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Desiree Fortin  Mom of Hope Triplets | Blogger | Jesus | We all have a story. 💌: desfortin@gmail.com

My Trio
And Xanax "I got this."-my daily mantra

Nearly every day this week I feel like I have gone to bed and woken up with an already empty bucket of patience, which kind of feels like a horrible way to start your day with three toddlers. I also haven't been sleeping great because my brain feels like it won't stop thinking. There are some things that I'm working through in my heart and there are also some incredibly exciting things happening that just have put my mind into whirlwind causing me to feel stressed and overwhelmed. I even got a cold sore. The lack of patience and exhaustion are the worst combination, and then add stress and I turn into a ticking time bomb. I think you could say this week I was an anxiety attack waiting to happen.
And it happened. Twice.
I haven't had an anxiety attack in 8 months and then all of the sudden I have 2 in one week. It feels frustrating.
These moments are hard. The moments where my body is suddenly heating up and my heart racing. The moments where panic begins to fuel my heart with fear. The moments where my husband is late for work because he can see the panic setting in. The moments where I know I need a xanax. The moments where my kids see me on the brink of losing it and the fear of what they think of me implodes my heart. Those are the hardest moments. It is amazing how much anxiety and fear can captivate your mind in those moments!! When I'm in the thick of an anxiety attack I have a very hard time seeing a brave, strong, great mom. And instead, I see weakness and disappointment.
Then after some time passes and my heart has calmed down the confident, continually growing me kicks into gear and I realize that the only way I'm going to do this mom job well, is with grace.
It is okay that I need to have xanax every now and then. It is okay that I need daily anxiety medication right now. It is okay to be open, honest, and vulnerable about this season. It is okay to focus a lot on self love and self care. "I got this" means waking up, knowing however the day turns out that you are a great Mom. It means choosing grace and self love. It means believing in yourself!

Delivery Day. My #tripletbump 👊🏻💕🙌🏻 Carrying 3 babies made me feel like such a strong bad ass pregnant chic😂!!! What a journey The Lord has made for me. I wanted to share this photo today because I am so excited and honored to announce that I am taking over @thebump for #familyfriday Come join me!!! #thebump

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I have one look: The Mom Bun. 😂🙈sometimes I will throw on a hat too!!

RIP Doing your hair! I don't even know why I still have a crinkler 😂 That wink I'm giving you is killer😂 #ripmomtruths
Raise Good Humans Tee: @themomculture
Orange slice yoga pants: @flexilexi_fitness

I have the 3 happiest (and sometimes feistiest) toddlers ever!! Sometimes I feel like they are growing so fast that I have to be incredibly intentional about soaking in the moments; Moments like this where they were eagerly awaiting a magic trick ❤️ (I told them I was going to make a toy come out of Charlize's ear😂) and I did #coolmom

I also can't let this moment pass without telling you how much we love @sweetnswag ❤️amazing shoes!! @sweetnswag Is going to be featured in British vogue this year and I think the triplets need to make their debut, as well!

Dear @sweetnswag my triplets should be featured in Vogue because it doesn't get much better than moments like this!! ❤️#sweetnswag #sweetnswagvogue

Is it summer yet?!?!! We are in love with @naisishhandmade pineapple swimsuits!! So cute!!! The triplets love these suits so much that they even take baths wearing them!! 😂

"You complain way too much. I'm surprised God granted you any little blessings." These are the words someone actually left for me to read on one of my #ripmomtruths photos.
Speechless? I was.
This is not the first time someone has used their words or even the power of cyber bullying to shame me as a Mother. I have seen it time and time again. I think I can attest for most Moms out there: we are just trying to be the best we can be for our children and raise good loving respectful human beings. Instead of judging one another or offering hateful unsupportive opinions, we need to be supporting, encouraging and lifting one another up. Otherwise, we are doing a disservice to each other and to our children, the next generation.
Mama's if you have been shamed, I am sorry. You are not deserving of those words. I know they were likely hurtful and painful to hear. I know that it might be hard, but in the words of Taylor Swift, "shake it off." Those words don't define you and there is no room in your heart for that kind of negativity.

This is what you need to know, Mama's. You are doing an incredible job. You are strong, beautiful, and brave. You are valued and loved. You are an absolutely an amazing Mom.
It doesn't matter whether you are a new mom or experienced mom; you are amazing. It doesn't matter whether you are sleep deprived or having a hard time enjoying this season of motherhood, you are still doing great Mama. This is just a season and you are the trenches with the rest of us. It doesn't matter whether you have time to exercize or not; or whether you eat organic apples or regular ones; you are doing the very best you can. It doesn't matter whether you do formula or breast, your baby is fed. Good job Mom. It doesn't matter if you complain or just lost it on your kids, you are good Mom trying hard to raise good humans. Have grace for yourself because hard days happen. It doesn't matter how you became a Mom, you're a Mom, and you're one of a kind. You are loved, valued, and celebrated. Be confident in who you are Mama's!! And don't let anyone tell you anything different!!
Raise good humans tee: @themomculture

I couldn't be more excited to introduce you to Vera Grace Renfrow. She is perfection. My twin sister gave birth to her second girl yesterday morning. Vera is beautiful and we are so thankful to God for a healthy baby and healthy mama!! I was absolutely honored to witness this miracle and photograph Vera's first moments of life 💕I cannot even wait for the triplets to meet her!! Cousin bonding just got a whole lot better ❤️-----SWIPE------

Happy Saint Patties from my favorite crew, plus one!!! #cousins

Happy Saturday!!Something exciting happened in our family today so we are behind on St Patties celebrations but in the mean time let me tell you how much We LOVE our @swoopbags 🙌🏻 They have been so helpful in organizing our toys!!! And each babe has their own to store their little treasures!!

Okay so the truth is I've never actually had a gym membership... ever 😂 BUT I used to run a lot before my babes came. Now that I am Mom, my work outs include three 30 pound toddlers and snack breaks!! Mom strong baby!! 😂
RIP Working out at the gym. #ripmomtruths

Loving the spring yellow @zozubaby bow that Charlize is wearing!!
Leggings: @loveandfitshop code: TRIO10 for 10%off
Sports bra: @flexilexi_fitness
Swimwear: @naisishhandmade

Happy Friday Vibes from my little monsters!! FRIYAYYYYY
Jumpers: @purllamb

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