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Trevor James  Food and travel addict! I make weekly street food videos! Check it out! ✉️Management: Josh@JZManagement.com


One of my favourite sweets in India! The gulab jamun! These sweet fried dough balls soaked in rose syrup are so soft and melt in your mouth just like heaven! What is your favourite Indian sweet? #gulabjamun #streetfood #india #indianfood

NEW VID is UP!! Link in my bio! Come enjoy 6 amazing foods in Kolkata with us, including a HUGE thali platter feast, some amazing Bengali food, some beef kebabs, and more. I hope you’re enjoying our Kolkata street food series, there is a lifetime worth of food to explore in India! Please let me know what you think about the video! I hope you’re doing well and eating well! #kolkata #india #streetfood

There’s a magical feeling on the streets of Kolkata. Right when you arrive, you notice the bright colors. The huge variety of foods being sold on the street and how the scenes change every hour from morning until late at night. If it’s your first time, as it was mine, you get so excited to hit the street and adventure and go Foodrangin’. That feeling where everywhere you look is something new and exciting, and a new flavour or street scene is presented to you, is what got me addicted to traveling in the first place, and what keeps me wanting to keep exploring. The awkward yet positive and uplifting interactions when there is a language barrier, the friendly people, and tasting new things for the first time, it’s all so addicting and enjoyable. Do you get that same feeling when you travel? #kolkata #india #travel

New vid is UP! We found true curry heaven in Kolkata! You're going to love the selection of street foods in part 2/5 of our Kolkata street food series! Link in bio, go watch it now! #kolkata #kolkatafoodie #curryheaven #indianfood #streetfood

A little behind the scenes shot from our upcoming Varanasi street food tour with Anubhav from @delhifoodwalks . Anubhav and I had an awesome time exploring Lucknow and Varanasi together, eating a ton of food, like this saffron flavoured buffalo milk! #varanasi #india #streetfood #indianfood

Hangin out with Anubhav Sapra from @delhifoodwalks today in Varanasi! We're going for a huge vegetarian food tour, starting out with a morning boat ride on the Ganges!

We found true vegetarian heaven in Amritsar the other day, at Kesar De Dhaba! Shown here is a full thali spread of vegetarian delight with two stuffed parathas fresh out of the tandoor! The bright one was my favourite, a creamy and slightly spicy paneer curry, when poured over your bread is absolutely delicious! #amritsar #india #amritsarfoodie #vegetarian

We are hanging out with my friend Anubhav Sapra who runs @delhifoodwalks and is taking us on a full street food tour of Lucknow! We found this incredible Chaat snack made of so many ingredients and flavors. It's a big potato basket stuffed full of yoghurt and fried peas and chickpeas and nice crispies and pomegranate along with cilantro and tons of masala as well. It's such a sweet and spice packed chat right here on the streets of Lucknow!

New vid is up! Check it out now! Link in my profile! we had 6 amazing street foods in part 1 of our Kolkata street food series, you're gonna love them! Go watch the video now! I hope you're doing well and eating well! #kolkata #kolkatafoodie #indianstreetfood #chai

Loving the food and having a lot of fun exploring the back streets for Punjabi food with Ting in Amritsar! We both bought these awesome and comfortable Punjabi clothes for the Golden Temple experience and decided to wear them for our street food tour too! We have a ton of footage from India and will be posting our first video on Saturday! #india #indianfood #amritsar #foodrangin #thefoodranger

We've had an amazing week in Kolkata and are now heading to Amritsar in Punjab!If you have any recommended places please leave a comment here, that will be a huge help for us as we go Foodrangin! We can't wait to eat Punjabi street food! I hope you're doing well and eating well! Here is a photo of one of the first street foods we tried in Kolkata, a chickpea and potato curry with paneer and also some beautiful kachori, at ATS arun tea stall! #kolkatafoodie #kolkata #streetfood #kolkatastreetfood

So nice to meet you Kolkata, thanks so much for coming out everybody! We had a lot of fun meeting everyone at our subscriber meetup! We are going to have to do this more! So nice to get to hang out with you! #kolkata #india

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