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📺GABBIE HANNA  👣follow ur dreams&also me 🍕snap&twitter | thegabbieshow 🍉youtube | gabbie hanna 🌭fb&musically | the gabbie show 👇watch my newest video!

👙new video, went on a date with my friends boyfriend🌞 link in bio!
QOTD: would you rather always be hot, or always be cold?

when in india 🇮🇳 take basic tourist pics! and also tell people that your new video is in the bio 🤖 responding to comments noOwwww! so excited/nervous to be here to perform for you guys/gals 😶
QOTD: if you could visit one place in the world, where would it be?

cute pic w/ my imaginary friend 🖤 she always looks better than me ugh 😫 love you girl!
currently boarding my flight to INDIA for #YTFF! i'm so excited and nervous to explore this world so unlike my own! oh, and to sing my two singles in front of a bunch of strangers! wish me luck! i'm gonna go get v drunk on this flight now

this looks like a dress but it's actually pants and there's definitely a metaphor about judging an outfit by its seams or something. ANYWAY new video link in bio!
romper: @aliceandolivia

took this is a passport photo but turns out i didn't need a new one so i guess now it's just called a headshot 🙂
SO APPARENTLY there's a youtube glitch where videos literally aren't showing up anywhere, so if you DO wanna see the video i posted, it's linked in the bio! comment "📸📸" so i know you got there from here!

so happy to live in a time where women are banding together to be the strong af force they are and bringing each other up ✊🏼 let's keep the momentum going and see what we can do 😻 #internationalwomensday ••
new story time up now! link in bio :) comment " 🏥❓" if ur from IG! and i may just have a surpise extra video for ya tomorrow 🎵
📸: @michellekhare

TWENTY-FIVE MINUTE STORY TIME TOMORROW. IT IS A DOOZY, and just when you think it's the climax... oh, there's more. GO TURN ON MY POST NOTIFS, i'll be responding when it goes up!! who's ready?!

exact events that led to this 90s super model photo:

me: hey let me try on your big curly wig
mykie: ok!
me: this is so big! i wonder if it would cover my nipples!
*takes off shirt*
it's does! it does cover my nipples!
mykie: let's take a picture in it!
me: ok!
mykie: let's go upstairs and use the ring light!
me: ok!
mykie: put your hands behind your head!
me: ok!
mykie: i'm gonna edit this right now!
me: ok!
mykie: you look really hot!
me: yeah!
mykie: give me photo creds!
me: ok!

photo cred: @mykie_

my therapist asked me to keep a journal of my emotions throughout the week. i gave him my twitter handle. follow along @thegabbieshow 🤷🏼‍♀️

yo fam that exit was fire 🔥🔥

look at the pope looking at my dress in disapproval 👆
NEW VIDEO UP NOW! link in bio :) comment 🍝 if you're from IG! responding now 😸

currently watching perfectly chiseled athletes fight for their dreams in the olympics, posting a picture of a night i got super drunk then ate 3 different kinds of pasta and 4 different desserts

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