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crazy to think the afternoon light through this staircase has gone unwitnessed for over 25 years, thanks again to those involved and to those who watched, liked, and/or linked the #wellcome edit

@benihoran three flip in the lobby as seen from the executive level #wellcome

@benihoran frontside flip through the lobby #wellcome

cruising floor after floor we were stopped at the south end by the demo and found the building's first green occupant

@benihoran one footer as the chlorophyll takes over

nature always ready to reclaim #wellcome

@benihoran first line outside the #wellcome building (this is a print, coffee stain not really on building)

hell of a skylight and hell of a duo #wellcome
thanks again for the edit @joshuamcwilliams, the special type consulting @boeschb, and the scout mission @mattybearfl

it's lonely at the top, the executive floor is among the crowns of old pines and features parquet floors and bigger office spaces, the separation of floors by department didn't lend to much mingling among the ranks which some say led to a loss of direction #wellcome

scientists cursed the sloping inward angles for the tripping hazard back in the day (don't drop that beaker!) but @rob.wootton can greatly appreciate them, wallie over modernist pebble planter that hides the executive stairwell #wellcome

@benihoran warming up and putting the first tracks in decades of dust as the demolition plans loom eerily in the foreground
thanks again to the crew that made this happen @benihoran @rob.wootton @joshuamcwilliams

front board on copper @rob.wootton
shot from the top of the pyramid
#linkinbio #paulrudolph #wellcome

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