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TheFatFuneral® Miami  I water you, you water me; we grow together. Live life happy.

Nope! Sure can't! Not without your permission. Stand tall. Shoulders back. Chip up. Tummy tucked. Feet on the ground. Sky above. Earth Below. Fire within. Continue to win. 💎

"Grounding" •Having direct contact with the 🌏 •Your energy + Earth's electromagnetic field = Super Power ✨
Why? •Our Earth is the largest electron donor and receiver. •The ideal PH of our bodies is alkaline to neutral. •Germs, bacteria, parasites and viruses have a positive charge and thrive in an acidic environment. (Think when your sick) •Using the earth in a positive way will in turn have a positive effect on you! Play in the sand. Wade in the water. Go barefoot in the grass. Hug a tree if you want. 🤷🏽‍♀️
•These things increase the electro-negativity of the human organism, making our internal environment more alkaline.
• The immune system then is on alert resisting any sickness that try's to creep up on you. •Pretty interesting! Another reason to say thank you. 🙏🏽
•••Q what kind of water do you drink? Does the brand and label matter? Does that brand or label have alkaline or pH it? 🙏🏽✌🏽😘

Mini Scissors •Hands under neath hips
•Legs as straight as possible
•Inhale legs down ( make sure your back and shoulders don't come off the floor when bringing your legs down ok? If that happens shorten the movement up. •Exhale legs up. •1 min 😩👍🏽

Tip toe glute bridge. 🍑
•Tummy tucked. •Hips high. •Ankles in line with knees
•Knee in line with hips •When you're doing this be mindful of your knees. Don't allow them to collapse inward as you move up and down. Stay strong. Having your core engaged will help you. •BREATH. I can't stress this enough •I love you. Let's get to work. 💪🏽

Kickbacks for those cakes. 🎂
•Tummy tucked. •Shoulders over wrists. •Inhale kickback. •Exhale knee to shoulder, elbow or somewhere in between. *We all have a different ROM (range of motion) in our hips. With that said I'm at my elbow, others are tapping their shoulder with ease. Wherever you are do your best. Breath. Execute. Watch the results. You should feel a nice burn in your glutes, hamstrings, low back and core. Build that body 👌🏽🍰

•Sesame Garlic Chicken
•Sweet Potato Mash

@lunchologymiami delivering another thorough meal. Everything cooked to perfection. And those sweet potatoes 👅 !! People ask HOW to get results? You eat right and you put in work. That's it. Plain and simple. When you're committed nothing will get in the way of your commitment. For me "healthy living" starts in the mind. What do you think?? I'll keep offering parts of the formula but it's up to you to follow through. 😘 ➡️FATFUNERAL20 💥
I like my food, like I like my people. Nontoxic. ✔️🙌🏽

You did not wake up this morning to be mediocre!!!

I water you, you water me; we grow together. Live life happy. 💋

Lateral plank walk! One of my favorites😎 there are many ways to do this, crossing arms, legs etc... a bunch of extra fancy stuff. This is my version. Not super fancy but certainly EFFECTIVE!! This exercise activates the shoulders, core, legs, hip flexors, glutes and back. It also challenges your coordination and stability. ➡️start in plank position belly button to spine. Right arm/ right leg open to the right at the SAME time! Open. Close. Repeat. You may find your legs move faster than your arms.. slow down a bit, breath and continue. 😘👙✔️

This is a unilateral glute bridge or a single leg bridge. Call it what you want but you should definitely consider adding this to your leg day. There are a variety of bridges and hip thrusts you can do but this bridge I particularly like because it's challenging, helps to even out any imbalances and strengthens your posterior chain!! #win🎂🍑

Scissors ✂️ ➡️ in my opinion should be incorporated on some days into your workout. Why? This exercise recruits your hip flexors and transverse abdominis the deepest muscles in your tummy. It also activities other muscles however, these two are the primary muscles used. The hip flexors help to lift the legs while the transverse abdominis help maintain stability and posture. Let's go #team
4 sets 40 💪🏽👙😅

Baked Salmon. Quinoa. Mango. Avocado. Grape Tomato. Special Sauce. Get in my belly. 😻👙💪🏽

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