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theFINDlab  Professional film processing, scanning, custom & hybrid editing to help you shoot more film, more often. Sharing our knowledge one roll at a time.

You're at your shoot and everything is going great.
So great, except for that you're burning through all your film faster than expected. Don't get stuck in a field in the middle of nowhere without all the film you need! 😲
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TheFINDlab has you covered with our online store (link in profile) with prices cheaper than anywhere on the internets (Fuji 400H in 120 as low as $6.25 a roll) and free shipping for orders of 20 rolls or more (CONUS). Also we are now shipping to our fine friends to the North in Canada and those down unda in Australia as well!
Great shot by @jessicablex!
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Powerful image by @hellodarlingphotos taken in Burundi. #scrollstopper We love seeing documentary work on film! 35mm cameras are great for this kind of work due to the size and quickness it provides. Looking to purchase your first 35mm camera but aren't sure where to start? Check out the links in our stories to learn more about 35mm gear and where to buy used camera gear. Though we think the Contax T2 price went through the roof thanks to Thor and his IG post :).
#fujifilm #pentax1000 #thefindlab

We're always a sucker for at-home family sessions. This beautiful candid family shot is brought to you by @jenniferlawrencephoto on 35mm film! We know a lot of peeps love medium format with its large negs, smoother grain, and various format options, but shooting a roll or two of 35mm at your family sessions can really help you capture some of those candid moments you might miss on your medium format camera! While medium format cameras may produce some lovely images, some of them could be described as "slow as molasses" when it comes to focusing. Especially when compared to 35mm cameras that have auto focus like the Canon 1v.
#fuji400h #convertedtobw #canon1v #thefindlab #themslowhassys

Kyoto by @studiofinch on Portra 400. It always seems to be a challenge determining how many rolls of film you'll need when traveling abroad. Is 5 rolls enough? 10? 20? 100? From experience, it is always better to overpack. Either way, we got you covered with ordering film. Some of the best prices coupled with free shipping for orders of 20 rolls or more (CONUS). Stock up for your next trip β€”link in profile.
#portra400 #contax645 #thefindlab

🐫 Happy hump day! 🐫 Only two more days til FRIDAY! Cutest camel shot by @carolinemaxcyphoto!
#fuji400h #contax645 #thefindlab

Obsessed with this summery color palette by @ashcrawfphoto! 🍊🌸 We see a lot of Fuji 400H come through the lab and rightly so with this color! It is the film we recommend if you're looking for a neutral color palate but it can also render warm or cool. That is totally dependent on your color/scanning preference. Just know you always have options and that communication is key!
#fuji400h #contax645 #thefindlab #weareallears

Gorgeous wedding day portrait by @kristinlavoiephoto! More Kodak Portra 400 love as it is really a great film stock for weddings. It literally has some of the most true to life color of all the color film stocks available.
#portra400 #contax645 #thefindlab

Where are your summer travels taking you? Love this shot by @davidrosephoto on Portra 400! If you're just getting into film, we can't recommend Kodak Portra 400 enough! Why? Because of the color, and most importantly, the latitude. It can handle over AND under exposure pretty well #crapiforgotmylightmeter. For more information about Portra 400, swipe up in our stories!
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✨ BLOG POST ALERT ✨ Our FIND FAVES post for June is live! Swipe up in our stories to see some of our favorite images that came through the lab during the month of June, including this amazing editorial shot by @kyleeyeephoto. We promise all the eye candy...
#portra400 #mamiya645 #thefindlab

Alright alright alright πŸ™Œ
RAD image by @weareorigamiphoto! What is your go-to color negative film when you want to capture all the skin tones?
#fuji400h #contax645 #thefindlab

πŸŽ‡ πŸŽ‡ πŸŽ‡ Just another friendly reminder that we are closed today (though our online store is open 24/7/365–link in profile). We will be open bright and early tomorrow morning! However you are spending your 4th, we hope you're safe and enjoying it with friends and family. Star spangled image by @danlauerphoto.
#portra400nc #pentax645n #thefindlab

#SQUADGOALS by @britnideanphotography! πŸ’ƒπŸ» πŸ’ƒπŸ» πŸ’ƒπŸ»
Also, a friendly reminder that our office will be closed tomorrow in honor of Independence Day! We hope you enjoy the holiday with family and loved ones!
#fuji400h #contax645 #thefindlab

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