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lucy mountain  passive aggressively calling out fitness bs #teamnobs ⠀ ⠀ I’m also @theFFFeed⠀ ⠀ 🎉join the no bullsh*t fitness community🎉:


I did a little form tutorial a couple of weeks back. So here’s some drills to help you with that ❤️⠀

1. ⚡️Plate Hinge: For practicing moving from the hips, rather than yo back. Grab a 5kg plate and hug it like it was a placid, well-natured puppy. Think about this movement as if you’re trying to fold in half. Tysm @_joshuapeters for this nugget.⠀

1. ⚡️Kettlebell RDL: For building your strength, without loading a bar. Grab a light kettlebell and place it between your feet. Think about keeping your back straight (a la plate hinge) and pushing your bum backward like you’re trying to close your kitchen draw but cba to turn around. It’s a good idea to not graduate to the bar until you’ve got this pattern locked down.⠀

1. ⚡️Dead Bugs: For creating core tension to protect that spine. Think about tucking your pelvis under and making sure your back is flat against the mat. Move alternating arms and legs, keeping it nice and controlled through-out.⠀

Happy lifting nobs 👅⠀


DOUBLE TAP 4 RECIPE!!!!!1!!!!!!11111!!!11!⠀
(sorry, here you go. Easy af green thai curry meal prep. Enjoy 🍲)⠀

What you need:⠀
- 2 onions⠀
- 150g mangetout⠀
- 200g frozen broccoli (yes really)⠀
- 500g diced chicken⠀
- 1 can light coconut milk⠀
- 3 tbsp green thai curry paste⠀

*makes 4*⠀

Serve w/:⠀
- 10g crushed cashew nuts⠀
- 125g microwave basmati rice⠀

What you do:⠀
1. Slice up your onions + mange tout.⠀
2. Cook them in a pan w/ some cooking spray for 10 mins on a medium heat.⠀
3. Defrost your broccoli in the microwave for 4 mins.⠀
4. Add to pan.⠀
5. Add chicken.⠀
6. Add coconut milk.⠀
7. Add curry paste.⠀
8. Once chicken is cooked through, separate not 4 lunch boxes.⠀
9. Serve on the day with 125g rice + a sprinkling of crushed cashew nuts.⠀
10. Feel smug that you won’t be dropping £10 in pret everyday.⠀


🙃 #nobscooking

Despite cleansing my feed of folk that relentlessly post 'fat burning' (...don't get me started on this), b00ty BuiLDiNG workouts, but I'm still aware of their existence - and how problematic these kind of videos can be.⠀

Not because Instagram workouts AREN'T helpful. They are, very much so. They're free, they're accessible and they get people moving. I plan to share more myself.⠀

But the 'singe use' nature of these kind of videos can make it difficult to make a sufficient amount of progress - if, of course, that's your goal.⠀

Making gainZ takes TIME. It's slow. It’s familiar. It's repetitive.⠀

I'd even say it's highly unlikely the people you follow sharing these kind of videos - whose strength and physique you admire - are ONLY doing the workouts they're posting.⠀

Majority of the time, they'll be following a progressive, bespoke programme which is tailored to them. BUT OF COURSE, posting the same damn workout split every week wouldn't be great for #engagement.⠀

So yeah, handle with care nobs ❤️ Instagram is bloody great as a means of inspiration and motivation. But if you're wanting to get better at certain things, it requires you to do them over and over again. Which I personally find pretty fun. Anyway. Just a little brain dump for you on this Tuesday eve.⠀

#SorryForSayingDump x

If ‘eating-whatever-the-fuck-you-want’ was an angry mob, better believe I’d be at the front with my pitch fork.⠀

Everyone deserves to reach a place where they feel relaxed with food.⠀

That being said, I’m very aware that ‘just eat in moderation babe!!!!’ can be the least helpful advice when you don’t have a bloody clue what to put on your plate.⠀

Flexibility is the goal, but structure (alongside education) can often be one of the best segues towards having a fairly nutritious diet that you love.⠀

So here’s a little BacK2BaSicS advice on ONE way to build a meal;⠀

1. 🥦Veggies: Try to fill half your plate with 2/3 colourful ones.⠀

2. 🍗Protein: Aim for atleast 20g protein in your portion size. I know I’ve pictured chicken here but THIS IS NOT THE ONLY SOURCE lol. Mix it up.⠀

3. 🥔Carbs: Although we don’t discriminate against our carb sources (WE LOVE + APPRECIATE YOU ALL), ones which are nutrient-rich like grains, legumes and potatoes are full of fibre so they will actually fill you up.⠀

4. ❤️Saucey goodness: Because ain’t nobody got time for a dry plate of food. Add your sauces people. Guac, salsa, humous, tzatziki, yoghurt, mayo, ketchup etc. Make it delicious.⠀

And of course, no IG post would be complete without:⠀

⚡️Caveat 1:⠀
Although labelled for simplicity, it’s important to note many foods will have a mixture protein, fat and carb in them. For example, a high protein source could also be a high fat source - and - veggies are in fact carbs themselves. So we don’t (and shouldn’t) always need to separate food into boxes such a ‘carbs’, ‘protein’ and ‘fat’.⠀

⚡️Caveat 2:⠀
Not every meal needs to be a harmonious balance of macros and micros. Sometimes we don’t care, and nor do we need to all the time.⠀

Anyway, I hope this was useful. Don't eat stuff you don't like, also.

Part of me hates complaining about being ‘soOoOo busy!’. It’s sometimes a privilege - and also pretty self inflicted at times.⠀

There’s no denying that last week was the opposite of what us bloggerz preach about #balance. Early starts and 2am finishes (of the work variety - the ones which involve absolutely zero alcohol, sadly.)⠀

I think Mum would call it ‘burning the candle at both ends’ or something wise like that.⠀

But to be frank, sometimes you don’t have time to take a bloody yoga class and light a damn scented candle. Sometimes you just need to plow on and get shit done 🙌⠀

In these periods, some easy hacks which stop me from losing my tiny mind are;⠀

1. ⚡️Making my bed in the morning REGARDLESS of how early it is. I thank my former self every evening.⠀

2. ⚡️Being at completely peace with NOT having time to hit the gym. But try to fit in some walking.⠀

3. ⚡️Turning off all notifications on my phone. All of them, whatsapp too. (I actually do this all the time and it changed my life not sorry)⠀

So yeah. Balance or whatever isn’t always living in a constant state of being chilled af. Sometimes it chaotic and stressful. So you do what you can with what you have.⠀

And don’t stress about being stressed. That’s silly.⠀

*Hanging out in someone else’s doorway wearing the next @nikewomen Terra Perma kit from my favourites at @veryuk. Swipe up to shop on my story. The entire collection is black and blush tone goodness and I’m so here for it.* ❤️❤️❤️❤️⠀

#AD #veryuk #nikewomen #terraperma


We spend too much time worrying about what’s in one single food. And not enough time thinking about what’s in our diet as whole.⠀

Eating chocolate in the absence of ALL other foods is probably not a good idea. In the same way eating only kale in the absence of ALL other foods is probably not a good idea.⠀

I think we all know by now what IS a good idea, is to include more nutrient-dense foods in your diet than less nutrient-dense foods... ⠀

But both, in the context of a diet where you’re:⠀

1. ⚡️Eating an appropriate amount of energy to live your best life.⠀
2. ⚡️Hitting your macro/micro-nutrient requirements .⠀’re probably good.⠀

There's no such thing as a 'bad' food. But rather a diet which MIGHT need a few improvements. And that's cool ❤️❤️❤️⠀

Remember, balance is key. Look at the wider context and don't eat soil.⠀

People say they support mental health. But they’ll still move away from that guy on the bus.⠀

People say they support mental health. But they’ll still mock that woman in the street.⠀

People say they support mental health. Until it makes them feel uncomfortable.⠀

Mental health isn’t just white people dealing with anxiety. It can be trauma. It can be therapy. It can be sectioning. It can be medication. It can be suicide.⠀

We don’t need to understand, we just need compassion. Sit next to that guy on the bus. Smile at that woman in the street. Let’s stop glamourising mental health and start showing unconditional support. ⚡️🙌👂🌞🍋💛 #mentalhealthawareness
I want to give a little shoutout to the folks at @youngmindsuk today, who do wonderful things for young people dealing with mental health issues. If you’ve ever bought my merch you’ve donated to these guys 🙌

People have said a few things about me online since I started sharing my life in these white squares 🙃⠀

But being quoted as an advocate of ‘calories are all that count’ today has probably been the least fun lol.⠀

(Yes. Even worse than when Gary from Hull called me an 'imbecile' in the comments section of the Daily Mail. That cut me real deep.)⠀

This comparison was one of my first that I posted almost a year and a half ago, with the aim of saying ‘hello instagram let’s stop judging foods as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ but rather that they give us different things.’ 🎉⠀

Because some foods might contain the same amount of energy, but one could offer us way more in terms things like nutrients and feeling of fullness.⠀

There’s no denying calories play a fundamental role in nutrition 🙌⠀

I don’t think we need to beat around the bush here in saying that some people need to gain or lose fat in order to improve their health. And if this is the case, they might want a basic understanding of how many they’re eating and expending.⠀

But they are not the ONLY component to bare in mind when it comes to eating #HeaLThY 🍕🥗🥖🥑🍫🍌⠀

We need to focus on nutrients too to be a fully functioning human inside and live our best lives. So yeah. Calories count, sure. But so does the other stuff. ⚡️⠀


It’s really hard being so photogenic but someone’s got to do it. ⠀⠀

(On set shooting for the past two days has been BLOODY GR8. Can you guess what it’s for? Wittiest comment gets a framed copy of any of these photos of me x)

There’s nothing like clearing out a food cupboard to see how far you’ve come lol.⠀

4 years ago, this was me starting out on my FitNeSS JouRneY on the quest to get super #shredded and eat ‘healthy’ like the girls on instagram.⠀

Naturally my first port of call was a little trip to holland and barrett to stock up on all the all important ‘essentials’.⠀

Like activated grains (because white carbs were bad.)⠀
And raw energy bitez (because processed sugar was not longer allowed ofc.)⠀
And anything with that weird ass spirulina shit in it (which ironically, I still own a bag of in my cupboard. A stark reminder that I probably need to clean more.)⠀

I’m so thankful for this period of my life though because it taught me that happiness is not found at the bottom of a packet of kallo rice cakes. Neither is health.⠀

⚡️You don’t need to spend shit loads to make positive changes to your diet.⠀
⚡️You don’t need to cut things out to make positive changes to your diet.⠀
💃You don’t need to drop £28 in wholefoods to make positive changes to your diet.⠀

Just focus on filling, nutritious foods you love. And making room for less-filling, less-nutritious foods you love too.⠀


I’d like to dedicate this photo to my raybans which I panic-bought at the airport, and consequently couldn’t pay for my hotel when I landed lol.
I always try to do things that my 90 year old self would be proud of. This was one of them. 🙃
Tbt to a rare moment of sobriety in Spain last week #BumbagAbroad

ahhh caffeine. The centre of many witty instagram quotes and a favourite of reaaaaally bussayyyy people. (#guilty) So what’s the ‘best’ way to take it - if at all?⠀

As always, I’m going to hit you with a super set of ‘it depends’ and ‘everything in moderation.’⠀

We know many experience that caffeine ‘buzz’, giving sudden improvements to energy levels which can therefore help you perform better (/GRinD HaRDeR) in the gym ⚡️ (People also experience increased focus and general mood after they’ve necked their starbucks coffee.) ⠀

BUT caffeine can also cause anxiety... and be pretty bloody disruptive when it comes to your sleep. Which is somewhat counterintuitive as those who use caffeine as a liquid crutch are likely to be the ones who need a long nap the most.⠀

But of course, everything in moderation 💃 Coffee is a lovely part of many people’s days so its not something to dramatically cut out. But I’d say look to find the sweet spot where you can utilising it for its benefits every now and then without making it an essential part of your routine.⠀

I don’t have preworkout anymore purely because they’re strong af and taste like the colour green. But I do have a coffee before most training sessions pre 5pm, or the odd white monster because he’s delicious. (And a caramel frappacino when I’m feeling particularly extra.)⠀

Also lol that I needed an ID to buy this monster but in Starbucks you just need £1.90 and the patience of a loyal Labrador. (Nutritional info source: PWO is 1 scoop My Protein, Monster is 16 fl oz can and Coffee is tall Americano) 👅

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