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1+1= 3🔥 3 reasons to why YOU should find a gympartner👇
💪 Every workout is not just a workout, it is a competition between you and your partner! Sets, reps, weight. EVERYTHING. (and I HATE losing😉❤)
❌ Working out alone SUCKS (for many people!) I enjoy it though😋
👥 It gives you time to catch up with whatever is going on in your friends life. BUT please save the talking to after the workout👅
That's it! Now you just have to find a perfect training partner that can stand a workout with you👏

Greyed out.

FUCK Social media💔 Comment your opinions👇
Insecure people turn to social media for attention. Likes/followers act like happy pills and they quickly realise that the more skin they show, the more likes they get. It creates a bad spiral which pushes them to get "naked" by those who leave a like. This is wrong.
❌ DISCLAIMER 👉 Everyone are allowed to post whatever they want to, I agree to 100%. Just make sure that you are happy/confident with yourself first, then act.

LEFT (52kg) vs RIGHT (80kg) - which one do you prefer?😏 Comment down below!👇
I am so happy that I took photos back when I started. It wasn't that easy since I didn't have a physique at all. Now I love to take progress pictures and honestly I am quite proud of the journey I've made so far. Proud but never satisfied I guess!💪❤

Low quality picture, high quality workout.🤓💪

💈VIDEO ALERT!💈3 keys to a great hairstyle🔥👇
🌀 ALWAYS use a blowdryer. It adds volume and creates a great base to build from.
❌ Switch out your shampoo for a conditioner! Here's a secret: I should but I don't haha..
👋 Find a styling product suitable for your hairstyle. I always use paste/clay!
DOUBLE TAP if I should keep the highlights/color!

Spot the difference - Comment your thoughts down below!🤔👇#NyFrippa

One step at a time →

Baby there's nothing holding me back🎶🎧 My best tips for abs👇
🔥 Burn calories through cardio. I prefer walking or simply training harder at the gym.
➗ Be at a calorie deficit - AKA Eat less calories than you need, but be careful! Too little calories are bad and can be dangerous.
❌ Don't do sit-ups everyday! (like I used to lol)
DM me for advice!👏

How ya doin?

Be a king.

💈VIDEO ALERT!💈Been getting a lot of requests on a hair tutorial so here we go!
❌ Never start out dry, make sure your hair is wet inbefore you style it.
🌀 Blowdry in (and against!) your natural motion.
👋 Apply a product of your choice, I always use paste/clay!
Hope you liked the video!

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