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Guam will take its first step into the World Junior Surfing World Championships starting tomorrow.Lets go @irie_fitzgerald !!

STOKED: Victor Dela Cruz Jr. has been Dawn Patrolling the surf religiously hardly ever missing a day for more than the last 25 years. Arriving at the parking lot as early as 230 am, and leaving the surf even before the sun comes up. For years 90percentvof Even though hes been surfing much longer than The majority of Guams surfing population--most of them didnt know he even surfed because hardly any one had ever dawn patrolled it early enough to surf with him.

Today he turns 47!


After Jungle Rules 1 and 2 in 2001 and 2002 we venturer back into the fight promotional game From 2004-2007 with Fury Full Contact Fighting and Fury Fighting Islands. There was no social media at that time and with veryvlinited resources, we could only afford minimal radio,tv, and newspaper ads. We believed strongly in whatvwe were doing and we needed to get the attention and turn eyes towards our vision. As firm believers in guerilla marketing, we sought to do what others hadnt done before. From the mountains of Japan, we sought the help of ninjas to battle (conpletely legally) at the busiest ibtersections diring peak traffic hours. These are two of the very limited photos where the ninjas actually appeared on film. #fightingislanders

BJJ UNITED: #itsafamilything

15Years of Good Rolls and Great Vibes--Congratulations to @bjj_united for a decade and a half of building character and saving lives in sharing jiujitsu.


The Crank Effect

Follow @frankthecrank on his long road to the top among The worlds best in the toughest sport on earth

Video by @sarah.filush.camacho

Tim Pablo, Baret Submissions Blackbelt, and Founder of Apex Jiujitsu.


Fokai Japan Exclusive: Stand Up Paddling has been life enhancing for people all over the world.Flat-water,River,Or wave-riding, its been an excellent key not only for physical fitness and soul-alignment. @fokai_japan giving a toast to the world of walking on water.

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