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The Fluffy Group  2 NYC rescued cage-free bunnies + Arnie 🐰over the 🌈 Bunny care tips. Adopt from rescues. Bonding info on our Facebook Page. Photos/videos copyrighted.


I miss my nugget ❤️ No one knew better how to relax than Arnie 💕

When people say “I can’t believe bunnies bite” and I’m like 🙄 #sharkattack #bunny #bunnies #houserabbits #instagram #thedodo #bunstagram #rabbitgram #rabbitsofig

Whatcha doin’ there, hoomin?

If I were to describe myself with emojis today, I’d use 😐 If I were to describe Grizi, I’d use: 😧😦😯😐🙄☹️🤨😟 If you can’t describe your bunny’s character, you’re probably not spending enough time with your bunny. #houserabbit #bunny #rabbitgram #petstagram #cuteness #kawaii #adorable #funnybunny #cutebunny #bunnygram #rabbitsofig

What do you mean by “there are no bananas”? I am not familiar with this phrase.

How many bunnies do you see?

I miss my angel ❤️

When you find a random kind-hearted person feeding the pigeons, and they give you a few almonds to share the joy and suddenly the crazy squirrel comes running from the top of a tree 😂😂😂


Here’s our bunny closet. Here we store their hay (to buy the same click on link in bio), food (Sherwood pet health adult rabbit food that you can buy from @Amazon), litter (Yesterday’s News unscented paper litter again available from @Amazon), bunny-specific blankets & towels (by that I mean already chewed and destroyed, so not presentable to people any more), carrier with an emergency kit inside (we also have another set in the bedroom in case of fire, earthquake, etc.), toys, grooming tools, medications, bowls, accessories. 🤷‍♀️

Maple plans to run the marathon and has been practicing tirelessly. Good job, Maple. .
#bunnies #houserabbit #bunstagram #rabbitgram #runningthemarathon #marathon #running #rabbitgram #rabbitsofinstagram

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