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Kirsten Davies  @IamKirstenDavies 🍏Qualified Nutritionist, Speaker 🍎Founder of #TheFoodRemedy 🍑Feed your mind 🍐Nourish your body 🍋Fuel your soul

Really excited to be involved with @world_health_heroes The motivation conference is coming to #Cardiff on October 28th "be your own hero" and there are only 40 tickets to be sold! My talk we be my story on how food became my remedy and how I learnt to feed my mind, nourish my body and fuel my soul. So click over to there Instagram and bag yourself a ticket today! #HealthHero #Hero #confidence #Cardiff #Motivation #LoveYourself #thefoodremedy #FeedYouMind #NouirshYourBody #FuelYourSoul ❤️

When your mate comes over and says "Kirst im going to put my PJs on if that's ok" you know you've got a mate for life!! @tashalfrancis #Dinner #Friends #Food #thefoodremedy

Walking outside bare found to ground myself! I have been so anxious today. Due to all of the antics happening on my street lastnight and the fact I've had about 3 hours sleep. So I'm grounding myself and the fastest way for me to do that is walk barefoot outside! It's soggy and muddy but I already feel calmer and happy!! Should have done this in the morning!! #Grounding #nature #Biophilia

I am a very sweaty mess after completing a leg session of @kayla_itsines #bbgtransformation so I'm blended half a punnet of blueberries with a little splash of coconut water a few leaves of mint and two tablespoons of live natural yogurt. #Smoothie #blueberries #thefoodremedy #BBG #kaylasarmyuk #kaylasarmy #kaylaitsines

I have a whole stack of reasons why I can't do certain things, but really they are just excuses because either I'm scared of failing, scared of being successful as crazy at that sounds it's true, or in some cases just not ready yet to do the work.
Working out has never been something fun for me I'm not sure why but until this year I've always thought of it as another boring job on my to do list as exciting as the washing up! However this year everything has changed, I went out on Christmas Eve last year got drunk and accidentally signed up for four months of personal training sessions!! I woke up significantly hung over slightly poorer and with serious stress about actually going to the gym! However my trainer was amazing I actually for the first time (maybe ever) enjoyed running and even looked forward to working out. I'm not sure when the change happened but it was no longer a chore it was a pleasure. It's mad and if a girl like me could go from hating the gym to enjoying it you can do! I've learnt so much this year and having someone help not only encourage me but educate me on the correct way and the reasons behind it helped so much. So if you want to be fitter healthier and happier why not come along our next retreat, where @daflete will put you through your paces fitness wise and I will teach you all about how to make food your remedy! I think we can over think and have a list of excuses and reasons why we can't do something or we can just commit and do it and see the results!! The next retreat is on October the 20-22 and our aim is to #educate #inspire #empower you to be #fitter #healthier and #happier the link is in the bio for me info 🙌🏻 #Health #Fitness #girlsweekend #fun #food #move #thisgirlcan #girlgainz #chickswholift

#Breakfast no two! Greek yogurt, raspberries and some home made granola! #thefoodremedy #IvehadNoSleep

Wakey wakey rise and shine!! Well I've been up since 4am due to an incident in my street which meant I had to leave my house. Luckily my Dad lives in the next street so me and the puppy went to wake him up!! But I'm back home and tucking into this tasty avocado on toast. ❤️ #Breakfast #thefoodremedy #avocadotoast #health #earlyriser #latenight

I had the best time today @waitrose #waitrosesummerfestival @waitroseproductpr I can't believe it was there first festival! Next year is going to be epic!! The only thing it was missing was a live music stage if @ollymurs would have been there my life would have been complete!! It was in some ways similar to @jamieoliver the big food festival but obviously his festival is better because I opened the heathy living stage there and gave my #TheFoodRemedy talk! Maybe next year the Waitrose festival will have me - Hopefully my book will be ready then but who knows!! All my favourites were there @wholeearthfoods @saykallo @teapigs @beronia_uk @rudehealth @livias_kitchen #Thebestday

I'll be honest I'm feeling a bit bloody lucky tonight!! Just got home and my sister @kimberley3256 had bought me my favourite chocolates and then I collected my puppy from my mum @tranquilcyndy who had only gone and cooked me a roast beef dinner and made me gravy to take back to my home with me! And the wine is ofcourse @beronia_uk #Lucky #Loved #Happy #roastbeef #SundayFeeling ❤️❤️

Believe in the wild crazy dreams you have. #Belief #Mindset #Dreams #DreamBig 💗

Chicken, pea and asparagus risotto with rocket. What a day!! #Dinner 💚

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