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Have your cake and eat it too!
Gone are the days I would attempt to starve myself for a holiday (only to go and eat my body weight in all inclusive anyway! 🤷🏽‍♀️) So here’s me. Eating a sticky toffee pudding wearing my @pourmoiltd bikini from @brastop because I don’t give a finger in the middle what someone else defines as ‘an appropriate body’ for a bikini and you shouldn’t either.
Bikini - bra 38GG / Bottoms 18.
#brastop #mybrastop #gifted #mybikinibody #plus #plussize #everybodyisbeatiful #everybodyisabikinibody #swimwear #plussizeswimwear #dontcare #cake #stickytoffeepudding #dessert #haveyourcakeandeatit #fashion #plussizeswimwear #plussizeblogger #blogger #psblogger

My office assistant is going to get promoted soon. She truly excels in her duties which include providing cuteness and playing nicely! And she does them soooo sooo well.
I mean..she’s even waving (swipe across)
I am loving being at home with her so much and being able to still work and do things here and there it really is just wonderful.
Going back to the office setting is worrying me a little bit about being away but I know everything will work out and I realise the more I worry and get worked up about it I am not doing anyone any favours!
Although there is one person looking forward to my return to work...Sophia. The other day she said to me ‘Mummy I like when your at work better because you have more money and we go to @sainsburys more times for treats’ 😂😂😂😂 mate...that’s maternity pay for you!
#returninngtowork #blogger #maternity #maternityleave #workingmum #baby #6months #isabellarose #encourageyourself #motivation #money #life #changes #adjusting

Saw this on @annika_spalding and you know I needed to share it. 🍰🎂🍰🎂🍰🎂 #hellonewlife

Today might be falling apart slowly and my neighbour may or may not (may) have text me asking if I want the car door closed as it’s sat on my drive wide open since we got back from school BUT despite the shitty start (literally - check previous post) I have made dinner 😂🙌🏽 It might be pasta bake in a jar but it ain’t dominoes soooooooooo I take that as a win!
I use the Aldi Pasta Jar for literally use dry pasta, the jar and then fill the jar (once empty) with water and throw it in the oven! After 45 minutes at a guessed temperature (because remember I went cleaning cray the other day and rubbed off the numbers) but after some time you whip it out add whatever you want - I added tuna/sweet corn and topped with cheese and then panko breadcrumbs and then back in til it looks like it does in the pic...🙌🏽 One dish. Less than a couple quid to make and everyone eats it all! Mothers dream lol
Also...given this cooking instructions i have given above I’m surprised I’m not a #foodblogger or a #chef
#justsaying #wingingit #mumlife #imamess #ahwell #motherhood #mothering #wingingmotherhood #pastabake #familydinners #aldi #shopping #food #yum #foodie #onpotdinner

Just when you think your nailing #motherhood and your 6 year old is EARLY! Doesn’t argue in the morning. Gets ready. Breakfast was calm. Reading done. Bag packed. Fruit chopped and in little colour coordinating snack pots. Baby is fed changed, you make the beds, pop a load of washing in and you still have 15 minutes to spare...and than just before tor going to head out the door and you pick up the baby...BAMMMM EVERYONE IS COVERED IN SHIT, running around like lunatics and your back to a regular manic morning and even leave the school bag at home so have to make two trips 😩😩😩 Moral of the story, if you think your failing or if you have it together it makes no blind bit of difference because we all end up screaming GET YOUR SHOES ON at the top of our lungs and running outside with a tit out. Just me? Ok never mind.
#mothering #mumlife #mum #mummyblogger #schoolrun #baby #poonarmi #help #needcoffee #itsnearlyfriday #needwine #isittooearly?

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FREE WINE. This is NOT a drill! I repeat. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Freeeee wineeeeeee 🙌🏽 You could actually win freeeeeeeeee (as in NO cost at all to you) WINNEEE 🍷
It’s that time of the week again!
This week the wonderful people at @personalisedgiftsbyintervino are kindly offering someone a chance to win a bottle of wineeeeee 🍷. This isn’t just any postable. Yes like full on in the post wine! Swipe across for my boomerang to see how thin the bottle is! It’s insane and such a fab gift idea..and the wine is so good...I had two glasses just to make sure. 😂🙌🏽 So to be in the chance to win just follow the steps:

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NB : this giveaway is in no way associated with Instagram

This is my ‘I can finally make an apple tart face and it’s better than @lilandlife ‘ (Obvs mine wasn’t because she is actually an amazing chef I mean...the way she chops onions is actually insane 😂🙌🏽 Had such a fab day with @asda learning how to cook some some meals from their 5 items or less! Most of these prob cost less than £1 a head to make (including a prawn dish based on 4 servings)
I had gnocchi for the first time ever (I mean what even is it. Pasta potato?) and I had a glass of bubbly before 5pm 🙌🏽😂 Thanks for a fab day @asda oh and shout out to my fab cooking partner @carlymoosah 💗
#itstartswithasda #london #fun #cooking #dayout

Today I had a parenting win. (Sort of)
Anyone else’s kids obsessed with those bloody squishy things? Anyway...before we got to Sainsbury’s Sophia got £2 to spend in store on a toy or a snack because she got an outstanding achievement at school today.
We got the Sainsbury’s and the squishy was £5. But I said no and said she had to choose something else. She LOST it. I remained calm (not like me but to be frank I just couldn’t be ass’d with any anymore drama) and I told her to breathe. She eventually calmed down (using my hypnobirthing breathing 😂) and then suggested she take the £3 out of her saving pot to get the squishy. She was so close to getting the money she wanted for her a @smiggle_uk bag but as she suggested we took £3 out and it will take her a week to earn it back.
It might sound HARSH to some but I haven’t got shit ton of money and I have to work my ass off and go without plenty of times in my life I will be dammed if my child becomes entitled.
I never learnt the value of money because we barely had any so it’s a lesson I want to make sure she understands.
She has a mixture of birthday money and pocket money (earned through tidy bedroom and excelling where possible at school (this doesn’t have to be just academically) and rather than this Saturday she will just wait til next Saturday to go and get her bag.
I normally cave in for the peace of the land but as she gets older I realise more that she will become an adult before I know it and how I bring her up will mould (to some degree) the morals and the behaviour she has as an adult. I want her to be kind, I want her to be grateful, hard working and loving so I have to make sure she knows these things now.
Anyway...I am rambling.
Moral of the story is...she got the squishy but I still feel like it’s 1 - mum and Sophia 0!
There’s a first for everything!
#honestparenting #money #responsibility #saving #treats #luxuries #smiggle #smiggleuk #pocketmoney #parenting #mumlife #motherhood

Hi. I’m Jess.
For those who don’t know me well or have recently headed to my page I thought I would introduce myself.

This pic is the epitome of my childhood. Me, my mum and my brother in our North London council flat in the yellow living room (my mum was always trying to do something fancy 😂). She was a single mum of two kids that although she birthed really didn’t look like her and that was tough.
It was always just the three of us (and everyone else who lived in our block who became family). I grew up here until my teens and then we moved away to Bedfordshire - where I am now with my husband and my two beautiful daughters.
I work full time as a Recruitment Manager (currently on maternity leave although returning soon) and I write a blog/run this page.
I speak out about mental health and hope to do my part to break the stigma. I am often found in my bra and pants attempting to encourage people to know it’s ok to not be what society deems as ‘beautiful’ or looking rough as a badgers ass on stories because I do not have my shit together 76% of the time.
I’m not political or controversial (I haven’t got the smarts to know enough about politics and I haven’t got the balls to deal with backlash if I offend anyone)

I more Aldi than I am Waitrose. More corned beef than I am brisket and more Primark than I am M & S.
I run a online book club for those who love to read as much as me and if I could I would run a cake club too.

I’m chubby and I’m short and often get my jelly belly out.
I’m smart (ish), I’m strong, I am determined and I am kind and I just try and encourage others to know that about themselves too.
My DMs are always open (although I currently have 99+ so please bear with me). My daughters are my world and all I want to be is a good example for them.

This pic reminds me of who the hell I am, where I came from and what I stand for and it was just the boost I needed today.
I hope you enjoy being apart of my journey and thank you for joining me

Forever friends.
These two are absolute gems of friends who I may not see all the time but we ALWAYS come through for each other.
Tonight we have laughed, cried,danced and laughed some more.
We camped in the back garden as kids, took multiple trips into ‘town’, we learnt the dance moves to Beyoncé (with only E managing to nail it every time), went to school prom, had boyfriends then ex boyfriends, tears, tantrums and 767,667,656 sleepovers and after school dates. Growing up with these two was amazing and we certainly don’t spent enough time together now. We have all just reached 29 and (if I don’t say so myself) we exceeded expectations (Altho none of us are mega rich and live in a mansion 😂) however one thing we never ever imagined before we reached 30 would be one of us would have breast cancer. It’s not something you factor in when deciding who will get married first and what you will name your kids (none of the names discussed were chosen lol)
Hold your friends close. Text them when they cross your mind, pop in and see them. Make more dinner dates and drink more wine.

Take pictures. Take hundreds of pictures so you can always look back at the wonderful memories (although given some of our outfit choices back then I’m kinda glad we don’t have too many pictures from school) 😂
I have had the best evening tonight with two of my oldest friends and I will go to sleep with my heart full with love, my eyes filled with tears and my tummy filled with chocolate brownies knowing I will always have these two friends forever.
Love you both to the moon and back 💗

It’s that time!!!! A Saturday morning clean of the house before a busy weekend!
For those who use @method_uk did you know they have messages in the bottom of the bottle? Thanks @jesslifeasweknowit for introducing me to this 😂 if you have any #method cleaning products in your cupboard I urge you to go find them and read the little message on the bottom 😂😂😂 you are prob thinking I’m mental but honestly they are hilarious!
You all know I love @lovezoflora and have forever but I have fallen in love with this particular one now after seeing it in a certain cleaning account on the gram....*cough* #hinch but I really love it and I dunno if maybe it’s a little stronger because it is specifically for pets (we have two cats) but I have felt it it much better/fresher not love for winter spice and pink grapefruit is unconditional!
The @method_uk I got on amazon for £2 and the @lovezoflora from @poundstretcher and it was £3.99 I think (also in @morrisons for £3.50 recently!) it is a 500ML bottle too!
Loads of you suggested @aldiuk or @lidluk for a dupe of the #method products that are far cheaper so I am going to have a looksie and then review and let you know!
I have also swapped my favourite #Flash floor wipes to the @aldiuk Apple Floor wipes. The flash ones are £1 in @poundstretcher WHEN on offer but the #Aldi ones are 65p normal price and you get more in the pack. They are not AS wet but they are still good!
I know it’s ridiculous to want to save 35p but 35p is 35p haha and if I could save one each item a little bit I will save a fair bit and lord knows I need to save what I can 😂🙌🏽 Also the thick bleach in @poundstretcher Is only 36p which is the cheapest I have found.

Have you got any good Dupes or products you have swapped to cheaper ones? Let us all know below because I know I love me a bargain 😂🙌🏽 #dupes #cleaning #products #swap #saving #savvy #lovezoflora #cheaper #savemoney #shopping #cleaningproducts #organising #chores #zoflora #methodcleaning #products #review

Throw back to our holiday in August in Majorca! Sophia doing some serious self care here and I am going to take a leaf out of her book... I am super run down and I know a lot of it is self inflicted. Late nights. A few too many cheeky glasses of wine in the evening, too much coffee (ironic because I’m exhausted) and just allowing my anxieties to get the better of me.
My skin is breaking out and today when I was feeding Bella I ended up falling asleep with her while she napped for two hours!!! When I start falling asleep without even realising that’s when I need to take a step back. (Please note she was totally safe and was asleep with me)
I often get asked in my DMs or in events - what do you do when your overwhelmed or your not ok?
I go with it. Allow myself time away from everything and to attempt to desires. Run a bath, read a book, eat something lovely and stay in bed a little longer than I should. I need to have those moments of self care and down time in order to be able to pick myself back up to keep going.
I recently explained to someone I am feeling a little defeated and quite frankly I am disappointed I have let myself feel that way when I know I am capable of so much more.
So my message to you - DONT forget to take care of YOU. We all know the saying ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’ and you can’t. I am NO use to any one being grumpy, anxious, exhausted and not 100% so a quick blitz of the house while the bath runs, kids are in bed, a nip to baby tesco for a cheeky cheesecake and I am taking my ass to bed so that I can face the weekend head on.
There is no shame in just not responding, switching off, shutting out and just having a moment to yourself to realign.
You need it and you sure as hell deserve it.
So take a lead out of Sophia’s book....😂🙌🏽 #enjoy #relax #selfcare #spa #holiday #lush #relaxing #bath #fridaynight #positivevibes #mentalhealthawareness #positiveaffirmations #thefatfunnyone #selflove #puttibgmyselffirst #emptycup #cuprunningover #energy #positiveenergy

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