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🐾❤️The Gentle Giants❤️🐾  || . • * T h e G e n t l e G i a n t s * • . || 🐾Koda 🐾Simba 🐾Oscar 🐾Bailey 🐾Kodiak 🐾Leia •Feature Tag: #WaggingGents

Sorry y'all, we're trying ^^' Soooo I hope everyone's been okieee..
And thank y'all for 200+ photos tagged on #.WaggingGents! :3 — Dalel & Leia (@thesaddledshepherd )

Feature sent in by @chet_da_shep !
Super sorry, y'all! I get extremely busy lately and I definitely would post more if I had the time. But with school and being stressed out, I never really feel like it 😓 But I hope everyones been okay 💕

Feature sent in by @wafflesandbentley !

I love Great Danes. 😝 I think I always did but once I actually owned one, I actually understood how adorable and goofy they can be. The merle on the left looks a lot like the one I had...I miss her so badly. 💔
Anywhos, thank you all for getting the feature tag #.WaggingGents to 180+! 😄 It really means a lot! And we'll do our best to, quite possibly, feature YOUR pet(s)!

Another feature by @chet_da_shep !

Working on our activeness; hopefully by this weekend I will have been able to hold a meeting with everyone, see who can do what on whatever day, etc. Again, I apologize that we're a bit slow, I promise it'll get better! 👍

Lovely picture sent in by @chet_da_shep 😊

The Gentle Giants would like to thank everyone who has continued to tag photos to the #.WaggingGents hashtag. We apologize we haven't featured anyone in so, so long, but we hope to change that soon.
Thank you all for putting up with the wait, and hopefully we will be much more active in the future! 😘
~ Leia & Dalel (@leia_goes_wubwub)

Hey, y'all! Leia and Dalel here. I want to apologize for the inactivity of us all, but I swear once I return – August 14th – we'll have a quick meeting to see who posts when or who posts what. So, again, I apologize and it should get better soon. Promise! We both miss y'all! 😘😘😘
— Leia & Dalel (@leia_goes_wubwub / @furgie.fur)

meet Wallace 👋 his owner mows the cricket pitch at the local park, and Wallace is his little supervisor🙈
~Corren, Oscar & Simba { @thegsdbros }

One of the shepherds at Simba's training class! Gulli, he's so sweet 👌 ~Corren, Oscar & Simba { @thegsdbros }

hey! 👋 sorry we haven't posted in a while, we've all been rather busy 😳

My apologies for not taking responsibility and posting while I'm still here. I guess I've felt too busy to post anything or do anything. I am glad Corren has been posting and she has gotten some more help. 👍
I honestly thought I was going to leave on the fourteenth (a few days ago) and keep to the promise of when I'll be on and off. It's really annoying and I don't mean to do as I am. I guess I'll make a new rule. Stay for a week once I come back. Then leave. Just so I can be on for awhile..
Anyways, I miss y'all, and keep tagging to #/WaggingGents c:
Miss you~ <3
~Leia & Dalel

Feature sent in by: 🌟@dorota972🌟

🏆To be Featured: #/WaggingGents🏆

💕Thank you for submitting! :) 💕

~ Corren, Oscar & Simba

Feature sent in by: 🌟@renatadominika🌟

🏆To be Featured: #/WaggingGents🏆

💕Thank you for submitting! :) 💕

~ Corren, Oscar & Simba

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