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// First things first- I’m not that sad today so don’t @ me. It’s actually my birthday! 😂 On a serious note, I have brought myself to tears on long drives or late at night when I can’t stop the cycle of rumination. I really do eulogize people in my mind that I’m scared to lose. Sometimes it happens when things are too good and I panic waiting for the downfall. Anxiety is a strange creature unique to anyone affected, but I’ve learned there’s a fluidity to it. We have to ride it out and keep moving. I hope anyone struggling is inspired to ride it out too. 🖤

// ♡♡

// The light you hold. What will you illuminate?

// sweet soul of mine.

// Ciao.

// yeah, don’t do this.

// Here’s to ripping off band-aids. Let the healing begin.

// it’s a help yourself first kind of day. ☁️

Let’s get parallel. ⏸

// Feeling creative today, so trying something a little different. I like it.

// words are cyclic like that.

// 🌱when we’re young.

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