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The Glow Effect  πŸ™‹ Resources to rise by raising others πŸ’šπŸŒ #IAMempowHER πŸ‘­ Individual + Team Leadership Programs πŸŽ™#YourGlowIsShowing Podcast πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

Every little thing-good, bad & great-is a part of the journey. Taking a moment to sit in a place of gratitude for this. πŸ’š #IAMempowHER

Dear Ladies, please do not let one day pass without you feeling like the beautiful, talented, bomb ass goddess you are. πŸ’š #IAMempowHER
Photo by the goddess @marlena.elise

'"I love myself" is the quietest, simplest, most powerful revolution ever." - Nayyirah Waheed. πŸ’š #IAMempowHER

We have a confession. Burnout is real and we’ve been feeling the heat. Our latest episode of YOUR GLOW IS SHOWING is up now and shows you how to recover from burnout so you can lead with light. Link in bio! #yourglowisshowing #IAMempowHER P.S. There's a gift from @yellowconference πŸ’₯

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Learn to rest, not to quit. πŸ’š #IAMempowHER

What do burnout and female leadership have in common? πŸ‘ˆ The new episode of YOUR GLOW IS SHOWING is up now! πŸ’š Learn how to give your body the inner-fuel it needs. Be sure to listen until the end because we’ve included a gift from the @yellowconference 😲 Link in bio! #yourglowisshowing #IAMempowHER

LOVE this! πŸ’š "Choose to be Unstoppable. Adjust, but do not give up, darling. You give life to what you give time, energy, and focus to. Plan and schedule in your priorities today (whether that be choosing family, projects, quality time in relationship, exercise time, healthy nutrition, quiet time, reading/development, etc) Be sure to give unstoppable planned time, energy, and focus to what matters most today." - @reachalana

"Just a friendly reminder that you are talented, beautiful, brilliant, and worthy of good love and respect. Honor this by surrounding yourself with people who deserve your magic." - Cleo Wade πŸ’š #IAMempowHER

Photo by @marlena.elise

πŸ’š #IAMempowHER

"Are you being led by your spirit or your wound?" - Saren Stiegel, Founder of The Glow Effect. Something to think about as we rejuvenate over the weekend πŸ’š #IAMempowHER

πŸ’š #IAMempowHER

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