaited me if I ever returned. This was my first time seeing the redwoods, and the constant alternating spring showers and sunshine made for a pretty epic experience.

Woke up in a freezing cold tent at dawn, poured cold coffee down the hatch (no time to make a fresh pot!), and practically ran to #yosemite falls to catch this light. Every so often you could hear a distinctly louder crashing sound as large chunks of snow and ice fell into the rocks.

Back to my Houston roots with this one.. 22 hr tonkatsu bone broth, Vietnamese style lemongrass grilled chicken, roasted garlic cloves, jellied egg, scallion and fresh cilantro from the garden. -- I ❤️ ramen

Probably shouldn't have been holding a phone out here 😭-- with @kimshoots

We drove late into the night to make it from the San Francisco area all the way up to the redwoods. As soon as we set up camp, the rain began... and kept going... and didn't stop until late the next morning. But once we finally emerged from our soaked-through tent, Fern Fucking Gully y'all -- with @kimshoots

It was really sandy tho..

This day was a long day of walking. I think we started around 5:30am and finally stopped around 10pm. Terrible things, like Vernal Falls here, were waiting at the end of each trail, and there's construction outside my window here in Brooklyn 😭with @kimshoots

I love ramen because it's something simple that demands so much practice. Here's to hoping that I never run out of patience to keep getting better at it. 📷by @kimshoots

The first time at #whitesands this pup thought it was all snow and tried to eat it all, so I had to rush her back to the car because she couldn't breathe. Luckily this second time around, I think she learned her lesson and had a much better time... and so did I for that matter.

The president's push to end federal protection for some of our nation's most precious lands has me thinking and asking myself, what's so great about nature anyway? To me, places like #Yosemite are a reminder that this country is and has always been so much more than its skylines, societies and GDP. We're fortunate to have every type of terrain on the planet all within our borders, and not just a sampling of each but vast and wide expanses. Nature also serves as an important connection to a feeling. It helps us remember how small and short-lived of a species we are, and it can't be overstated how incredibly important that is. It instills respect and awe. It rightfully removes humans from the center of the universe. And it urges you to protect and revere these giants.

#Yosemite in pictures//Yosemite irl

Can you spot @kimshoots ? #earthday got me thinking about these giants from the #redwoods a month ago

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