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It is nice to have money, it shows good work ethic to have a degrees & titles. But it is all surface stuff to live with kindness, integrity, humility & generosity is deep. The latter fulfills our soul make sure you have your priorities right soul food or ego massaged! 💖

Sometimes the most delicious food is the simplest thing you can find! A garlic and chive dip with some peppers and tomatoes.
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A beetroot and courgette cake and coffee - because life is too short not to eat cake! @the_swigg #Cake #VegetableCake #coffee #TheSwigg #rainyday

Trust your feelings they are guiding you. The universe I believe, leads us to exactly where we are supposed to be if we just listen. The instinct that feels like fire in your belly — the gut feeling that tells you to do it or not to do it (whatever “it” may be) is a feeling we are supposed to trust.
Signs do not come in the form of big red flags, waving rapidly above people or places to warn you off. Neither do these signs come with a green light that tells you to go forward with something, or someone. But they come in the form of a feeling and a sense of contentment. Trust your feelings they are talking to you guiding you. The feeling of instinct is our individual message; sometimes things just feel right.
Some people will put these ''what if'' moments and the moments that physically transpire in front of you down to coincidence, but I don't believe in coincidences.
it's the ''what ifs'' that are part of who you are now. The ''what ifs'' are the untraveled roads you opted out of while the universe conspired to direct you to the path on which you were
In these tiny snapshots of choices and decision making, we begin to paint a bigger picture, which we may not even have envisioned ourselves.
What if you had told a lie when you chose to tell the truth? What if you took the easy way out? What if you didn't choose that major or what if you said no instead of saying yes?
What if you gave in to your tiredness that evening and declined an invitation that led you to meet one of the most important people in your life today? What if you didn't answer that call? What if you were just a few minutes late, or a few minutes early? The dictionary definition of a coincidence is a "chance or luck.'' I don't believe in coincidences because I don't believe that these positive and life-altering moments happen through chance or luck; it's a lot bigger than that.
They can sometimes leave you utterly bewildered and speechless. You spend a few minutes trying to figure it out, and sometimes, you won't learn for months or years why they happened, but eventually, the universe provides an answer.
Trust that everything that happens is happening for you not too you. 💗

This is sooooo good! I once lived of protein shakes for about 3 months I lost heaps of weight but I totally abused them I didn't use them as a supplement. Infact I barley ate at all, at the time it really fucked with my head because everywhere I went people told me how great I was looking they had no idea how miserable I felt and how much of my life was being restricted! So for about a decade now I've really stayed clear of protein supplements. However when @jennamacxx sent me these I couldn't believe it! They don't have that stinky smell that so many powders do and it taste delicious!! It's low carb high protein so I actually mixed mine with almond milk so I had a better mix of ratios for my particular needs for today, after my workout. You may or may not need to do this it is very much based on everything else you consume and your specific goals! Today I don't believe there are anything wrong with protein powders as long as they are used correctly. They are a supplement not replacement! We need adequate protein as your body uses it to build and repair tissue. You need it to make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals. It is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. Also your hair and nails are made from protein. #protein @forfitssakeltd #supplements #tasty #workout #afterworkout #shakes

Switch your mentality from “I can't do it” to “anything I put my mind to is possible” and watch how fast your life changes for the better. I love this @iamcarriegreen "I can and I will watch me"

Death isn’t such a rare event, people die everyday. However it's something we never expect, rarely see, and assume wont occur today to those we love.
At work today sadly I witnessed the death of an elderly lady. I was near her when she crossed the invisible line that separates the finite and the infinite, the physical and the metaphysical.
I didn't know this lady, I had never met her and yet witnessing her lose her life shocked me to the core. It's not the first time Ive witnessed a life end I watched my grandmother take her last breath and it was emotional and heartbreaking yet simultaneously there was something very peaceful about it.
This lady today didn't have the same dignity as my grandmother, laying on the cold floor her top off whilst paramedics tried to revive her... and the world kept on around as normal around her people kept shopping, laughing joking and I was expected to keep working and it just seemed so strange, so disrespectful to the lady that was losing her life meters away. It's both a blessing and a cure to feel things deeply, but there’s two sides to every coin, so with this ‘curse’ of feelings comes clarity. It's fact that everyone will die one day but who among us truly lives every day?

Cherry happy right now!!
#Cherries are my absolute favourite fruit! Anyone who knows me knows I can easily polish of a bowl of them in no time at all. However there is much more to cherries than their bright colour and their delicious taste, they are packed with antioxidants that could offer therapeutic benefits to your health.
There are two main varieties of cherries sweet and tart (also known as sour cherries). Sweet cherries, are best eaten fresh (and raw), while sour cherries develop a fuller flavour when they’re used in cooking and are often used for baking for this reason. Tart cherries are also used to make juice concentrates that research has shown offers some unique health benefits.
Tart cherries have anti-inflammatory properties and could help lower your risk of gout attacks and may reduce pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis. Drinking tart cherry juice has also been shown to reduce post-exercise pain and inflammation in athletes and distance runners.
A good night’s #sleep
Sour cherries are one of the few foods that contain significant amounts of natural #melatonin, which plays a vital role in sleep-wake cycle and bodily regeneration. Studies show that a glass of cherry juice before bed could help promote a sound sleep.
@cherryactive do a delicious cherry drink!
Belly Fat
Researchers found that tart cherries have significant weight management benefits for animals, including reduced belly fat. In one the study, rats that received whole tart cherry powder mixed into a high-fat diet didn't gain as much weight or build up as much body fat as rats that didn't receive cherries. They also had lower levels of inflammation and #triglycerides, suggested a potential role in #heart health.
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I Absolutely love smashed avocado on sourdough I mixed in spring onions, and cherry tomatoes.
Did you know that 77% of the calories in avocados are from fat, making it one of the fattiest plant foods.
However they don’t just contain any fat… the majority of the fat in avocado is oleic acid.
This is a monounsaturated fatty acid that is also the major component in olive oil and believed to be responsible for some of its beneficial effects.
Oleic acid has been linked to reduced inflammation and been shown to have beneficial effects on genes linked to cancer. #TheFoodRemedy #FoodIsMedicine #foodisfuel #foodgram #foodstagram #avocado #avocadotoast #nutritionist #nutrition

This sea bream is so delicious! White fish is high in protein but low in calories, which makes a satisfying meal that will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Sea Bream has a higher fat content than other white fish and can be considered a valuable source of omega 3 fats. These fats have many health benefits: helping to lower blood pressure, promoting heart health, reducing inflammation, and helping to reduce mental health problems. As it contains more fat, it also contains more of vitamins E and D. The sea bream @the_swigg is served with samphire which is brimming with nutrients! It contains almost no fat, but is packed with essential minerals, including magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium. It also contains a healthy amount of dietary fiber and vitamin A, B vitamins and vitamin C. Furthermore, samphire contains unique compounds called fucoidans, which are often found in sea vegetables, which can have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. When teamed with sea bream the, samphire is both delicious and nutritious addition to your diet. #Health #Dinner #Fish #WeigtLoss #FatLoss #Healthy #FoodPic #foodlover #foodporn #TheFoodRemedy #Nutritionist #delicious #tasty #tastyfood #tastyeats #nutrition #Diets #Dieting

@jimbeamofficial today's kitchen!!

The Art of Allowing. It is about letting go of your inner resistance it's a delicate balance of enough action but also not forcing.
You know if you're forcing or pushing by checking in with what you feel. When you are feeling positive emotions, you are moving downstream you are in flow. When you relax and allow yourself to go with that flow, I think everything that you want will begin to show up in your experiences with ease and synchronicity.
If you throw a stick into a river it always flows down steam that's like you when you relax and “go with the flow”, you move downstream. When you follow your inspiration and think positive thoughts, you feel good and trust in yourself I think this is really what The Art of Allowing is all about.
I think so many of us have been taught that we have to "struggle" and work "hard" if we want to achieve our dreams. But I think when you struggle or dwell on negative thoughts, you can easily be consumed with negative emotions and that's when you start to struggle and it's like your trying to fight the natural flow of energy.
When you force or fight or struggle you are resisting or not trusting and sometimes you just need to release the resistance within yourself. (Easier said than done sometimes, I get it!) However everything that's meant for you is downstream, and nothing that is meant for you is upstream. And checking in with these feelings is how you know if your in flow or forcing. The Art of Allowing is a delicate balance of let go of forcing but this gets easier when you realise everything meant for you is downstream there is no struggle involved because it's all in flow. So let it go. Give up expectations and trust that's what meant to be will be. “Everything you want is Downstream, and nothing that you want is Upstream.”
– Abraham-Hicks
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