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The Frenchy Dentist  📍Paris • Cluj • Beyrouth • Sydney 🌎 ➰Dentistry Class 2019 💉 ➰Sport lover 🏃 💥All successes begin with self-discipline🙌🏻 #thefrenchydentist

💫Dental impression💫
It’s one of the first thing you learn in Dentistry school, and it’s certainly something you’ll keep practice for a long time👨🏻‍⚕️ I am sure it's never funny as a patient but actually, impressions are one of the primary steps to having for exemple a crown or bridge placed after incurring cracked or broken teeth. 〽️Here is an exemple of a patient, who need a complete denture! So we had to take the impression with Alginate for the upper and lower arch. I will post the final results!
I’ve to confess, I didn’t find easy the impression on a dental arch without any teeth, and I had to do it twice before I finally succeed. But I guess i’ll get used to it, with the experience💪🏼 (The photo was taken with the patient consent)
#thefrenchydentist #nevergiveup #lovemyjob

🐣Happy Easter🐣
After 40 days of Lent, not eating any kind of dessert! My level of Insulin was about to explode!💥
What about you?! Are you eager for Pancakes or Crepes ?!🥞
P.S: We can all see your sneaky shadows trying to steal from my pancakes @christelle.bitar @rockylbn #thefrenchydentist #crepes #pancakes #youhavetochoose #nutella

♠️”Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy-but mysterious. But above all, Black says this: I don’t bother you -don’t bother me”♣️💉 #endodontics #black #trendy #thefrenchydentist

Harvard scientists👨🏼‍🔬conducted a study showing that people adopting this pose for 2 min feel, think, act like and become winners🏆When we adapt the body language of a winner…and the most interesting part is that the effect is not just a mind-trick, there is chemical evidence of the change.👩🏼‍🔬
It will positively charge your neuro-endrocrine levels. After the job interviews, scientists tested the saliva of the power posers and affirmed that just 120 seconds of powerful posture increases testosterone (dominance hormone) about 20%, while dropping Cortisol (stress hormone) about 25%.
Stand like a superhero, feel like a superhero, act like superhero 🙌🏻🔝#superhero #mindpower #sunrise #morningworkout #thefrenchydentist

Now that the vacations are done !🎿 I always feel a bit stressed by the idea of coming back to reality.. but once I start, my motivation is UP! 💥And I’m ready to face this new semester!🔥#allthewayup #nothingcanstopme #motivation #letsdothis #thefrenchydentist

Nothing better to recover from the exam session than a fresh breath 💨 Over the clouds ☁️ #thefrenchydentist #montain #view #freshair #clearmind

🙌🏻Exam session is OVER🙌🏻My spot for the next few days 💤 Thank you all for your kind messages and for your dose of daily motivation💥💪🏼#thefrenchydentist #endofexams #needsleep

💥 EXAM SESSION 💥Library is like a second home for me 📚 What about you guys ?! Where do you study to be productive?💪🏼 #thefrenchydentist #library #beastmode #student

Does any one feel like he needs 100000..hours of sleep ?! 💤 #thefrenchydentist #sleep #study #examsarecoming

📽✨My kind of day during exam session✨
What about you?! 💯 ⬇️COMMENT BELLOW⬇️ #thefrenchydentist #adayinthestudentlife #examsgotmelike

25th Birthday!✨ I am thankful for those amazing 25 years already, and can’t wait to see what life holds in store!🔝 You have been this year a source of inspiration and motivation so Thank you for all your support !
Let’s rock this 25th year🤘🏽#letsrock #25thbirthday #thankful 📸:@rockylbn @elkarnd

There is nothing more magical than decorated trees, lights, family and friends to brighten up your life🎄
No matter the amount of gifts I get this Christmas, your friendship is the greatest one of them all🔝❤️ @edwenestephan @michaeltohme #thefrenchydentist #christmas #friendshipgoals #christmastree

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