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The Foggy Foodie  Sometimes I try to eat healthfully, other times I don't give a damn. Always eating well.📍SF ©thefoggyfoodie ➡️http://www.nomzplz.com/thefoggyfoodie


Do you say yes to coffee? I will most definitely say yes, especially on a day like this when the San Francisco cold just gets in my bones. #ritualcoffee

Egg porn for your morn! Perfectly soft boiled egg from my ramen at @orenchibeyond yesterday. I always order an extra (see it floating in the soup?!) and this time I also added spinach. Yum. What do you order extra in your ramen?

Finally made it to @dragonbeaux and for the most part it was wonderful. These multi flavored 5 guy xlb dumplings were super pretty but probably my least favorite part of the meal. Next time I’d just get the regular ones. Scroll to see the amazing sirloin and asparagus dish and the bomb lightly pickled cucumbers with sesame sauce. So good! Would definitely go back. #dragonbeaux

Good morning, loves. Hope you day is as dreamy as this cup and saucer. #mintlover

Do you like picked veggies?? This Roasted Cauliflower Bahn Mi Salad has been on my mind since I first tried in last month. Just scurried back for a return visit and so glad I did. YUM! The picked veggies make me happy!
🥗 🥗 🥗
Roasted cauliflower, cucumber, pickled carrots & diakon with spicy mayo and dressed mixed greens.

Not only is this butternut squash soup a work of art it also tastes like a million bucks! Slightly curried and top with feta, herbs, and pomegranate seeds. Perfect for a cold winter’s day. What are you lunching on??

Hello pretty! Huevos Rancheros are my weakness and the ones at @chowrestaurants never disappoint. There is sour cream hiding on the other side of those scrumptious chunks of ripe avocado. What more could you ask for? 🍳 🥑 🍅

Rainy day savior: fresh, hot oatmeal with raisins, walnuts and cinnamon next to an americano. It took a while for the oatmeal to come out (they make it to order) but it was well worth the wait. Best oatmeal I’ve had in eons! 💯

When you’re trying to cut down on your bread consumption but @homesf is around the corner and crazy tasty... 🙄😬😋🙃

Are you a creature of habit like I am? I seem to always order the same thing every time I’m at @projectjuice : the Epic Greens and it never disappoints. Why change a good thing? ;) #taurus #creatureofhabit 🌱🍌 🌱🍌🌱 🍌 🌱
Epic Greens: almond mylk, almond butter, banana, spinach, protein powder and vanilla. Mmmmm.

I cooked up some yummies last night. I winged a tzaziki dip (cucumber, Greek yogurt, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, dill and salt). The next pic is golden beets with mandarin oranges, feta, olive oil, salt, and EVOO. Both were super tasty. Yay!

I gotta work on my food styling skills at home. Any pointers? After lots of heavy holiday foods I put this yummy salad together for dinner last night: #butterlettuce, #arugula, #tuna, #avocado, #heirloomtomato, #redpepper, #Japanesecucumbers, #snappeas, #radishes, and sheep’s milk #feta. I served it with a #chimichurri style vinaigrette (EVOO, red wine vinegar, parsley, garlic clove, salt and lemon juice to keep the beautiful green color).

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