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GABBIE HANNA  👣follow ur dreams & also me 🖤snap&twitter | thegabbieshow 🔪youtube | gabbie hanna 🕷fb | gabbie hanna 🔥WATCH MY NEWEST VIDEO!

if you turn the volume all the way up you can hear all my brand deals disappearing 💸
📸: @baldwinner

this is the closest i’ve been to a man holding me in a very long time 😅
POSTED A NEW VIDEO YDAY where i went and worked my first job for a day, and made a pizza with EACH SLICE being a different kind of pizza! the comments section gave me an *actual anxiety attack* 😀, but i still really like the video and had fun filming it with my old friends 🖤🍕 so feel free to go show it some love! 🤗

every time i post a picture of the right side of my face i feel like i deserve an award?? 🎭
QOTD: whats your good side?! looking for my selfie soul mate

i don’t know anything about basketball 🏈 but i only wore clothes from the drugstore for an entire week and this was one of em! link in BIOOOO

😴💭 -
such an honor to play around with my fellow lil long limbed lebanese boy @phillipchbeeb! he made this up in his head, alone, that morning, and it worked IRL, and huh? i love the fact that i get to hang out with some of the best dancers in the *world* that i grew up being a huge fan of, but even more than that i love the fact that they treat me like i’m a dancer sometimes.
side note: every time i dance i end up waking up with sore spots i didn’t even know could be sore 😂 today’s victim: the back of my head, the base of my neck, and my tailbone. on life i thought i fell and forgot until phillip sent me this video
who wants to see me do more dance pieces?!

THIS IS THE LAST ONE I PROMISE 😂🔥 just here to let you know i posted a lyric video bc there were a couple people kept getting wrong 🧐 anyway, thanks again for everything, i’m gonna go watch the nightmare before christmas live now and i’m screaming of excitement inside and outside!

the response to my music video has been so touching 😭 i put so many tiny details into every single moment of the visuals, the lyrics. so many hidden meanings, double entendres, and symbols. reading the comments and watching you guys TRULY analyze and dissect it, pick it apart like a poem, is exactly what i was hoping for. some of you guys are spot on, and so many of you are picking up on the tiny moments or images i didn’t know if anyone would notice. your little artistic detective brains are doing AMAZING sweetie 🔥 thank you for sharing this moment with me and for being so open to learning more about me and my journey.
huge thanks to @ryanparma my incredible director and @austinherring, my producer, who pulled this off with an impossible timeline and budget. you guys amaze me. shout out to @piercecook, the DP, who made this look so professional and gorgeous and @joe__shmoe (wow congrats on your IG handle bro) for the sickening lighting. @masevisuals thanks for the beautiful promo shots! you’re all amazing to work with and i can’t wait for the next one!

🔥🔥I CANT BELIEVE ITS FINALLY HERE!!🔥🔥 Monster & Monster (Reborn) are avail for stream and download EVERYWHERE! please please go download and stream and SHARE! 🔥MUSIC VIDEO OUT NOW TOO!🔥 link in bio!
here’s a fun challenge:
a lot of the lines in this song actually have double meanings 🤭 i haven’t seen anyone pick up on them yet. go to the music video and comment which lines you think are double entendres and what you think the deeper meaning is!
watching you guys dissect and analyze this music video is amazing and incredible to me. i love poetry so much, i love symbolism so much, and i love watching you guys try to work it out so much 🔥🖤
as always, thank you for all the love and support you perfect angels!

really they don’t know what i’m made of 🔥🎵

i’ll bring out the worst in you, too 🔥 10.26.18
so sorry for the late upload guys, a series of unfortunate events happened 😂 but it’s all good now :) video is LIVE, and there JUST MIGHT be a sneak peek of monster in it ;) go give it a like and comment! 🖤

so used to goodbyes, there’s comfort in the sound 🔥🎵
WHAT A WEEK! thank u all again SO MUCH for the streamy, i’m so grateful 🖤 the fact that you guys are interested in my stories and my life truly amazes me every day, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
MONSTER IS ONLY 3 DAYS AWAY!!! tomorrow i’m posting a fun chatty GRWM where i take you along my entire day in preparation for my music video shoot :) ps- i got it back and i’m *blown away* i cant BELIEVE how amazing it looks!!! MY HEART IS FULL OF SO MUCH LOVE AND HAPPINESS, i can’t believe you guys gave me this LIFE!

they’re dropping like flies whenever i’m around 🔥 10.26.18
HOLY WOW I JUST WON MY FIRST STREAMY EVER! thank you so much for the storyteller award. all my life is just a sequence of stories, but those stories wouldn’t mean anything if no one was listening. so thank you for listening, i love you more than you could ever imagine 🖤

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