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Foxy Fix®  Hand-Crafted Customizable Leather Notebook Covers & Ring Binders. Made In Post Falls, ID USA

Repost from 2016 ☺️💗😁🙈🥰: “It's been a long journey and a short year and a half and so much has happened. I have to admit that it has been both exciting and hard. Fun and sometimes not so fun. I've learnt many things the hard way but we are young and eager to learn. I knew August would be the hardest month we ever experienced. Exactly one year ago Foxy Fix set out and made a cross country move to set up and live in a state that would be better for us and a place we could call home and make our own. We closed the shop for I think a solid month. It was truly a risk and a lot of hard work. So I find it interesting that in a way we are once again in a change/evolving process. It has taken every breath and fiber of our being to mainstream 9+ sizes and create two different fitting options, notebooks in all sizes and wallet/zip inserts in all sizes and 3 different designs and dashboards in every size. No smooth sail has ever made a skillful sailor. I am grateful today. Because in a short week or two we will have accomplished a very big goal. We apologize for the inconvenience but those who wait with patience and kind hearts will see we tried our best. Now let's see those notebooks and #plannerstack! #foxyfix #foxynotebook 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘”
February 15th 2019 will be our 4th birthday! While we did open our shop a few months prior we didn’t officially have a business until this date (so I’m rolling with 02/2015). Last year I didn’t celebrate our Foxy Fix birthday. I have to admit I’m not the best at celebrating dates. I never have been. And this is something I want to change. At work and in my personal life. Dates are important whether it’s a celebration or another significant date. I see it’s importance to acknowledge moments in life and history. To look back and reflect. And I don’t want time to roll by without those recognitions. I am still as grateful then as I am today. Never give up on your dreams! Never give up on what you love! Always strive for the better. For you and for all 🥰 and thank you for your continued support. #foxyfixcommunity #foxyfix #reflect #celebrate #foxyfixlove

🌝💗 Boss Babe Moonlit - Criss Cross Pockets • No. 2 (fits paper inserts 3.5” x 5.5”) and Pocket Ring Binder (fits inserts 3.25” x 5”) • featuring light pink stitch on both and E3 vintage pink elastic 🌸 .
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Hello! We are finished re-listing 168 Perfect Fit listings! 🎉💪💖And the Perfect Fit listings are live now . Make sure to refresh your pages and maybe even empty the cache. If drop down options are not generating please drop a comment so we can continue working through it. Also, generally fire fox isn't very compatible with our current website.
Perfect Fit covers are available in Boss Babe, Sugar, Botanical, Wildflower and Santa Fe Collections in select leather colors that are currently in-stock. Heads up! The mega weeks does not fit the weeks cover properly. The Perfect Fits will be available as leather supply lasts and up to the new website launch. After that we will need extra time to integrate our content and create listings for the perfect fits and they will be back by Spring 2019. We are working on making a fitting for weeks mega (stay tuned for updates). I do not have a launch date yet for the website but we are working hard on it and will announce as soon as possible. We will need to shut the store down for at least 3 days ahead and I do think all of this could be at least 2-3 weeks out. Which is pushing out the original estimated time. But it will be worth it 💖💖💖. Thank you again for all your support and request! We are so grateful for you! #foxyfix #foxyfixlove #foxyfixplanner #foxyfixcommunity #foxyfixperfectfit

Hello Friends!
We have received so many request to bring back the Perfect Fit covers. We have had some time to work through some of the glitches we have experienced on our website but it is not permanently fixed and the drop down menus may default. But Due to popular demand we will list them for a limited time. Once we launch the new website the Perfect Fit covers will not be available for some time again. And expect them back by Spring 2019. When we launch the new website we will need extra time to generate content and listings for the Perfect Fits and this is why they will be temporarily unavailable.

Today I got the opportunity to test the Mega Weeks in our current Weeks cover and I do not recommend that this current cover size truly works for the Mega Weeks. Check out the IG Story and you will be able to see how it pulls the front of the cover back. However! We will be adding a Mega Weeks fitting (Stay tuned for the next update). I won’t be able to re-list any other temporarily discontinued or discontinued item as I fear that the more we overload our website the more glitches it creates and I want to make sure that what we do have available will be a good experience for you 💖. We will need to close the shop this evening some time between 7:00 PM PT and 10:00 PM PT to re-list the Perfect Fit covers. Please do not hesitate to drop a comment and let us know if a listing option isn't working once they are back.

Thank you so much for your kindness and patience as we are between 2 chapters (so to speak). Thank you so much to everyone who sent us messages and emails. Our top goal for 2019 is to focus on providing a better experience for you but I know that these covers are missed and your requests are deeply valued at Foxy Fix! #foxyfix #foxyfixlove #foxyfixcommunity

🌸 Our smallest and biggest cover size comparison . Sugar Coconut Foxy Notebook - No.0 (fits 3”x4” paper inserts) and Botanical Poppy Ring Binder - A5 (fits inserts 5.8” x 8.3”) in the original design. 🌸#foxyfix
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Rosé Restock 6:00 PM PT Tonight 💗. Swipe left to see comparison photos. Please note that this batch of Rosé is very similar to the previous batch but to expect natural full grain variations as usual. From inspecting the hides the only little difference is that this lot may be a tad brighter and has a more textural grain (I tried to capture this in the main photo, can you see it?) 🙂. 💗 For any new friends that may be confused why we have 2 different leathers that are essentially the same color, let me explain. When we first sold out Himalayan Salt we weren’t sure if we would be able to get it back from our supplier so we ventured out and had another tannery make it. But! Then we ended up with both batches 💗. And despite them being so close in color enough people really liked one better then the other so we have kept them both ☺️💖💖💖. • Light Pink Stitch, E2 Light Pink Elastic and Rose Gold Foil •
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Happy Friday! 🌸I am so excited to let you know that our custom turnaround time has dropped. From 45 business days to 30 business days. If you have a current custom open order with us your order will also ship at the 30 business day mark or below. 🌸Today is the last day of the Lush Sale! 🌸Sugar Coconut is on our Uncertain Leather Supply List. What this could mean is that we are not receiving a consistent amount of a certain leather or any. Due to reasons outside of our control such as the tannery not having a certain supply and materials or it could also be because leather hides are not passing our quality check as they arrive to the studio. However we do have a small amount available for now. The hides are beautiful as ever and sugar Coconut has been restocked including the singles. 🌸Also! I am preparing to restock Rosé a little later this evening (6:00 PM PT). Our new batch has arrived and all is looking well. I will post some comparison photos of the previous Rosé batch and the current Himalayan Salt before the restock. 🌸 That’s it! That’s the good news for the day 🙂 Cheers! .
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🖤 After seeing a few Boss Babe Madison Ave’s popping up on #Foxyfix I had to make one for myself ☺️. Personal Wide Ring Binder, Black Stitch, Black Elastic and Blind (no foil) Emboss 🖤. If you want a leather with a little more firmness Boss Babe is where it’s at! .
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