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Before I go speak to the young souls at the #girlswhoruletheworld camp! Just a meeting with God. #warroom #letthatgirlspeak I'm on the way @iambrandiharvey πŸ’πŸ’ͺ🏼

The universe pays you EXACTLY what you pay it! You want πŸ’―% from the universe well you going to have to be honest with self & ask am I really giving πŸ’―% of me?

Say I don't gotta dance ... πŸ’°

I don't play about my greatness.... you should stop playing with yours.... #glamuniversity #clickthelinkinbio #summerschool #downloadyourworkbook

I just wanted you to tell you that "YOU ARE A QUEEN" to your tribe & they are the only people that matter! FOCUS ON THEM! Not social media, not strangers, FOCUS on your tribe! They love you & I do too. I'm here to adjust your πŸ‘‘. #glamuniversity #letthatgirlspeak they don't care if you are rich, poor, fat, skinny, popular, dressed or anything THEY LOVE YOU FOR YOU! Spend your days LOVING THEM. These other ppl don't matter.

Thanks to the almost 1500 women that have enrolled in #summerschool & SUPER thanks to everyone that has ordered their Workbook & allowed us to iron out all the details EARLY! This is the BIGGEST WEBINAR I EVER HOSTED IN MY LIFE! & I can't wait for Sunday to show you "WHY" everyone in my circumference WINS! Sorry for the ladies that enrolled but wasn't able to get the WORKBOOK! We are closing the list for purchases & access today! Now it's time for me to go in my HOLE & create our #girlgang magic! I'm excited for Sunday & CAN'T WAIT to HOST THE BIGGEST, MOST INFORMATIVE, NO HOLDING BACK INFORMATION SESSION by #glamuniversity thanks again for the #girlgang members that GOT their ISH done fast I want you to know how much that helped me go now FOCUS on content & production of GIVING ALL OF ME to my #summerschool attendees! #itsafocusedministry #glamuniversity #clickthelinkinbio #getyourworkbook & GET READY FOR SUNDAY. #letthatgirlspeak it's 5am & after prayer for a LIFE CHANGING WEBINAR! I'm up working on the final details! IF YOU HAVEN'T GOT YOUR SPOT OR YOUR WORKBOOK! DO IT NOW! Xoxo, Big G

When loyalty isn't enough! This is a book a wrote in prison about my life.... I'm here to tell you today my love be LOYAL TO YOUR GREATNESS & GOD! But for these humans LOYALTY will never be enough. #glamuniversity #letthatgirlspeak

Got your spot for SUMMER SCHOOL! Now DOWNLOAD YOUR WORKBOOK NOW! Oh btw for the SNEAKY ONES YOU ONLY GET ONE DOWNLOAD! So there's no #shareministry this IS THE BOOK THAT WAS ONLY AVAILABLE AT THE #girlpowersleepover #clickthelinkinbio oh BTW it's $10 if you can't spend that for 4 hours of CLASS I don't know what to tell you.

The only difference between yourself & @oprah is she went for the dream! No one ever told me PROFOUNDLY "GO FOR THE BIGGEST THING YOU CAN" because if you work at it FOR REAL & STAY in FAITH you will have it! #glamuniversity #letthatgirlspeak

SUMMER SCHOOL! Is ABOUT TO BE πŸ”₯ in 30 minutes & ONE POST LOOK AT THE ATTENDEES ALREADY! The #girlgang IS IN THE BUILDING! Get your spot now! IT'S FREE & LIMITED SPOTS. #glamuniversity

Glam University Presents "Summer School's back in session"

During this summer school session, you will learn how to start your business, focus on the growth, and scale the right way.

Summer school is for entrepreneurs and business owners regardless what phase they are in:
1). Ideation Phase
2). Viable Business Phase
3). Automating & Scaling Phase

First Class: Business 101
Business Plan
Strategic Plan
Marketing Plan
Branding/Content Strategic Plan

Second Class: Technology 101
Landing Page/Website Development
Email Marketing Plan
Systems & Processes
Testing and Measuring
Additional item available after class:
Private School Link replay only available to students
Homework for your business
And much much more!

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