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Sarah  🌿🗻 🤘🏼🍕🌲

My favorite guy ❤️ splash . Even though I have to wear like 5 layers of coats and 2 pairs of pants to stay sort of warm, hanging out at the barn for an afternoon and grooming, riding and sharing this sport with my daughter is seriously the best thing ever. Horses have always held a place in my soul. The smell, the quiet sounds of the horses chewing their hay in the evenings, and of course horse snuggles.

Doing things we love with ponies we love ❤️ Bert and Splash

ready for warmer days

Words of wisdom🌿repost from @mik.fit ❤️

I’ve never had a ‘skinny’ frame. I’ve never weighed 90 lbs soaking wet. In the past I’ve always gone hard at the gym for a few weeks and then fallen off the wagon, frustrated or bored. Who can relate?? My journey as a health coach has taught me so much; that I’m not here to tell people what to eat or how to work out. We have an intuitive knowledge of these things, it’s just a matter of making it habit. It’s taught me when to recognize when I’m about to sabotage all my hard work, so I can talk myself out of it, how to be a easier on myself- and also to know when to kick my own ass out of self LOVE rather than self hate. It’s easy to look in the mirror and pick one part of your body (maybe many) and start the self loathing process... but I wonder: what if we started looking at those places from a place love and considering that maybe it’s energy, power, and potential within yourself waiting to be released ... think on it! DM me if you’ve been waiting on a sign to finally start seeing results with your health and the longest relationship of your life; the one you have with yourself. 😊 #healthcoach #healthcoaching #fitspo #fitgirls #unleashyourstrength

Great last lesson day with ESSC!we had a long line to wait in to test into new levels for next year, so naturally we distracted the kids with some snow-ga!

Attended my 5th @magicgiant show Friday❤️
Saw these guys perform for the very first time acoustic on their knees for a small child and the handful of people watching that moment at @wanderlustfest @strattonresort I was instantly mesmerized and happened to be sitting next to the lead singers’ lady @dnarobertson who filled me in briefly on their story. We proceeded to go to every other Magic Giant show on the schedule that weekend because they blew our minds and stole our hearts. Anyways, if and when these guys around the east coast again I recommend all of you to check them out and prepare to dance your face off!! #istillhavenovoice #somuchscreaming #definitefangirl #magicmisfits #magicgiant

drowning darkness in the light, let it shine 🌞

I had my daughter right after I turned 17. I was an A and B student in high school and ultimately ended up dropping out just before senior year, though I never lost sight of finishing. I was just shy 3 credits of graduating. I honestly never saw my life ending up that way, a teenager pregnant... but I followed my intuition and decided to be brave and bring my child into this world with me and I’m so glad I did. Oh, and I graduated high school the same year she was born; I attended night classes to complete my necessary credits and earn my diploma. Here we are on my graduation day! ❤️

Openings this week @ my Organic studio salon. Call or text 603-520-3013 for availability.

Did I hear someone say pond hockey?

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