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  Can you keep up with my appetite? 🥞🍕🍩 🇦🇺🇮 📍Currently in 🇮🇩

12 years difference with this one. Yet she's much more mature than me 😂
Thx for coming all the way for my birthday, my mini me ❤️
#sisterlove #whatdoidowithoutyou

Little Miss Isabella Green 👧🏻
With her poop scooper/personal chef/ driver/clown/ walker/ baby shark impersonator...
For the past week, I wake up not by the sound of messages 📱 but by Bella's super cute little high-pitched voice checking if I'm already awake "Ai? Ai Ika? Ai?" And she gives me morning kisses.
All the poop scooping is worth it all of a sudden. Ayyy 💩💥
#bestauntaward #brbig #myheartisfull #poopsforkissesanyday

Who will survive better during zombie apocalypse? Monkeys / elephants?
I aim to have the agility of 🐒 so I can piggy back my little baby niece Isabella & mom to safety. Probably my big sister too but... I'd need 🦍 strength for dat cus she's too heavy 😭

How to make the best smoothie bowl:

1. Order pizza
2. Lure @thegirlwhobites out with said pizza
3. Let her know how awesome you think she is. The best smoothie bowl you'll ever have in your life will appear right in front of you.
You're welcome.

3 stacks of seriously fluffy buttermilk pancakes.
With melted 90% Lindt dark chocolate, salted grassfed butter and organic maple syrup.
#notlowcarb #notproteinpancakes #justrealpancakes #isntshebeautiful

30-45 minutes of effective training is my jam when doing accessory work.
No checking on mobile phone, no chit chat, no goofing around.
Supersets with very minimal rest (2 minutes total)
Go in, do work, get out. This disciplined behavior keeps me in staying consistent with my training because I know I won't spend a lifetime at the gym and as we all know, consistency is key 🔑
"If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it."

RIP hammies & gloots! •Elevated single leg deadlift•
Stand on a step-up / bench for extended ROM.
Key points:
- Never round your back.
- Try to minimise knee bend and really feel the stretch in your hamstrings and pivot from the hips.
- Go down slowly followed with explosive movement on the way up and really squeeze on that glutes.
- Slow and controlled, don't bounce up and down.

Learn how to activate the muscles properly against resistance.
In this case, static scapular retractions to help increase focus on the lats. Imagine squeezing a tennis ball in between your shoulder blades.
Change your grip after you're done with each sets to hit every part of the muscles.

Avocado, salmon, poached eggs, asparagus, toast, hollandaise made with grass fed butter.
Hi 👋🏻 the name is Jess, a chef for 8 years. Nothing makes me happier than creating memorable meals and educating my friends and family on nutritious ingredients that goes on their plate ☺️
Mostly won't even care. Perhaps, they wanted to shut me up but I kept on yapping away anyway 😇

#ruleno1 #dontupsetthechef #healthyfats

I have zero control with cherries.
And peanut butter.
And pizza.
Actually make it all food in general.

@klokovd syncing my OHS

I'm the kind of girl who will cook legit breakfast in the morning but might also hit you with the frying pan.

You know, a lover and a fighter.
#ialsolook15withoutmakeup #aznpride

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