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Gavin McInnes  The host of “Get Off My Lawn” on CRTV. Free podcast w same name twice a week.

The best part was how the engine was purring like a cat.

Just blew $80 at the gift shop.

Was reading this book to my kid tonight and realized it was published 5 years before Poly Styrene was diagnosed with breast cancer. She rejected modern medicine because that’s what punks do and it metastasized into her spine because that’s what cancer does. This punk illustration must have been drawn as the cancer was beginning - back when it was treatable - which she failed to do - because of punk. META! #xrayspex

Since my closeted gay include died, we’re finding all these secret love letters and pics of him on gaycations wearing pink shirts and drinking fruity drinks. You shoulda come me out Strachan. Everybody knew and nobody cared.

“Capitalism to the detriment of those who work for their living.” Cousin showed me pics of old letters from our grandpa who led the local Socialist Worker’s Chapter. Not very Proud of my Boy.

Dinner with Johnny.

“Other grandpa” watching #justiceleaguemovie. “Why is that police officer pointing a gun at Superman? It’s by a Superman statue. Surely the locals are familiar with his powers.”

Who doesn’t love a BMW R100? I’m happy with my Triumph Bonneville but have always secretly lusted after these.

And the winner of our Hottest #Portlandia Character goes to: @carrie_rachel channeling @alix_brown in the couples therapy sketch of S7 Ep 2.

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