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Bryan Soderlind 

checking the waves at the beach while @_sterlingwright_ hangs back at the tree house and really “puts out a vibe”

amongst the trees

inspiring visit to the @toshiko.mori tree house on casey key

who even knows if it was his turn #highrollersclassic #creepswhocanroll

triple threat trev also rolled his way to the finals while needing only two of his five shirt buttons fastened 🌹🌪 #thatcreepcanroll #creepswhocanroll #highrollersclassic classic

paid my respects last night to the closing venerable orlando institution that is Colonial Lanes, one night five years ago #coloniallanes transformed into a den of debauchery and excess when it hosted the #highrollersclassic classic presented by Quaker State, @bennygrrr seen here clinching his spot in finals #thatcreepcanroll

a master of natural light, architect #paulrudolph really got it right on this one back in 1955

afternoon light bouncing in off bayou louise #paulrudolph

evening drink at the cohen house #paulrudolph

golf carts get a lot of non golf usage down here in Florida, this one keeps the xmas parade decorations year round

met this guy scouring the ground for ciggie butts and “other stuff” behind the closed down winn dixie, style points won for the hand drawn rose in the back pocket but then negated due to prideful scooter ownership

James Brown! the neighborhood debris collector has soul and he’s super bad

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