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Great spot for lunch

#tbt to nearly 18 months ago and a trip to Brimham Rocks in North Yorkshire.
I had to make my kids squeeze through some tight gaps but when they emerged unscathed their proud faces were a picture 😊😊

Manchester Style : Grey

This morning’s ride was a warm/chilly, summery/autumnal, hilly/flat mixed bag of fun with this dude 🍃🍂🌿🍁🍃

🇫🇷 👈🏻

I occasionally get asked why I shave my legs. There are lots of mainstream reasons banded about: it’s easier to be massaged, it’s easier to treat crash wounds, it makes you go faster.

I don’t think why I do it, I just do it. Mrs Hog used to hate it but now she says I have thinner, browner, smoother legs than her, so she accepts it.

I used to race, but I don’t any more, yet I still wear a heart rate monitor when I ride and I still shave my l legs. It’s a weird one.

There are actually several reasons I shave my legs:
It looks good. Like a smooth body builder, it shows off muscle definition and bulging veins better. I’m in shape, I’m ripped, LOOK.

With Lycra shorts, hairy legs just look WRONG. Think Teen Wolf in his basketball kit. But on a bike. So wrong.

Finally, as one wise man once said to me: “You can buy all the gear, but you can’t buy Class”.

I shave my legs for all the above reasons, plus, because it’s the right thing to do.

Get shaving. Or you’re not fully committed to the cause.

Taken on the 29th floor of Mount Anvil’s SimpsonHaugh-designed, 31-storey tower, Dollar Bay, located near Canary Wharf in London.
This penthouse is yours for £3.5m 💷

Something’s lurking in the woods...

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