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The Fluffy Group  2 NYC rescued cage-free bunnies + Arnie 🐰over the 🌈 Bunny care tips. Adopt from rescues. Bonding info on our Facebook Page. Photos/videos copyrighted.

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As you all know, we should never look directly into the sun because it can damage our retinas and can cause blindness. Usually, none of us would stare into the sun but today's total solar eclipse might make us forget that in our desire to see it. Make sure that you and your pet are protected. If you want to watch the eclipse directly, always use the specially designed glasses (see picture of Grizi). Keep your pets safe indoor to protect them ❀️

Some Maple time for me, too ❀️
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Maple occasionally solidifies into a bunny but most of the time is just a fluffy squishy that bites our toes ☺️

My loyal audience ❀️ ------
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Dadbun trying to both play with Maple AND keep all his fingers. -------
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Grizi's toupee :)

Thank you, darling friends for your words of encouragement. I have read through each comment with gratitude for your support and for your endless love for our Arnie. He was adored by so many and albeit not physically with us anymore, he will continue to live through his sweet photos and our memories.
The girls have been acting like my nurses and helping me heal. Maple thumps loudly when I cry and then comes next to me for cuddles. Grizi has been spending much more time with me, snuggling and giving me kisses, which is unusual for her. She's even been hopping on our bed at night to make sure I'm ok. I believe that even if they don't know exactly what's going on with me, on some level they know that I'm sad, so they are doing their best to help me in their own sweet rabbity ways. ❀️ #thankful #friends #bunnies

Dear friends,
It is with a very heavy heart that I must share with you that our beloved Arnie has left us today and crossed the rainbow bridge.
He put up a great fight for the past 5 months but it all became too much for his little body in the last 2 days. He deteriorated rapidly and irreversibly, and there was nothing that anyone could do for him. Please know that we have done everything humanly possible to help him, consulted multiple vets, cared for him 24/7 and of course ADORED him throughout it all - but it was just his time to go.
We are heartbroken. Words fail me to explain the pain we feel. However, we will try to pick ourselves up and go on, focusing on the life of our little Arnie, not on his demise.
Thank you all for your support in the past 5 months and for any words of encouragement you might want to leave us.

Charlie's Angels πŸ˜‚ (This is an old photo but I love it)

My little froggy 🐸 #frog

When your sister loves you so much that she licks your eyeballs πŸ˜›πŸ‘

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