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Foxy Fix® Official  Design Your Own Foxy Notebook, Ring Binder, Perfect Fit Cover, Tote and other leather accessories. #foxyfix ✏️

Boss Babe Madison Ave is back! And we’re restocking it today at about 11:15 AM PDT 🙂 • Featured! A Boss Babe Madison Ave - No.2 Compact, Willow Font, Gold Foil, Black Stitch & Black Elastic • . .
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Hello! I want to give a big thank you to everyone that ordered the new Himalayan Salt! We have officially sold out! We are so excited to get these Foxys made for you. Your love for this color has blown us all away 💕. I truly couldn’t even comprehend selling out this fast and I didn’t believe it would happen. But many of you were right! In order to assure that our order intake is accurate and as we have met our threshold for taking in orders we will be removing the Himalayan Salt listings. Once all Himalayan Salt orders are made 🙂 we will potentially be able to list a very small amount after, I will not have any ETAS on this until every order has been made, mailed and received 💕. If you have sent us a email! Please know we are working hard to go through all emails. With yesterday’s sale we hit a spike in increased emails. Just a heads up our emails group together. So for example if you sent us one last night and another this morning our email system groups it from the last date and time that it was sent. But I do believe we will be caught up by the end of the day.
Thank you again for all your passion and support for Himalayan Salt! It was really fun to see the suggestions and trying hard to make this color happen! ☺️#foxyfixlove #Foxyfix #foxynotebook

Just a few more minutes until Spice Himalayan Salt Launches! Sale link for inserts and select accessories available in the story highlight ☺️. #foxyfix

Congratulations! 🎉 @plansonpennylane 🎉 you won! Giveaway closed 💕 Selecting Winner • Giveaway Time! We’re giving away 1 custom Urban Chic-Spice Himalayan Salt Tote. You will be able to design your own bag with stitch color, hardware option, emboss, zipper tape color and handle drop length.
To enter to win! Like and Repost this photo and #Foxyfix. Make sure you are following us at @thefoxyfix. Tag a friend below and good luck ☺️💕. Open internationally. Giveaway ends Saturday Evening. You may enter to win up to 2 times. Winner will be announced on this post (updated) 🎉. #foxyfixlove #foxyfixurbanchictote #foxynotebook #thefoxyfix #notebook #notebookgeek #notebookaddict #plannerbag #plannernerd #plannerlife #planninglove #plannergeek #plannerobsessed #planner #markettote #creativejournal #creativeplanning #creativewriting

Spur of the moment I’ve tried to capture some color comparison samples, top to bottom/left to right: Pink Peppercorn, Himalayan Salt, Cactus Flower, Pink Grapefruit, Cosmo, Rose, Mochi and Ballerina Slipper. Stitch example (swipe left), but I have to admit that the sun is quite bright here, either washing the colors out or casting harsh shadows so I may try again in the morning and delete this post. But per request 🙂 a few examples to help you gauge the colors as a preview before the listings go live at 4 PM PST tomorrow. I think the wheat and the grey stitch are beautiful with Himalayan Salt and are the closest match tone wise! White, light pink and cream are good neutrals and I’m Intrigued by the brown and black for contrast colors 😍. The lilac is pretty as well if you love all things pink and purple! Gold foil and the wheat would be a lovely match. What do you think?! #foxyfix #foxyfixlove #foxynotebook

🎉 Sold Out 💘😭🎉 Thank you!!!!🎉Hello! Happy Monday! I’m so excited to officially announce the new Spice Himalayan Salt 🎉. We will be releasing it tomorrow (Tuesday 15th at 4:00 PM PST). It will be available in Personal and Personal Wide Rings, Foxy Notebook sizes 0-8 in compact and wide fittings, wallet Inserts, Card Sleeve, Pencil Pouch, Notebook Jackets and our beloved Urban Chic Tote (which we will be giving one away shortly ☺️). Next up! Let’s talk Himalayan Salt color. It’s a very different pink from anything else we have. It truly reminds me of Himalayan Salt 🙂 or a pair of rose colored glasses and pink velvet inspired by the 70s. The leather is thin, soft and flexible with the right amount of structure. It takes on markings and character from daily use and will wear beautifully. Compared to other spice colors it mostly feels and wears like Thyme and Cinnamon. And has a beautiful Satin like finish.
Just a heads up! This is a limited color and once it sells out I can not guarantee that we will be able to bring it back. But we certainly will try. The Spice leather is still in general a collection that we simply receive less supply of but I hope that changes going forward 😌. Last but not least! This leather has been a really fun project to make happen! We saw the suggestions and even the cute name reference for the type of pink that was desired and I am really happy that with the suggestions, good timing and a dash of luck we were able to make Himalayan Salt a real Spice color this year🍾! Thank you everyone for your excitement and passion for Foxy Fix and we wish you a wonderful day. #foxyfix
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Hello! Today at 4:30 PST PM we will be releasing Lush Cosmic 💜. It will be available as a Foxy Notebook, Notebook Jacket, Pencil Pouch, Card Sleeve, Urban Chic Tote and FN Wallet Inserts.
No.5 and No.6 Dashboard Inserts have been restocked 💘. Last but not least! We are expecting Boss Babe Madison Ave to return mid May, I’ll keep you updated as it arrives 🖤. Wishing you a wonderful start to your week and a Happy Monday! .
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Hello! The new perfected Notebook Jackets are making their debut in the Lush Collection tomorrow May 1st, at 11:00 AM PST. To view the entire leather collection release schedule please visit the link in the “New!” Highlight or IG Stories. Spice Collection will be next (in all currently available colors). If I have left out any QandA’s in the release schedule please zip us a email or drop a comment on this post so I can be of help ☺️. Wishing you a wonderful Monday and start to the new week! #foxyfix #foxyfixlove #foxynotebook #journal #artjournal #bujo #hobonichi #stalogy365 #plannerlove #plannernerd #plannergeek #planneraccessories #creativejournal #creativeplanner

Happy Friday! First photo is a pink color comparison. Pink Peppercorn on the bottom and left to right Havasu Cactus Flower, Sugar Pink Grapefruit, Lush Cosmo, Botanical Rose, Sugar Mochi and Lush Ballerina Slipper. The second photo (swipe left) is a preview of the stitch sample for Pink Peppercorn 💕💜🌈. I think I’m loving the light pink or the light purple 🙂. .
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In time for all of Springs Blooms and Summer farmers market trips. Say hello to Spice - Pink Peppercorn 🌸. A dark hot pink with tones of fuchsia and a little magenta 💜. This beautiful new color is launching tomorrow Friday, 20th at 11:00 AM PST. Last but not least I want to give everyone a update on spice supply. When we first launched the spice collection it did so well that we started working on 2018 colors. The combination of quickly selling out of our current colors after we submitted to have new custom colors made was a big project for our tannery. Many are waiting on currently sold out spice colors and we are eagerly awaiting their arrival. It has been hard to establish a ETA as this is a new company we are working with and they are working hard to establish their structure to be able to keep up with already launched colors and all our dream colors to come! For now when new colors launch and previous colors restock we may simply have to consider them a limited supply until we get to make sure we can always have them readily available 😌. Thank you everyone for your continued support and patience! We are so excited for all the great things to come that have been requested and suggested! It’s going to be a great rest of the year 💕🌈🌸🌼💚💜. Sincerely, The Entire Foxy Fix Team! #foxyfix #foxyfixlove #foxynotebook #notebooklove #notebookgirl #plannerlove #plannernerd #bloom #creativeplanning #plannerbag

Spring is in the air and I’m crushing on all the foxy colors 🌈 🌸🌳🌼💚• Botanical Rose & Lush Shimmering Sea. #foxyfix #foxynotebook #foxyfixlove #spring #earthday

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