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“Sarah pose sexy”

Okay, but serious question.. if you have a double chin and you do a chin up.. does it count as two reps? I think yes. Let me know your thoughts.


When you’re literally glowing and it’s not because of your highlighter ✨

I thought I had figured out what love was after being shown what love was not for 3 years. My last relationship I was constantly on the wrong side of things. Always to blame, accused, made to feel stupid, small, inferior, manipulated, and made to feel crazy. But it wasn’t until I was shown something pure and without conditions that I learned not only what REAL love is.. but what love is not.. and love is none of the things above.

Love should make you whole, not broken. It should make you feel safety, not pain. Love should calm your worries, not make you worry more. It should accentuate all the things you do right, not point out what you do wrong. It should relieve the pressure from the world, not add to it. It should enhance not strip.

My love makes me feel unstoppable. The spark I haven’t seen in myself in a very long time is back. The overwhelming feeling in my chest that brings me to tears is no longer because of pain, but because of a joy so intense I can’t keep it inside. My free spirit feels even freer. I am valued, respected, nurtured, and always laughing. Thank you @itstrevgrubb for making me shine again and for showing me all the best things life has to offer ❤️

I was just a little Sarry 😳 #transformationtuesday

I’ve always been pretty purposeful in my training, but I wasn’t always as responsible. I sucked at stretching and mobility and would push through when I had pain (knees, hips, back) which led to on and off injuries.

Progress is always more accelerated when I actually take care of and work out the areas I’m tightening the most (heyooo glutes, hams, hips). I see @jasongouldlmt once a week. I focus on a proper warmup and open my hips back up after training. I rest 2 days a week and listen to my body when it’s hurting. Last but definitely not least- I’ve decreased my weight load and focused on tempo and tension. (This is all the past 2-3 years, I’ve been lifting for almost 5 now 🙌🏼)

Most importantly though, I’ve never centered my training around just looking good. It has always been about feeling good and performing well. I don’t feel satisfied unless I leave the gym knowing I gave my all and am willing to push my comfort levels to any extreme to accomplish that.

Do my workouts change from when I’m “bulking” to cutting? Yes! This video is a prime example of that. I still incorporate my strength moves and KEEP heavy weight exercises (fewer cals does not mean take it easy- you want to keep your current workload if you want to keep your current muscle) but I add into my routine exercises that get my heart rate up between sets and keep my heart rate up my entire workout.
The workout:
•12-15 seal rows x4
•15 ez bar curl to press ➡️ 30 bench hop overs x4
•10-12 high row machine (not in video) ➡️ 12 weighted pikes (MY LOWER ABS WERE WRECKED FOR DAYS) x4
•20 Bent over dual cable lat pull ➡️ 30 plank jacks x4
Ask me anything below! Also, tell me I’m an athlete bc WOW that athleticism 😂 #veryathlete
Song- stir fry by Migos

Slowwww and steady wins the race when cutting ✂️ I’m on the brink of feeling back to my normal self, but I’m not going to do anything reckless. Patience is always the key to lasting fat loss and progress.

What’s nice is I’m not prepping for anything. I don’t have a deadline. There’s no pressure. Sooo what’s the best way to go about cutting?

YOU HUMANS BE DOIN SOME WACK SHIT TO GET LEAN YO 🤯🤦🏼‍♀️ Ladies & gents tag some of your crazy friends eating 1200 cals and doing an hour of cardio a day that need to hear this 👇🏼

“PRE-CUT” BEFORE YOU CUT. What that means is slowly increasing calories and decreasing cardio WHILE MAINTAINING (a lot of people actually lose fat during this time but not always). If you start your cut already doing 30 mins of cardio a day what the hell are you gonna do? Keep adding until you’re at a damn hour? How about if you’re already dipped down to 1200-1300 cals. Where you gonna go?? 900-1000?! NO THANKS. Have fun working EXTRA hard for minimal results because you backed yourself into a wall. Patience with the process to avoid a plateau 💁🏼‍♀️

You must look at a period of time as a whole instead of the 2-4 weeks in front of you. Sure you might progress at first for 2 weeks, but then BAM plateau and no where to go and no progress for the next 6 weeks 🤷🏼‍♀️ If you take the time to prepare and start when your metabolism and body are at a healthy place you will progress MORE and lose MORE FAT in that 8 week time period had you taken the time to get yourself right first. Stop focusing on the immediate and focus on the most progress as a whole.

Lack of preparation for your cut will lead to a verrrryyy high probability it all comes right back and then some because you left your metabolism in a vulnerable state. Preparing for it means you still get to maintain higher calories and be able to enjoy more food, more time out with friends, and more flexibility.

If you’re lost with where to start please get help! Make the dang investment instead of ruining your body.

Ask me questions in the comments & I’ll answer!

Summer Shred 2018 is opening for early bird enrollment Feb 28th 😈🔥 (this will sell out- mark your calenders)

Fitness isn’t the foundation of everything I do anymore. You might be scratching your head at that... but let me explain.

I spent a long time allowing my relationships to suffer because “I didn’t have time” or “I couldn’t go out and have fun” because I was dieting or too spread thin with work and working out. After two back to back competition seasons where I dieted for about 16 months straight with only 6 weeks off, I SWORE I would put my focus in the memories FIRST over the macros and over the structure.

AND YOU WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENED NEXT? Not only did my relationships in people thrive... my relationships with the gym, food, AND MYSELF thrived right there with it. •
There’s so much more to life than spending 2-3 hours in the gym, stressing out when I can’t make it or don’t make it on time, saying no to plans with friends to “stay on track with meals,” and flipping out when I don’t hit macros perfectly.

In the 5 years I’ve been all #healthandfitness this is the first time I truly feel balanced between people, work, working out, food, and being social (my room is still a disaster... but I’ll figure it out one day 😂 sorry @itstrevgrubb ) I thought to achieve this I had to put MORE focus into working out and eating, but this whole time it’s been the opposite 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m the best for myself, my clients, my family, and my friends when I’m like this and THAT makes my heart way happier than just giving my focus to the gym.


Those here to provide value > Those here to feel valued

Those who are people serving > Those who are self serving

Those here to impact > Those here to impress

So many people are here to appear perfect...when they don’t realize it’s not about perfection, it’s about how you deal with your imperfections.

Those assuming positions of superiority because of a number on their page.. talking to people like “viewers and followers.” HELL NAH. If you’re here I don’t want you as a viewer. I want you as a learner and participator. I want you to participate in your life and the changes you know damn well you should be making. Listen, learn, apply, and ask.

Be cautious of the environment you’re keeping even online. The company you keep in person gets talked about often, but make sure the people you look up to and idolize are in this for the right reasons and not just to be somebody to be somebody 🖤

Allll the side booty exercises. (And a devilish leg curl variation at the end!!) Which variation is best for you?! Read below 👇🏼 Reps & sets at bottom.
Really diggin’ just sharing raw, not super sped up training vids. See the pain face. See the struggle reps. Hear the grunts. This shit is not glamorous.
You see all these variations of exercises from people getting creative. It can get very confusing as someone not experienced in the gym. So which way is BEST?
The answer to that is simple and this applies to ALL variations of exercises.... THE ONE THAT CHALLENGES YOU MOST! Find your weakness, attack it, adapt, and find your next weakness. I do all three of these abductor moves, but the one I need to work on? The cables. For my training partner @alyssadelaney that day it was the seated abductors. Find what you hate and what challenges you. Then do it.
The workout:
•10-12 heavy seated abductors, take weight up 20 lbs, and immediately go into hip elevated abductors to failure (I got 15)
•15 cable abductors per side
•12-15 bent over leg curls
*This leg curl machine allows you to bend over to further stretch your hamstrings. If you’ve never tried this... you’re in for a damn treat 😈 (good variation for those who arch their backs)

You know I always keep it real, but this post ain’t gonna be fun. NO NEGATIVITY 🙅🏼‍♀️
It’s honestly really hard to tell where my current physique is with how frequently I’m affected by hormone fluctuations. This is something I’ve struggled with since high school and didn’t find answers to until the past year (my therapist helped me discover I have PMDD and a lot of my mood swings and weight fluctuations are as a result) I actually saw someone for this and she incorrectly diagnosed me with bipolar disorder 😳
Usually my emotional and mental side effects are a lot worse than the physical: extreme bloating, water retention, swollen boobs. Recently, like the past 6 months recently, symptoms are an every other week thing (pre-period, during period, pre-ovulation, during ovulation). Agnes is her name (my uterus) and we are not friends.
I’m hypersensitive to birth control and that is the only answer doctors have had for me. It makes everything worse and yes, I’ve tried everything from the pill and all different kinds, nuva ring, iud, and shot. I started taking an herbal supplement called Vitex and it was a godsend at first, then turned my period into a 21 day cycle and while symptoms were more mild they were constant.
I’ve never talked about this before because I didn’t have answers. It was just a struggle and not one I could translate into a lesson or tool for others. I can’t say whether this was a byproduct of my competition season, but I can say it did start when my regular periods came back after my season.
I frequently feel like a stranger in my body and I’m grateful I built the skill set of disconnecting who I am and my worth from my appearance. I’m cool with just letting myself BE. Being in the field that I am though, ya girl ain’t having fun. Especially now that I’m preparing for a fat loss phase. Going to shift into a more holistic approach and hopefully make some progress.
Don’t have anything inspiring to say other than always be proactive when it comes to any kind of struggle, stress, or issue. There’s always a way to better or improve your circumstance. I’m remaining patient and controlling what I can and sometimes that’s all you can do 🤷🏼‍♀

Ben & Jerry were a little upset when they found out about Trevor.. but they got over it 💁🏼‍♀️
Do you feel like the “fit standard” doesn’t work for your life? 5 meals a day, one cheat meal a week, bro meals, 5-6 days in the gym with one rest day, etc. I too often see people trying to fit this mold that social media has painted for us and when it seems unachievable you just call it quits all together.
I saw someone write on their Facebook wall once “I want to workout and be healthy, but I love beer and pizza too much” ... and they were serious. Why is this the perception of fitness?! That you have to entirely give everything up?
I still get comments from time to time like “You eat that?! Aren’t you a trainer?!” To which I politely say why yes, and I enjoy foods like this often.
I’m not gonna sit here and preach balance because that means something different and works differently for every single person. Which is why you need to make your OWN STANDARD.
Find yourself slipping up frequently through the week? Give yourself more than one cheat meal and make them set times so you’re still demonstrating self control. That way you get freedom more often so you don’t feel restricted.
Can’t manage to get in 5 meals so you starve half the day and maybe get in 2? Give yourself 4 meals a day or even consider intermittent fasting in the am.
Can’t make it to the gym 5 days a week and you get down on yourself and feel like a failure week by week for not doing so? Plan for 3-4 times a week and do a quick HIIT session at home.
Don’t set yourself up for failure by thinking you have to do things a certain way or setting an unrealistic goal. Let me say this again: make fitness work for your life not your life work around fitness.
WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE FLAVOR???? I obviously love my cores....

Peace is my priority.

Peace with myself, my body, my relationships, my purpose.

It’s easy to find peace with yourself and others when you just do the right thing, do right by people, and remain honest.

It’s easy to find peace with your body when you just ALLOW IT TO BE, stop fighting it, and stop setting insane expectations for yourself.

It’s easy to find peace with your purpose when you focus on (((FULFILLMENT))) for yourself and for others... instead of on money or just becoming “somebody” to be somebody. #impactnotimpress

“Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its peace.” Allow yourself to find peace in the important places in your life.


Not a leg day?! 😱😂 Still gonna go ham though bc I don’t go into the gym for a half ass work ethic 🤷🏼‍♀️ Let’s hit that back from all angles though shall we?
The workout:
•9-12 reverse grip t-bar row ➡️ 1.5 min rest x4
• 15-20 straight arm rope pullovers ➡️ 20 preacher curls x4 (this bench is bomb, but your standard preacher bench will work)
• 12 wide grip MAG bar 💦 ➡️ 1 min rest x4 (normal wide grip is ok, MAG bars are just bomb)
•(not in video) 100 rep narrow grip seated row
•(not in video) 50 rep narrow grip seated row
Lol have fun and tag a friend who is down to not play games with you in the gym 😤 Ask meeeee questions on the workout and I’ll answer!

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