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In 2017, In order to help elevate Guam's slinging persona, we worked with other sponsors to hold weekly sling competitions soon after competing in our first i ternational sling tournament.
The ambition had expanded from cultivating Guam slinging to also cultivate a positive camraderie between all Human beings, Pacific Islanders, Micronesians.

Peter Lucio had been a regular participant and had helped bring Chuuk to our growing family of stone-slinging.

He wanted to make a positive difference for his people. And had done so sharing culture with many of his friends at the TaoTao Tasi dinner show.
Growing up at the famous Heimlani Apartments, he wanted to improve and upgrade his family's surrounding envoironment with cultural amd skillful social activities.

His memory will live on with #slingstonesandstories.

We always appreciated your support and participation Pete and were all happy to have seen you ring the bell--your name is set in stone.

Rest in Peace.

@frankthecrank and @srobertobjj taking notes for new projects from the Grasshopper Lounge Guam.


Traditions Affirming oir Seafaring Amcestry.

Big respect for TASA amd all the other contributing organizations out there that are wotking hard to reinvigorate traditional sailing and out raditional vessels.

With more than 4000 years of history. The people of the Mariana Islands were incredible craftsman and seafarers.
Despite the unstoppable rrality of modernization Great to see the voices and teachings of our ancestors continues to resonate among us.

May our mistakes today provide solutions for those that might choose to follow.


For Life:
Infiltrashonmu: @toneanderson and @jacksousabjj talking life ,good times, and about his long-planned first-time arrival to Guam after @marianasopen




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