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The hotel equivalent of a Capsule Wardrobe. Like the coolest, most chic, old Hollywood inspired, capsule wardrobe 💃🏻. @hotelcovell #thegarmentdoesla

So the main reason I’m going to LA isn’t actually to wear that 👙on Long Beach 😏 (although that will be fun 😉🏖). It’s to record a podcast with @libertyforher - a movement that exists to inspire and equip women to consider their possibilities and pursue their dreams. I intend to share a lot. To be real, and raw. About the exciting beginning, and the messy middle. Because that’s where I am. And I couldn’t be more excited for it 💃🏻. #libertyforher #seeyousoon #staytuned

That bikini top? Yeah, it’s the A cup. And she fits like a dream 😏💥☺️✨. #lookoutpamela #thispalesmallbreastedcanadianisreadyforlongbeach

The hair push, the cute outfit, the witty caption... what if I told you that sometimes it feels like it’s all a bit superficial - this focus on clothes. Well it does. But then sometimes, I get notes like the one that came in today... A note that thanked us for using Real Models. A note that said, “thanks in part to you, I’m on my way to finally loving myself as I am.” And I am reminded that while the clothes are cute, it’s not really about them at all. Thanks, @olivia_and_archer for the reminder 💗. #thegarmentcommunity

So we were planning to launch our pick for the ultimate classic boyfriend button down as part of the Workwear Virtual Pop-Up in the fall. Then, last night, I got word from a French brand we’re partnering with for the Travel Pop-Up (you guys aren’t even going to be able to HANDLE their pieces😍) that they are releasing a classic white boyfriend button down in the next few weeks. So, my question for you on this fine morning... who wants to see a white button down included in the Travel Pop-Up? 🙋🏻‍♀️🇫🇷☕️😏 #fewerbetter #frenchstyle #classicstyle

Hey ‘Influencers’ (I know there are lots of you who hesitate to step into that title, but the reality is that all of us, at least in some way, are😉), do you ever feel like the only way to grow your business is to get ALL THE THINGS? It’s exhausting, isn’t it? The emails, the requests for gifted product, the pressure for a quick and positive review, even if the thing isn’t quite right 😬. What if there was a way to generate revenue while offering genuine, long-term, trustworthy reviews of fewer, better, responsibly made things? Well guess what... it’s coming 😏. #thegarmentresponsiblebrandinfluencerplatform

Lately, when faced with a dilemma, I’ve found myself asking the question, “What would a French woman do?” The answer, in this case, was wear a button down on Sunday👌🏻 🇫🇷. #frenchstyle #fewerbetter

Heading to LA on Thursday has me feeling like 🤗🙌🏻☀️🌊😎. I have lots of meetings lined up (think Travel Pop-Up Maker approval/scouting🤓), and, am excited to take in the sights and have some great meals. Staying in DTLA one night, and close to Venice the next two. Hit me up with your faves 👇🏻☺️. #thegarmentcommunity #knowsallthecoolspots

You asked for a quality, responsibly made, classic striped long sleeve. We listened 😏. Currently in testing for the next pop-up 🤗. #ootd

So today one of the Travel Pop-Up swimsuit samples arrived👙. I ordered a B cup, which I thought would fit for sure. As I slipped it over my head, I realized - much to my chagrin - that the top was too big. My breasts barely touched the cups. And I started to make up some stupid story. You know the one - I bet you’ve made it up too 😌. But then I remembered that those breasts used to be bigger, until they had the joy of nursing the babies that I nearly couldn’t have. And I reminded myself how much beauty there is, in that. And then I took a big breath, reminded myself what we’re doing in this community, and ordered a size A. #realtalk #bodypositive

Hey @schoolhouse, you nailed it 🔨👌🏻. #wantbetternotmore #thegarmenthome

To everyone who asked for cute, quality, versatile pants to be part of the Travel Virtual Pop-Up... these beauties shipped out yesterday 🤗. And you can trust I’ll test the hell out of them to see if they’re worth your 💵. #thequestfortheperfectchinos #holygrail

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