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Your Uber is arriving Now!
‘Gavin 4.9⭐️’ -Will be picking you up on a [Green Yamaha FZ-09]
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That Valley haze •
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To think we found this guy on the side of an Arizona freeway 6 years ago... Hands down the dopest cat #catsCanLiftToo #thatArmMuscleTho #pussyIsShredded #hittinTheGym #noflexgato

Who watches the show ‘Love’ ?- I been binge watching it 👀

You can’t see me

Balance out the deficit

Gotta gain that extra 6 inches somehow✌🏼👀

We asked ourselves.. is this tumblr?

So incredibly thankful for all these peeps. Thanks to my fam for all the continuous support, thanks mom for the cake, thanks @natalie_dodds for more the Damn Daniel Vans I’ve been wanting and a bunch of other things, thanks @ablm776 for the Sena, thanks to all my friends for the birthday wishes, and the rest of my family who wished my happy birthday. That leaves me with all you guys who’ve left birthday messages for me in the comment section and DM’s! I’ve never seen so many ‘Happy Birthday’s’ in my life 😂 So appreciative ya’ll are the best 🙏🏼

What places did we go and see

these twø

Emphasis on Bulking VS Cutting

> First photo was taken today at 155 lbs. (High protein Intake, Less cardio, Heavy weight training, Diet not as clean)
> Second Photo was taken two months ago at 145 lbs. (Caloric Deficit, Strict diet, No carbs/sugars, More Cardio)

Feeling stronger and more healthy in my current state. Cutting down to 145 lbs. was a goal of mine and I achieved it👊🏼 However, achieving your goals is one thing, maintaining them is another.. so I decided to change it up a little. Now I can actually enjoy some good ass food every once in a while 😂

Thanks Sam for all the training 💪🏼

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