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Michelle  Lover of Jesus, wife, mom, and morning show co-host on 91.3 "The FIX" a 100, 000 watt Christian radio Station in Florence, Alabama. Happy Happy Joy!!!

Great info from Jennifer George Pickett, who is a dietician.

I hate to tell ya, BUT.....unless you grow and raise your own food, filter your own water, have never taken meds or antibiotics, live in an area of zero pollution, eat 100% clean 24/7, use natural products to wash and moisturize yourself and completely stay away from artificial ingredients, YOU NEED assistance on cleansing and strengthening your gut health. You also cannot get essential nutrients in your diet alone.

Chromium isn’t produced by the body. Neither is Omega 3....but both are essential and both are key ingredients in Plexus products. Many of us are also deficient in certain vitamins such as Magnesium. Plexus can help you there too. What makes these products different is that it isn’t a weight loss product or a workout supplement. It’s a health and wellness supplement line that contains natural products with essential nutrients, necessary probiotics and enzymes to reach optimal health. If you are a fit person, there is no reason you shouldn’t look into trying Plexus for 60 days (money back guarantee) and if you are over weight, the results of a cleansed and balanced body is FAT LOSS - not weight loss of necessary muscle or water weight, but strictly FAT LOSS. Best of all, Plexus is a simple routine that helps regulate your system from the inside - out.💖

Happy Valentine's Day!
Today I want to share something that will help your heart! ❤️❤️❤️
I love my #PlexusMegaX! It helps my cardiovascular health and brain health. And I sleep like a rock!! This is what #MegaX helps: ❤️Lowers triglyceride levels
❤️Supports healthy lipid Levels
❤️Supports normal cholesterol and blood pressure levels ❤️Promotes cardiovascular health ❤️Helps manage stress
❤️Aids in relaxation
❤️Helps with a good night's sleep
💥BONUS - No fishy burps! and no mercury!! :) This is the ONLY Omega supplement to have 3, 6, 5, 9 and 7 in it. ALL OF THEM. #MegaX is completely plant-based from the Ahiflower! Plus, they are smaller softgels than other brands, so they are easier to swallow! 😃 <3

Fads and trends come and go, life changing products never go out of style!
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Too many things to list....but so thankful!!! God is so good!!! 💕

📌If your BLOOD SUGAR is stable...
✨Your energy could soar. ✨Your hormones might stabilize. ✨Your mood could improve, and
✨Your sleep may become more restful. 📌If you reduce body INFLAMMATION ...
✨Your pain could go away,
✨Your body might be less stressed, and
✨ Your body may be better armed to prevent illness. 📌If your GUT is healthy...
✨Your Immune System could get strong, ✨You might feel less anxious or sad, ✨Your brain fog may disappear, and ✨Your skin might glow #notafairytale #plexusslim #guthealth #plantbasedproducts #icanhelp

Get ready for the weekend with Plexus Slim! 💕 #pinkdrink #superbowlweekend #feelgood

#PlexusSlim helps with regulating blood sugars as well as cholesterol and lipids. #PlexusBlock helps block up to 48% of those sugars and carbs you consume and #PlexusEdge helps with mind clarity, mood and energy. 100% VEGETARIAN GLUTEN AND GMO FREE all natural with a 60-day money back guarantee. What do you choose for your health?

It's THAT time of year again! Who says you can't have your cookie, and eat it too?! #Block does what its name suggests! It's clinically proven to block up to 48% of sugars and starches from being converted to glucose...Definitely a good thing when you want mo' Samoas but still want to stay a Thin Mint.
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I Triplex every day and I can't tell you how much better I feel! #gettinghealthyfromtheinsideout #plexus

Did you know people are using Plexus Block to help quit smoking? But why does Block work?! I was talking with a friend about this and thought I would share with everyone. You may know somebody that needs a little help to kick the habit.

Here's why... There is a lot of sugar in cigarettes! Up to 1/2 a teaspoon per cigarette! Did you know the #1 consumer of sugar is the processed food industry? Did you know the #2 consumer is the tobacco industry? 😮

Ever try to quit, and you snack and eat on everything then gain weight, so you start smoking again? It's because your body CRAVES the sugar from the cigarette!

BLOCK actually helps block up to 48% of sugar from absorbing in your system, therefore helping you crave less. I know people who have tried to quit with no success. So isn't this worth a try?? If you can afford to smoke, I promise you can afford to try Plexus BLOCK for 2 or 3 months!

There's nothing to lose, but the cigarettes...and everything to gain!


Can I just be honest???
I love my Plexus Slim (Pink Drink)! I drink it first thing in the morning every day and love it because it has helped me with everything from bad food habits to just balancing my levels so I feel good and motivated to get up and move!
Plexus Slim is a packet of all natural ingredients designed to stabilize your blood sugar, curb cravings and help your body work more efficiently.

Want to know why we call it the Pink Drink?
Here's a fun fact for you: BEETROOT is what makes Plexus Slim PINK! 💗
💕No artificial dyes here. ☺️
Here are some benefits of beetroot:
💖prevents skin aging and cell damage
💖prevents constipation and improves digestion
💖excellent food during pregnancy as it contains natural folic acid
💖helps balance blood sugar and blood pressure
💖detoxifies the body
💖improves immunity 💖improves memory
💖fat free and energy giving

Happy Birthday to my man! We love a good road trip but we also have fun just living life together. We are M & M and we just go together. I couldn't imagine doing life with anybody else. I am very thankful for and honor and respect this man God blessed me with. Happy Birthday Mark Allen I love you!!! 😘🎉🎂🎈❤️@markapyle