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"Oooh I want to go to Tofino. AND also see what you're selling!" This. From @streamlinedstyle. A beautiful contradiction, and one that each of us faces everyday. We want to prioritize moments, yet we also want to own nice things. I love what @erinloechner says about this tension: "We can inhale buttery popcorn and a chick flick today while rationing rice with turbaned women in Haiti tomorrow. We can fight the effects of rampant consumerism today, and still purchase our mother a Christmas sweater tomorrow... we can lean in and lean out. We can conquer and retreat. We can teach and be taught. We are not either/ors. We are both/ands." In other words, we can want a trip to Tofino and want nice clothes, and the fact that we do simply means we're human. ❤️#thegarmentcommunityspeaks

We spent this morning throwing rocks and befriending geese, and it has me thinking about moments. About how I want to collect more of them than clothes. I have a little dream of taking our girls to Tofino - a beautiful beach town on the ocean - and I'm going to use that as the impetus to sell some clothes I've been hanging onto, and cash in my consignment store credits. Rather than use the money to fund other pieces, as I once would have, I'm going to use it towards our trip. I thought it would be fun to do it as a community - to share our moment related dreams, big and small, and our progress towards them. So what do you say? To play along, simply comment below, or use the #collectmomentsnotclothes when writing a post or selling pieces you no longer need ❤️. #thegarmentcommunity

On the bus home at the end of my week and can't believe that this little doll is what's waiting for me ❤️. #ohsograteful #almosttherebaby

Her (L): "Mommy, how does it feel to be done nursing O?" Me: (after my heart broke into a million pieces because she had asked💔) "Well, honey, Mommy feels a mixture of feelings. I feel sad because I loved nursing you and your sister and I loved that phase so much, and I also feel happy because O is no longer getting up lots of times in the night and so now Mommy can get some much needed sleep." #herandme #normalizebreastfeeding

The average garment gets worn four times. FOUR times. And then what? Well maybe it goes to a consignment store, which is good. But that takes time, and generally speaking the return is relatively low. Maybe you sell it online, but that too takes life energy - energy that could be spent on other things. Or maybe it gets put in one of those clothing bins that goes who knows where 😳. Now I'm not saying I'm immune to the temptation to turn over my clothes - far from it. But I have certainly found that as I wear my clothes, time and time again, my relationship with them deepens. It's as if, in some sense, they become more mine. Does that make sense? #fashionfevolutionweek #30wears

Mom Jean Monday 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻. And it's an extra special Monday because it's #fashionrevolutionday. Today we're not only remembering the victims and survivors of Rana Plaza, but also celebrating those who are doing this fashion thing well. See my stories ☝🏻for more, including a darling pic of the woman who made this shirt (and is in the process of making yours if you ordered one from #tgvirtualpopup 👍🏻). 📷: @blairmarie #fashionrevolution #garmentcommunity #momjeanmonday #gifted

"They knew the factory wasn't safe." This, from an article about the Rana Plaza tragedy, four years ago. The workers knew, but they didn't have a mechanism to raise concerns (or they were to scared about the repercussions to do it). The factory owners knew, yet despite seeing cracks in the building the day before, they sent the workers back in. Over 1,100 people died that day ▪️. It has been argued that fast fashion, and the tight production times it requires, was a significant factor in the accident. While that's true, simply saying that allows individual companies off the hook. The reality is that many of the companies we see when we walk through the mall don't know exactly where their clothes are made, let alone anything about the people who make them. It doesn't have to be like this. Companies like @hm (while they still have a long way to go) have listened to the customers who have said they want to know more, and their Conscious Collection is evidence of this. Other brands could do the same, and the one I'd like to see most is the one pictured ☝🏻. I know many of you love this brand, and would like to see this too, and if the last virtual pop-up was any indication, #thegarmentcommunity has a significant amount of power. So today, I invite you to turn your garment inside out, snap a photo, and ask @madewell (or any other company you'd like to see change) #whomademyclothes. While you're at it, let them know we'd like the equivalent of a Conscious Capsule Collection, and that we'll help them design it. 😉#fashrev #fashrevcanada #everydaymadewell

Maillots, bathers, swimsuits, bathing suits... whatever you choose to call them, I just scored this teeny vintage one for O for $5 and it has me dreaming about summer 😎☀️🏊🏻‍♀️. I'm thinking a mini virtual pop-up featuring responsibly sourced swimsuits might be in order. What do you think #garmentcommunity - should we do one of those? Any brands you'd love to see? XL👙L👙M👙S👙XS👙 #1000garmentgoal

L, the other morning: "This is nice family time. It would be so boring without O. We would just be like sitting here waiting for our baby to arrive." 💗💗💗

Striped shirt, leather jacket, distressed jeans, coffee. That's a whole bunch of essentials right there ☕️☕️☕️ 👌🏻. #happysaturday

"Kiesci a bors, de eros. Small is the peppercorn, but strong." - Hungarian proverb #napoleanpose

📢Special Announcement - worth reading to the end 😉 📢. Below, you'll see just some of the garment community morse code necklace requests. • I would do something to remind me of my mother, who passed away. It would be a phrase, perhaps two words • trust • pure heart, clear mind • keep going • stillness • amor fati - it is sort of a family mantra • I am enough • stay together - what I tell my kids whenever they head out of the house • she and he and me • actually I can - I suffered a pretty severe spinal injury which has left me unable to do a great deal of what I used to be able to. I also developed the habit of telling myself "I can't do that" which I'm spending the time trying to turn into "I can". I'd love to have the necklace as a constant reminder • love her. You guys - your comments brought tears to my eyes. They are a beautiful reminder of the stories that live within us all - thank you for sharing them here. The winners of the necklace giveaway are @jensberg2 and @mama_bear_29 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. But wait, there's more... and I were so blown away by the response to the giveaway that we've decided to offer Garment Community members 10% off the Love Code Necklace until 10pm tomorrow with the code THEGARMENT10. Mamas, text those partners of yours the link ☝🏻and tell them this is what you want for Mother's Day. Or even better, just order the darn thing for yourself 💃🏻. Stock is limited so don't doddle 😉💫. #thegarmentcommunityspeaks #1000garmentgoal #fashionrevolution #mothersday #partner

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