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Finley  Golden retriever↟Missouri | 3 years old | @stephanienachtrab ↟ Photo inquiries ↓

My new couch right next to where mom works! Trying to convince her to move it towards the window, but she thinks I’ll ruin it by sitting on the back of it like I ruined her last couch :P I WOULD NEVER DO SUCH A THING! 😉

We are moving to a new house Sunday (finally leaving my parents house) and I know Finn is going to miss having my parent’s dogs to keep him company 😭😭😭 hopefully he does okay!

I saw this light on Finn today and couldn’t resist grabbing a photo of his cute baby face 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Are dog moms wishing themselves a happy Mother’s Day this year?? If not, then I’m still going for it anyway 😅HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL YOU ANIMAL MOMMIES OUT THERE!!!!! We deal with a lot of shit (literally) so we deserve this day too 💕💕💕 Also peep this backpack by @hootandco ✨ We are obsessed!!!!

Living my best life 😍 @sir_noble_ with that shutter click!

Yesterday was one of the highlights of my life. I almost caught at least 5 @mizzou squirrels. I don’t know if I’m getting faster or if campus squirrels are just getting slower? Either way, it was a pretty great time!!

Excited to spend the summer with this babe! Who else is excited for summer and more swim time?

Golden child since 2015 ✨

Honestly had a caption written out about Thursday only to realize it’s actually Friday 🤦🏽‍♀️

Do you all refer to your dogs as someone or something? I usually always refer to my dog as a person but in this case I think he might just be a “thing” 😂

It’s snowed every Sunday in April here, but today we have all of the doors open and are enjoying the 70 degree weather with lots of games of fetch! The Midwest is so bipolar but it is what it is!

Golden’s have some of the sweetest faces 💕

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