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SHARE CULTURE #themarianasopen Made from the carvings from large clamshell,The Sinahi has become a large symbol for the Chamorro Culture. Symbolized after the crescent moon, this symbol of our ancestral intimacy with the elements, was worn not just as ornaments,but often, also as sinker tools for net fishing. Its an honor for Guam to host this level of the gentle art of jiujitsu. We Contenders for the championship title of Guam's pinnacle Jiujitsu event, connecting with Chamorro Roots #shareculture#sharejiujitsu#hafaadai

Meet @wujitsu,of @purebredbjjguam multiple Marianas Open and Asian Open Champion, and Hospitaltu Strikeforce at The Fokai Shop, competing first time on Guam as ablackbelt " Iam humbled and honored to represent for the island. it's aan amazing feeling to compete against some of the worlds best jiujitsu athletes"


Meet @chambolobjj. Of @purebredbjjguam Junior World Champion, multiple time Marianas Open,Copa de Marianas,Pan.Asian, and Asian Open Champion. This is his first time competing on Guam as a jiijitsu blackbelt and he will be facing Tarsis Humphreys for his firat match in Sunday's Marianas Open "As amazed and excited we are with open arms having the world best being here. There's this sense of pride and honor I have to defend my island. As big as they are in the world, Sunday is war and a beautiful day to die fighting representing the People of Guam"


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TEAM GUAM 🇬🇺 || Black belts competing at the MARIANAS OPEN || Defend GUAHAN ---> 04.30.17 || #watchlive on @flograppling 🔥#MarianasOpen2017 #JiuJitsuInParadise #flograppling @jpguerrero22 @chamurai76 @chambolobjj @wujitsu @norestfothewicked
#homegrown #teamguam🇬🇺




Fineghayan on a voyage through time en roite from Guam to Saipan Video courtesy of Sandra Okada and T.A.S.A.

F is for Fineghayan: THE ARRIVAL into Saipan

F is for Fineghayan: EN ROUTE

F is for Fineghayan: UNDERWAY On April 15th T.A.S.A.'s Fineghayan set sail as the first Guam based Sakman to sail to Saipan in over 300 Years. #riooted #sinceeversince #justaddwater

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