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Glute Lab  Owned by the "Glute Guy" Bret Contreras Operated by Coaches @alex.sterner @arbryce @nirvanafit Hours: Weekdays 7-11am, 12-2pm, 4-8pm Weekends 9am-1pm

You asked, we listened. Hip Thruster Loops are now available in US, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand!

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I’m excited to announce that @the_hip_thruster is expanding! We are now shipping our loops to US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.
US and Canada go to:
UK and European go to:
Australia and New Zealand go to:
For all other enquiries please contact

Meet Glute Lab client, Semret (@semrfit).
Semret is a bikini competitor, avid fitness enthusiast, and was one of our first clients here at the Glute Lab.

Just a few short months ago, Semret was paralyzed from the waist down by Guillain Barre Syndrome, a rare neurolgical disorder causing the immune system to mistakenly attack parts of the peripheral nervous system. There is no definitive recovery period for the syndrome, and Semret was told she may take up to two and a half years to recover.

In the few short months that we have been working with Semret, she has made tremendous strength and stability improvements, and continues to surpass expectations and steadily advance in her strength and workout regime every week.
Never does Semret complain about the workout ahead, or give less than her best and her rapid improvements here are a testimony to that.
She has now built up the strength to be able to incorporate everything from smaller isolation movements to the bigger compound lifts back into her routine, and has been able to keep increasing strength on a near weekly basis.
Here are just a few of the exercises she was able to incorporate into her last few workouts here.

Although we are able to provide ample amounts of knowledge and beyond adequate equipment to provide our clients with the ideal training environment, it's our hard working and eager to improve clients like Semret that really make the Glute Lab such a great place to train!

What's the purpose of a glute burnout?

Here at the glute lab, we almost always prescribe banded circuits at the end of many of our clients' workouts called 'burnouts'. These burnouts provide the glutes with a good pump and elicit a high degree of metabolic stress.

There are three major pathways to muscle growth: metabolic stress, mechanical tension, and muscle damage. For optimal results, it's best to target all three of these pathways throughout your program to varying degrees. Some exercises work better to target certain pathways than others.

Typically, our higher rep, lighter weight exercises, such as those performed during burnouts, will elicit the most metabolic stress (also identified as the 'burn' or 'pump' that is associated with performing higher reps, banded work, and bodyweight work).
One of the great things about this style of exercise is that it doesn't elicit excessive muscle damage, nor is it very hard to recover from, meaning these exercises can be performed more often without interfering with performance or strength during subsequent training sessions.

There are many different exercises that can be used, but we like to include a burnout of 3 continuous minutes of different exercises, or a circuit of 3-5 different excercises performed in the 20-50 rep range, usually utilizing a Hip Thruster Loop for added tension.

Our client @taylorrleilanii hitting a milestone PR of 405x3 under the supervision of Coach @arbryce (along with our other clients that hour).

Excellent job Taylor! Not only did she hit a big number, but did it within her program and with solid technique. We're pumped to see where she goes from here!
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We may be known for our glute training, but we individualize each program to fit our client's goals and needs!
. . .
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Here's a quick video of my badass client @cindyojiaxelson hitting some textbook deadlifts. I wish I could take all the credit for her near-perfect technique, but her years of diligence and practice were obvious the first day I worked with her. Excited to see where the next training block takes us!
#GluteLab #deadlift #fitness #strengthandconditioning

The quadruped leg swing is a common glute accessory movement here at the Glute Lab. It's great for targeting both the upper and lower subdivisions of the gluteus maximus while minimizing quad and hamstring activation.
The focus of the exercise is to rotate at the hips while keeping the spine and pelvis relatively neutral. You want to maintain control throughout the entire range of motion and minimize the amount of momentum used to complete the movement.
The amount that you raise your leg here will depend on your hip extension mobility. Average straight leg hip hyperextension mobility is 25 degrees, meaning most people can raise their leg 25 degrees past parallel in this exercise. However, in a 2008 study involving 200 subjects, the range of hip hyperextension mobility was -5 degrees to 40 degrees meaning one individual couldn't even get to parallel, while another could extend 40 degrees past neutral (Elson & Aspinall, 2008). We perform 3 sets of 30 bodyweight reps either alone or as part of a burnout. Additionally, we like to add ankle weights to the leg and perform 3 sets of 12 reps.
Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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Most people walk into the gym without much of a plan. They might know what body part they want to hit, but other than that their workout consists of a bunch of random exercises thrown together with little order or logic. While exercise programming CAN be very in depth and complicated, you can also get appreciable results if you nail down a few key principles. 1) Get Stronger. 2) Feel the Muscle Working. 3) Choose The Right Exercise for the Job.

While the above graphic by no means depicts a comprehensive list of glute exercises and variations, it's a good starting point and will set you off in the right direction toward performing more effective glute workouts. Surely you can aim to both get stronger and feel the muscle during all of these exercises, but some exercises just work better for certain purposes than others, and these are what I have found to fit the bill the best for the majority of people.

The first 1-2 glute exercises you perform should be selected from the first list and should be performed with progressive overload in mind. Go for some sort of personal record (PR) or strive to be working towards one. The next 2-3 exercises should be from the second list and should be performed with the feel in mind. You shouldn't necessarily go for progression and quantity but rather with quality and an internal connection in mind.
These two pathways work together to maximize booty gains.

We almost always incorporate glute burnouts into our clients programming here @theglutelab
Here is our client Amber showing us how it's done.
Today's Burnout:
30 Bodyweight Knee Band Reverse Hyper
30 Knee Band Band Hip Thrust
30 Band Abduction
Complete 2-3x to finish your workout with a good 🍑 pump

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Important @theglutelab updates!
We now have 3 coaches:
Sterner @alex.sterner, Bryce @arbryce, and Kiana @nirvanafit.
I just hired Kiana to open the gym so we can offer morning hours. The new hours will be:
M-F: 7-11, 12-2, 4-8 (closed Wednesday)
Sat & Sun: 9-1 •
All clients receive individualized programs based on their unique goals, needs, injury history, availability, etc., but sessions are conducted in a group training format. We cap each hour to a max of 4 members per coach on the floor. •
Membership fees are charged once every 4 weeks based on weekly attendance as follows:
One training session per week = $160/month
Two training sessions per week = $280/month
Three training sessions per week = $400/month
4 or 5 sessions per week = $420/month

We do allow for one-time drop-ins for $70 for one hour (these are scheduled as to allow for adequate attention by one of the coaches). •
As of last week, we have 125 members (not including the Glute Squad). In a few more months, we will likely be at capacity and will up the rates again (grandfathering prior rates to current members). •
We’re starting to see some incredible feats of strength and some impressive physique transformations - it’s very exciting. Couldn’t be happier with my coaches, and the system and equipment are top notch. If you’re local and haven’t joined yet, get your butt in here and let us build it. Glute Lab is where glutes go to grow! But we train full body here so we are more than just a glute training facility.

#glutelab #gluteguy

Just some of our clients killing a glute focused workout here at Glute Lab.
Want a great glute workout? Start out with a heavy glute focused compound exercise, and finish with this killer circuit that these ladies killed tonight:
Swipe ⬅️
-Quadruped Leg Swing
-Pulse Goblet Squat
-Nordic Hamstring Curl
-Smith Machine Hip Thrust
-Bulgarian Split Squat
-Booty Builder (or Hip Thrust)
Complete 2-3 rounds of each exercise. Thank us later 🍑

Having only been open 6 weeks, we're starting to see our clients really make some headway. @bikinibeast_xoxo always shows up and works hard, so here's a snapshot from her last session:

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It was a hip thrusters filled booty day yesterday day at @theglutelab
@alex.sterner decided to try something new with me and well thanks for the icing on that cake 🍰 🙄
triple double banded drop set with the heaviest band they have ... here’s how it worked (mind you this is my third drop set 🍑🔥, and my tempo was obviously a lot slower with pauses at the top) 12 reps double banded, 15 reps single band, 20 reps body weight. #deathbybands but i actually quite enjoyed these (yes I’m crazy but i already knew that😈) and thanks @bretcontreras1 for your praising words on this set, gave my 🍑🍰 ego a little boost 😂
Feeling adventurous??? Try it out💪🏽 #Bodybuilding #muscles #npcbikini #femalemuscle #girlswithmuscle #girlswholift #fitnessmodel #motivate #inspire #fitspiration #procardhungry #preplife #sandiego #fitness #aboveaverage #gainz #training #sandiegofitness #musclesport #bikinicompetitor #bikinibeast #beautifullybuilt #offseasongainz #gametime

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. . .
Something that jumped out at me about our clientele at @theglutelab is the number of them that are fitness professionals themselves. This comes with its own set of challenges, but has the benefit of allowing you to focus on more advanced coaching concepts/cues. That being said, with more experienced clients I've noticed that their weak points often coorelate with what they don't enjoy doing.

@soheefit was actually the first client I trained at Glute Lab, and despite her workload for her Master's thesis we've been making considerable progress. The specific exercises from her session the other day are as follows:

-Booty Builder Hip Thrust: This new toy has given us yet another variation of the hip thrust. The weight stack allows for very easy set-up when compared to its barbell counterpart.
-Barbell Split Squat: This has been a long time favorite of mine, and coincidentally a unilateral variation that Sohee didn't have a ton of experience in. I find value in cueing proper knee mechanics from a toe-in stance using this variation.
-Eccentric Accentuated DB RDL: One benefit of training other coaches is that they STRICTLY follow tempo prescription 🤣
-Pull Up/Dead Hang: I've noticed anecdotally that women lack upper body strength when in the stretched position. While Sohee is very strong relative to body weight, I want to see how a focus on this particular ROM affects her overall pulling performance.
#glutelab #eatliftthrive #strengthandconditioning #fitness

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