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Klara McMurray - Celebrant  •Weddings 👭👫👭 •FUN-erals 🍾 •MC gigs🎤 Melbourne-based but will 🚂⛵️🛩 Passionate about #marriageequality🌈 Get funky 👇🏽

It’s always awkward when we get asked this...⠀
Celebrants talk about it a lot!⠀
Do you ask your mechanic if that’s the best they can do?⠀
The cashier at the green grocer? ⠀
The baristas serving you your coffee?⠀
Truth is, we set our price based on the years we’ve been in the industry, our experience & our skill levels... ⠀
Also, we often base it according to other celebrants we know & admire & consider our equals. ⠀
So yes, in the end, it is our best price, because awesomeness costs money!⠀

Be back in action tomorrow, today’s for reflection, joy, company & peaceful gratitude.
I must be getting old... or maybe it’s the product of having a birthday on a Monday...

This is Yvonne & Glen, kissing when they weren’t supposed to... but then again, who’s the bloody kissing police?
Not me clearly!!!
These two love cats were so smitten the entire ceremony, I don’t think anything or anyone else mattered, even the scenic railway as it roared past!
What a venue to marry at, what a sky, what a wedding!!
Congrats you two, it’s been a massive 18 months lead-up but you got there! ❤️

I don’t usually ask the fella to be my roadie, but today he rode his bike down, loaded my entire PA & trolley on his bike & rode off into the sunset.
What a keeper!!
Onto the reception & MC duties. Where’s the bar?!

That’s Jordan on my left, doing a last minute hair pick off my dress before kickoff.
Mahli, on my right, is checking that Loki, the canine pageboy’s tie is straight.
We’ve all congregated up on the hill amongst the pine trees, overlooking Shoreham beach, crossing creeks, dealt with Loki throwing himself over the cliff (he was more than fine) and grandma trekking through the bush one hobble at a time.
The giggle factor was high & the formalities were riiiight down low!! Thanks for having me ladies, God damn it was fun!!
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This is my philosophy towards funerals.
I completely understand that it’s a full-on, surreal, extremely sad time for those left behind when someone dies... but when it comes time to creating their funeral, let’s celebrate their life, share in the joy that was them & have a few laughs in amongst the tears.
If you’re looking for a Celebrant that wants to bring out the joy as much as the sadness & put together a cathartic, fun & extremely memorable day... consider me. ❤️

Taking a mental health day & doin’ my bit!
#lovinglife #savethestrawberries

Introducing Topaz of @colwellandcobeautystudio fame. ⠀
I found her 12 years ago after receiving a flier in the letterbox for her new waxing business. ⠀
I tentatively called her up & after she eased my fears of getting my lady garden landscaped, off I went. ⠀
I’ve followed her to three locations, (now she’s in Murrumbeena) seen her get married & had 3 kidlets & she’s seen me through all the relationships, jobs, houses & shows that my life has been. ⠀
In fact, whenever I used to show up (always irregularly) she’d ask; is it a boy or a show?⠀
Well now it’s just cos I’m taking a mental health day, it’s spring & cos I can!⠀
If you need anything beauty & a damn good chat... check. Her. Out!!!!

We’ve all heard the saying but are you applying it to your wedding plans?⠀
Are you chilled as an icy pole or running around like your butt’s on fire screaming that they got the serviette colour wrong?⠀
Stop. ⠀
Take a breath. ⠀
Try to remember, as long as you, your partner, a Celebrant (to make it legal) and a well-stocked bar are there... the rest will fall into place. ⠀
Oh... maybe remember to wear something, nude weddings are a bit of an acquired taste 😬⠀

This time last year I made myself a top with a rainbow & the single word - yes.
Wonder what that was about?!
Well, we won.
I’m pretty sure it was down to my singlet!
So this year, it’s time to focus on the bees.
They’re funny, they’re funky & without them; we’re dead!
Plus, honey is yummy.
So for bee’s sake, buy your honey from locals, don’t support Monsanto & plant flowers... they love them!

When the fella heard of my funky five star award from #easyweddings, he insisted on doing the #funkypincher for his #funkycelebrant. ⠀
Apparently it’s a very difficult yoga move... I don’t know, looks easy to me... maybe don’t try this at home. ⠀
So among the canola fields, in the damp grass, up he went!⠀
I know.... that stomach.... swoon...⠀

Anyway, thanks Easy Weddings, another year, another bunch of stars!⠀
Funky times all round!!!!

Happy first anniversary awesome people.
It was a year ago today that Cynthia, Clint & I stood between the showers way down Gippsland way to get them both hitched.
Pigeons were released, tears were definitely shed... but all in all, it was so much fun!!
They went out riding a quad bike... do dreams get any better than that?!
📷. @vspecrob .
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