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Hello HUMANS! When I say HUMANS in capital, I mean it because I love HUMANS!💕(although, I hate other doggies😏😒).This picture of me was taken on day 2 after I got adopted 🌹I must say, one of the happiest days of my life. My mom @surakshabhandary found me when I was trying to escape the car wheels on the streets, trying to run away from this strange world. She picked me up when I ran and sat in a corner. I was frightened, covered with dirt, dust and ticks. My mom carried me home, and gave me food and a good warm bath. (Also, I don’t like baths bro🤢). I love running on the beaches and gardens! I’m super excited what my new life has in store for me and yes my mom is annoying because she keeps squishing me😒 can anyone tell her not to do that?😏 although, I love it sometimes👻. Oh and yes, can anyone please adopt my 4 other siblings as well?😔 They are cute just like me🤪. Contact my mommy if want to adopt my siblings. 🌸 @surakshabhandary

So we tried Pizza from Mojo Pizza a couple of days ago. They promise to serve pizzas larger than others and man was that true. The Mediterranean Chicken Pizza was loaded with some herbed chicken and loaaaaaaaaaaaddddssssssssssssss of cheese. Not sure size wise but cheese wise they’re definitely winning! @mojopizza #pizza #fastfood #pizzas #bread

Though I really don’t believe in the concept of “Days”, I’ve increasingly felt the need to give out this message to women and men around me. Supporting gender equality let’s keep this message gender neutral!
What distinguishes a human from your next door dog is the ability to think, to act after thinking and to speak (and sometimes to speak after thinking)
This day today, let us vow to be better humans.
Nobody is defined by their looks, the clothes they wear and or the amount of hair they have. Humans are remembered by the laughter they spread, the memories they shared, the goodness of their heart (or the lack of it)! So today, strive to be a better human - it’ll automatically make us better men and women! And then maybe, there’ll be real reason to celebrate.
In the meanwhile, go enjoy @madoverdonuts anyway! #women #womensday #womenempowerment #womenday

Head to @bombaybarbeque for their scrumptious buffet priced at INR 900. It’s a complete treat filled with loads of great starters, live counters, main course, dessert and ice creams with brilliant service. #gohog #hog #foodporn #food #food#foodblogger #blogger #blog #eat #instagood #instafood #instadaily #mumbai #foodlover #foodstagram #foodpics #zomato #mumbaifood #foodphoto #igers #indianfoodie #lbb #buffet

Coconut Icecream - served in coconut shells. Yet another Balinese specialty. Most of the flavours were pretty standard except their specialty - Durian icecream. A lot like the Indian Jackfruit in taste and appearance. Enjoy it a lot. #dessert #icecream #sweet #cold #travel #travelblogger #travelphotography #travellers #traveler

Apologies for the long absence from posting. Marriage seems to keep people busy 😛
While we were vacationing in Bali happened to come across a treasure of various kinds of coffees! Seen here are the Vanilla Coffee, Ginseng Coffee, coconut coffee and their most famous - Kopi Luwak. Kopi Luwak is derived from the droppings of mongooses and other animals. Rather unappetising but I had to try it, must say it really is an acquired taste. I’m pretty fond of bitter coffee but this was rather uneasy on my palate.
On the other hand really loved the vanilla and coconut coffees and bought some back to India as well. Stay tuned for some more scoop on Bali #travel #travelblogger #travelling #traveller #travels

Dinner Scenes @gabahbali - the duck was amazingly delicious, crisp skin with moist well cooked duck meat. Served with some traditional spicy sambal and rice! Just brilliant.

The Chicken Pesto Sandwich at @theriversiderose - this combination is easily susceptible to dryness due to its ingredients - Chicken, pesto and bread all having the tendency to loose moisture. However, this dish was a pleasant surprise here as it was moist and the bread did not overpower the pesto and chicken. They stood out subtly in their own might.

Coz food is also Bae! 😁❤️ Seen here are the Daalghost Tacos @farzicafe. Daalghost is a preparation which is a mixture of a couple of pulses or dals along with some mutton. This Farzified version of it has loads of thick daal mixed with shreds of succulent mutton - what a way to serve the traditional delicacy ❤️❤️❤️

Muzaffir - a traditional Lucknowi dessert that we tried @copperchimney_in. Muzzafir is a preparation made of rice or vermicelli along with condensed milk and some saffron. This dish was prepared beautifully and is a must try! #desserts #sweettooth #sweet #sweets #tradition #traditional #mithai

I feel we very often underestimate the beauty of plain rice. This versatile carbohydrate blends with practically every kind of meat - fish, prawn, mutton, chicken in any form and adds fullness to the meal. It’s like one of those individuals who everyone loves Coz it’s just so easy to hang out with them. At least for me no meal is complete without this carbohydrate. Comment and let me know what you guys think!
Pic Credits - Google!

An all new Cafe by the sea - @theriversiderose which specialises in Italian Fare. The lasagna was an unveiling of a layer by layer of burst of tastes - the creamy cheese, the tangy sauce and the taut pasta was a delectable combination.

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