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If you just watched my stories you would of seen me literally just put my hair in my coffee 😂😬 don’t ask how or why 😂😂😂😂 Anyway...normally I would think oh goodness this is the kind of day I’m going to have but I’m taking control of this!
I’m manifesting money, opportunities, good people and productivity.

So, if you ‘got out the wrong side of the bed’, if the kids went nuts, if you had to scream GET YOUR SHOES ON 767,545,444 times, if your train was delayed or whatever else it may be that maybe ruffled a few feathers and hasn’t started the day how you would want - know that it doesn’t have to be the kind of day your going to have.
Grab the day by the scruff of the neck and say I AM OWNING YOU! Today is going to be a bloody good one because I want it to be and I control how this pans out.
It took me a long time to really practise this and sometimes I still don’t. It isn’t easy - but it is SO worth it. When you realise you are more in control than what you considered before, everything is different.
Have a good day y’allllllllll

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And that’s it!!! The last view of the old kitchen...the first lot of proper work starts tomorrow.

Slight heart palpitations as I’m not home so I have no idea what will happen (Trevor is home) but I have horrible feeling no one knows what’s happening and they will knock the wrong wall down 😂😂😂😂😂😬😬😬😬 I know I’m being dramatic and they have plans but does anyone else have major control issues? 😩
In other news I want to do something exciting in January and need your help! It will be FREE But I just need some help with it so will be setting up a survey monkey shortly and will pop the link in my stories and Bio and let you know when it’s live to complete... Today was such a good day and I have really been manifesting positive things. I am such a true believer in manifestation and want to do more in sharing how I have personally changed my circumstances. I’m still not where I want to be but I’m dam
sure further than I ever thought I would be and this is just the start... #excited #homereno #kitchen #lastpic #manifesting #positivevibes #thefatfunnyone #2019 #changing #work #life #makingmoves #positivelife #manifeatingchange

That time I wore a crop top and I was so happy! My rolls were all over the gaff and it was wonderful.
I recently wrote a post about Sophia’s confidence in what she wears because she just doesn’t give a hoot and yes that is normal for a child but I can’t remember when I stopped being like that? I look back and I guess it must of been my teenage years when I suddenly became aware of what I looked like more so and what I wore and how ‘different’ I felt from other people.
I adore when someone has their own style and just owns it! I’m always so in awe of the confidence. Whether they are retro, goth, anime, on the current latest catwalk trend or otherwise, I just love it when someone just knows who they are and isn’t afraid to show it in their style.
I’m more of a ‘if it was on sale and is clean’ kinda fashion girl but that’s ok too 😂
Anyway I say all that to say this. I remember this crop day and how awesome I felt because I wore something I wanted. Just wanted. I didn’t care if it ‘looked good’ to others I just simply wore it and was so happy about it. It took me a while not feel self conscious but once I got over myself I realised no one really cared 😂 and it was liberating!
So if you have something you want to wear but have been unsure, whether it’s today, maybe your Christmas party or an event you have coming up - just wear it! Wear it because you want to! Because YOU love it and be liberated in that and own it.
I’m popping to the shops this morning to grab an outfit for an event later tonight and later this week and I’m going in with this attitude and this pic to remind me that I can wear what I want and I have little eyes watching that and if I want them to continue to have the same confidence and the same no shits given attitude when it comes to what they wear then I have to lead by example.
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Me and Bella are excited to announce we are working with @kitandkinuk as their new ambassadors!
I have mentioned @kitandkinuk before because I purchased and used their Magic Salve and Nipple Balm and they are amazing products. The magic salve not only on the kids but recently when I was sharing about my own dry skin it worked wonders. If you have DM’d me these are the products I normally recommend!
I have also been saying about wanting to be more eco friendly and becoming the recycling police in my house! Well luckily these nappies will help me on that mini mission as @kitandkinuk are massive on sustainability and with every 10 subscriptions they plant back into the rain forest.
They have kindly given me a discount code for you all too. JESS20 – this gives 20% off one time purchases of nappies, wipes, sacks and skincare, and also 20% off your first subscription order.

For transparency - this is an UNpaid partnership. I genuinely love the brand so was honoured to be apart of the team. I will mark the posts #sponsored as working with them means items are #gifted but I haven’t received a payment. I will always be clear on what has been gifted and what I have purchased as I have most of their range already in the house! I hope that makes sense.
Anyway, this is really exciting for me and Isabella (and Sophia as she loves the bubble bath 😂) and I am looking forward to finding out more..oh and they are launching a sustainable clothing range soon 🙌🏽 Thanks for the continued support and I’m looking forward to meeting the rest of the team in the New Year!
Oh and because Emma Bunton is a co founder I can totally say I work with a spice girl right?
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Please tell me I’m not the only one who autocorrect hates or they type too quick OR have chubby fingers?
I have sent some corker messages in my time and I’m just glad I only sent this to my mate and not the family group chat.

Has anyone else mistyped? Or sent a message to the wrong person? Or has auto correct ruined your life? Please let me know below ⬇️ so I don’t feel like the only idiot in the village.
Thanks. Bye
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Just a Monday reminder to anyone who forgot that they are Royalty.
With being a royal comes great responsibility, people will try and proof your not worthy, they will attack from all sides, they will steal your joy, try and embarrass and defame your character but you know what, royalty is in your blood.
You are a Queen my dear and regardless of what comes your way you are deserving of this title.

I used to think it was self absorbed to think of yourself as a Queen! I used to think oh no no no that’s a bit much, I mean others were totally awesome and worthy but me? No not me. I’m not good enough, bold enough,confident enough or beautiful enough. That was until I realised I HAD to not only title myself this way but treat myself accordingly because others aren’t going to and all those things I didn’t think I was enough of are all subjective as long as I believed I was enough that was all that mattered.
So own it today. Walk in your truth, have a strut in your step because you are worthy, you are enough and you are an absolute badass Queen.
That is all.

Tag a friend below to remind them of who the hell they are 👸🏽👸🏻👸👸🏿👸🏾👸🏼 Greeting card available from Bubbly & Body Love - link in my bio.
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‘I’m all about the roast, bout the roast - no veggiessss’
Jokes there were veggies on a sharing platter but oh my gahd this was so nice.

Can’t beat a good roast to round the week off!
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When you have a cold and it feels as though you can’t breathe through your nose, do you remember all the times you could breathe clearly and how unappreciative you were? Just me? Ok then! 😂

Anyway..Last week that was me. Me and Sophia seem ok now but Bella is taking a bit longer to get over her cold and when you’re breastfeeding and the small humans are still so little, when you’re all stuffed up there is little you can take or do.
We use Olbas oil in this house - my grandma used to buy it and it was something I’ve known forever and it helps no end. A few drops on a tissue (using adult one for me and Olbas for Children for kids 3 months and older) and sorted 🙌🏽 Anyway Bella managed to sleep for a few hours last night (3) after we used the baby Olbas last night, however I am still exhausted so a day together curling up, getting the tree finally up, Christmas movies and then a pub roast later is the best way to spend today.
P.S - did you know they did bubble bath!? #AD | #olbas #olbasoil #familycolds #sundays #family

Literally so jealous of all the Christmas nights out (including Trevor who is out on his!) everyone looks so glam and it’s always the proper start to the Christmas season!
I mean..being in bed with two kids, both snotty and grumpy is totally ok and I would sooo rather be here than out all glam and drinking 😂🙄 So anyway I am feeling left out so here is a pic from the @lovedrobe Christmas shoot last year where I was last Christmas glam 😩😂 #partyseason #christmas #christmasparty #glam #nightout #party #parttnight #modelling #shoot #fashionshoot #plussize #plussizefashion

This week we recorded some incredible Podcasts with some incredible women.
All very adult content which is different to what I normally discuss on here BUT you know feels GOOD! We are all adults here so why can’t we discuss adult topics!

It’s Friday night so if your kids have gone to bed I would recommend listening to the most recent podcast ‘What I wish I had known about F*ckboys! (And girls)’ it is literally laugh out loud funny! The incredible @lalaletmeexplain came to give us all the insight and it was just fab. As per every episode you can hear me cackle 😩 honestly I try and sit as far back from the mic as possible LOOOOL
You can find us on Spotify, I tunes or at our website - there is a link for I tunes in my bio and then you can take it from there.
We also had the pleasure of recording with @scarrednotscared all about body confidence and @persialawson talking all things love and relationships and you will get to hear these over the next few weeks!
There is an incredible episode about self love/self care with @aishacarrington_ and even wellness and fitness with @jemmas_health_hub.

I am loving podcasts and not only recording them but listening to them too! What are your favourites? I am finding listening to them way more or an audio book than music in the car when travelling. Recommendations pleaseeee ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ Let me know some good ones to listen too and let me know what you think of What I wish I had known with me, @theparentingchapter and @lobellaloves_jo 💗 📸📽 - @markmundi
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I shared a few months ago a certain small human in our house had a trip to the dentist as she had a super sore tooth. I was all on the defence when I got there explaining she didn’t eat many sweets but to my surprise it was all the fruit!
Anyway the Dentist was amazing and encouraged more brushing and brushing properly (obviously) but it was ensuring it was 2 full minutes that was key.
Sophia said she got bored of the timer she had and wanted a ‘big girls tooth brush’ so we went out and paid a silly amount for an electric toothbrush however it still wasn’t really encouraging her. Well it did for about a week.
@teamplaybrush got in touch and we said yes and hands down the best thing we done! It was cheaper than the toothbrush we already invested in and it’s even better - it connects to a game app (we use the paint game) and as she brushes it moves the paint brush on the screen to colour the picture! We have been using it for about a month now and unless my battery is dead 😂 we don’t have any arguments about brushing and she is there for 2 full minutes and earning points in her app.
It genuinely is brilliant but I can’t pretend I’m not annoyed it’s fraction of the cost of the original brush we got 🙄 typical lol
@teamplaybrush have also kindly given me a 20% off discount code so I would grab one while you can for Christmas! Code : THEFATFUNNYONE which makes the electric toothbrush only £24.00 and you get 4 free games and the first months subscription free. The subscription is only £34.99 for the whole year anyway so even with that it’s STILL cheaper as we originally paid nearly £70 with the other brand brush! 😩

Altho both cheaper than the dentist appointment 😬
Anyway I will post in stories and record a demo to show you what it does when she’s home from school and we do bed time brush!
Any questions please do ask.
#AD | #teamplaybrush #playbrush #signalplaybrush #toothbrushing #teeth #kids #presents #presentidea

When I created the greetings cards I wanted things I genuinely say and a few months ago in a sleep deprived and stressful state I was on the phone to my best friend who said ‘are you alright mate?’ And I responded ‘NOOOOO...I just need some wine chicken nuggets and a nap’ 😂 and this card was born.... It seems a few people feel the same way and the cards have been the most popular out of them all! Not only that you guys have sold out my beautiful Emma pouches AGAIN. Yes again. 2nd time. I uploaded more stock today after collecting my order and boom...gone.
I’m in awe of the support. 100% of the profits from her pouches are split between @coppafeelpeople and @futuredreamscharity and right now I am getting more excited about making a donation in her memory just before Christmas.
When I reopened the shop anxious would be an understatement! I genuinely didn’t know if I could juggle it all but I wanted to because I wanted to make things people have permanently with them to remind them what they are capable of and would encourage them. I wanted cards we could buy for one another to send to encourage and uplift and I didn’t realise how much the support would encourage and uplift me! I hope you love the items, I hope if your buying them for someone they love them and thank you again for just being incredible.
I am re ordering (triple this time) the Emma Pouches again and also re stock of the ‘I can’ bracelets which have also sold out!
Thank you for the continued support. It genuinely means the world.
To shop click the link in my bio.
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