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The Foodie Whisperer  Try Everything, but don't touch the food 'til after the picture

One for you...the rest are mine. No, I’m serious. 😆😎 #ilovepoke #onoyum @neens_marketing

This one time, I gazed across a field of #paella. It was #epic.

Oh, wait. Let me make that delectable albacore like 10 times better by spooning a little of this magic dressing over it. #madgenius @thedavinwaite @wrenchandrodent

If colors were flavor, this is what the perfect dish would taste like. #clams #ceviche @willywonkuh @thedavinwaite

When food looks like the animal it was harvested from, it reminds us to take an extra moment, maybe even two, to #appreciate it. #reverence #octopus @patrickponsaty

It started as a wine thing and turned into a #paella and #friends thing. The paella you can find @sandiegopaellafest. Friends and wine #optional @chefflorfranco @javierplascencia @chefclaudiasandoval

If your only problem with eating a gigantic stuffed oyster is how to get the perfect bite, you don’t really have a problem. #challengeaccepted

Don’t let the simplicity of the plating fool you. This #taco was anything but simple. #bluecorn #tortilla

The guys at the next table were #dubious when we told them the shells were the best part of the garlic shrimp. Then, they tried them and were #eternallygrateful @lotusofsiam

I like to practice the three bite rule. One bite for #pleasure and then two more ‘cause one’s never enough. #sushi

Some cultures believe a picture steals a part of your #soul. I believe #capture is a much better definition. #soulfood #sashimi #sushi @wrenchandrodent @thedavinwaite

Peeling back the surface to reveal the treasure within is always the first step to full understanding. #crab

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