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LUCY MOUNTAIN  with no bs. unsponsored athlete. eats food. ⠀ ⠀ I’m also @theFFFeed + @lucyannemountain⠀ ⠀ for weird erratic emails from me 👅:


How often should you have a ‘cheat-meal’? In short, never. ⠀

If I could write a dictionary of words to be eradicated from your vocabulary, this would be one of them. Along with ‘nom’ and ‘panties’. ⠀

Having a meal you enjoy purely because you like the taste of it isn’t being dishonest to your ‘diet’. Having a plate of food you want to eat just for pleasure is actually one of the most honest things you could do. ⠀

Foods offer us a variety of different things. Survival, energy, nutrients, growth, repair etc. But also enjoyment. These are just a few examples - but they all contribute to overall ‘health’ right? ⠀

I’m so over this ‘cheat day/meal’ dialogue. It’s about #MoDeRaTiOn and all that. So prioritise nourishing your body with food - but also enjoy eating the foods you like just because you bloody want to. No side order of guilt. ⠀

*The only time it’s a cheat meal is when you’re dining out with your side piece. Fyi.

So how does one motivate one’s a$$ to move a little more and eat a little better?⠀

Motivation is something we’ve all definitely had to search for from time to time. (Or in my case, the entirely of 2018 thus far lol.) Firstly I think it’s important to distinguish the difference between; ⠀

1. I’m-doing-everything-I-think-I-need-to-be-doing-to-get-to-my-goal-and-nothing-is-working-so-I-cba-anymore ⠀

and... ⠀

2. Just not really feeling it 🤷‍♀️ ⠀

Firstly, if you are number 1, it isn’t motivation you’re necessarily missing. But instead, you’re likely to be investing your efforts in the wrong places and might need some guidance on how to reach your goal more effectively (And potentially also have a little patience. Like our friend Gary Barlow once said.) ⠀

If you’re number 2 (like me - welcome to the klub 🐸), there could be a multitude of reasons as to why you don’t feel like feeding your body with green stuff or exercising despite paying £30 for a gym membership. ⠀

Motivation slips when other things take priority. Your job, your relationship, your mental health. And that’s actually okay 💃 But if it’s getting you down - all you can do is give yourself the tools to make things as easy as possible for yourself. It sounds basic but things like; ⠀

- Prepping your lunches on a Sunday night
- Schedule your training sessions in your diary
- Lay your gym kit out ready for the morning
- And actually getting enough sleep rather than staying up till 12am stalking your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s sister. ⠀

It’s easy to feel like things are spiralling out of control, honey-drenched spoonful of peanut butter by honey-drench spoonful of peanut butter. (My go-to when I feel like shit lol.) ⠀

But remember, if the feeling of being ‘motivated’ was a constant feeling that never dipped, it wouldn’t be called ‘motivation’ - it’d just be normal. ⠀

(I look like I have a silver tooth here. Can confirm I don’t.) ⠀


A tin of custard has the same amount of protein as 68g of cashew nuts !!!⠀

And no - unfortunately I'm not really here to present custard as the next post-workout protein shake 🌝 (But it's totally valid if that's your thing. I won't judge you or your tinned goods.)⠀

I’m here to talk about nuts as a ‘good’ source of protein 🥜 So although there are plenty of health benefits to having NuTzZ in your diet, to get a decent 20g serving of protein you’d need around 600 kcals of them.⠀

To put this into perspective, those looking to increase their protein intake to support their training may be aiming to eat upwards of 100g per day. That's 3000 kcals of cashews.⠀

Which of course is totally cool - but for those who are looking to get a little leaner, it may be worthwhile looking at a different source 💃 Nuts offer us far more in the way of nutrientz, fat and energy than protein - so celebrate them for that!⠀

(My nutritionist @danprice_639pt posted this a few weeks ago - I wanted to repost it but couldn’t because it wasn’t #minimal enough. Thankfully he let me recreate my own version lol. tysm Dan)⠀


Qualified advice. The elephant in the room of Instagram (which many don’t actually see.) 🐘⠀⠀
Whether you actively search for it via Google or passively consume it via your Insta feed, our minds are constantly eating information.⠀⠀
Like an all-you-can-eat buffet. However you don’t stop after you’ve eaten one too many slices of prawn toast and have to un-do your jeans. You keep going because you think you’re still hungry lol.⠀⠀
Unlike a study in a journal, you don’t need a qualification to write a caption on IG. Everyone is given a fair platform to post information. While this can be an incredible thing, it can also be confusing / down right dangerous.⠀⠀
So I guess the point of this post is to;⠀⠀
A. Remind you not to blindly trust what you see on social media, regardless of how #goals their body might look. I saw a post this week from someone with over 400k follower reeling off unproved nutritional advice they’d found on google. The worst part was that of the 360+ comments, only 3 were asking questioning the credibility.⠀⠀
B. Give some basic guidelines on how to navigate your way towards good info, which are;⠀⠀
1. Look for findings from meta-analysis (analysis of loads of studies on a particular topic.) You could find a single study which *proves* listening to Gareth Gates second album makes you burn fat. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true.

@thealanaragon’s research review is great unbiased source of info.⠀⠀
2. Look to professionals who don’t make definitive claims - espeically without citing research. Research is always on-going and they can only give advice based on what we know now. My nutritionist @danprice_639pt and @639pt are prime examples of this.⠀⠀
I’m not a nutritionist. But what I am, is 100% committed to using my platform to relay some of the information I’ve sourced from these two places above.⠀⠀
12 months ago I flipped my IG around and made it my goal to conteract some of the bs that gets shared on here, and do the best I can with the tools I have so you can hopefully feel a little better about food. Das it. Hope this helps x⠀⠀

In a world where snacking is often demonised as a negative habit which should be reduced or eliminated, I just want to politely remind you that this is quite frankly bs. 💃⠀

Think about it; 'snacks' are the smaller portions of food superset between larger portions of food (what society calls 'meals'.)⠀

I won't get too #deep and #philosophical on your a$$ since its only a Saturday afternoon - but our eating patterns are social constructs. Which means there are no set rules, only guidelines.⠀

So when it comes to eating on-the-go, my snacks are simply a lovely balance of foods which; ⠀

1. Don’t leak horrifically in the bottom of my bag #TunaGate
2. Benefit an element of my physical health (🍇)⠀

3. Benefit an element of my psychological health (🍫)⠀

And that's basically it. You don't need to overthink it, nor do you need to gratuitously eat 'health' foods which you actually dislike.⠀

Enjoy the smaller portions of food that you eat between your larger portions of food - and try not to stress too much about it.⠀

P.s. Can we appreciate my snacks looking all #cute lined up like they queueing for ice cream or something 😍⠀


[FREE CONTENT] Flick, whip and cringe: A short course on how to hair whip in a public place.⠀

Comment below if you’d like to join my hair whip academy.⠀


The perks of being single: not having to share food with a significant other. ⠀

#HappyValentinesDay friends 👅 ⠀


8 things I’ve learnt from my previous dating history;⠀

1. It’s just a theory but there seems to be a positive correlation between the happier you are in a relationship and the less you feel the need to post about it on social media.⠀

2. Always check their ‘tagged photos’ on Instagram to see if they’ve got partner they forgot to tell you about. Who also has the same name as you. (Credit to him for the simplicity of the situation though.)⠀

3. Find someone that can make you hysterically laugh all day and keep them close.⠀

4. Once lost, respect is actually more challenging to regain than trust.⠀

5. Toxic relationships are never worth your time, no matter how much you loved their mum. (I once dated this guy and when we broke up, his mum sent me multiple Facebook ‘Wall' Posts requesting that I take him back. I don’t think she understood Facebook’s privacy settings.)⠀

6. When you feel the urge to ask them to breathe more quietly, it’s probably over.⠀

7. Long-term relationships shouldn’t neccesarily be the goal - but rather being with someone thats right for you at that given period of time. We change all the time as people, and that’s cool. (The person you are now isn’t likely to be the person you were 5 years ago, and neither should it be.)⠀

8. Starring out letters of your crushes first name in your MSN bio is probably the least subtle way of letting them know you fancy them. (LuCy be LoVin' C*****) ⠀

I’d also like to round off this #PreValentinesDayChat by telling you it’s true what the cringey yoga memes say - the best relationship you can work on is actually yourself. So do that everyday. That way, someone great can only enrich your already bada$$ life. Not be it ygm 💃⠀

#theFFF #NotPancakes

I’m delighted to let you know that making protein pancakes on pancake day doesn’t make you a wanker. (Only the people who judge you for it lol)⠀ #PancakePositivity 🌝⠀

This is probably the easiest protein pancake recipe I’ve made and it only requires 3 ingredients;⠀

1 banana⠀
2 eggs⠀
1 scoop protein⠀

And 3 steps;⠀

- Blend⠀
- Cook⠀
- Flip⠀

So damn easy and actually tastes good. Enjoy 🥞⠀

Tomorrow I personally will be having mine old skool with flour, milk and sugar. And maybe chocolate spread. And a 4cm layer of icing sugar embedded with 351 smarties.⠀

(For those vaguely interested, this recipe comes to roughly 320 kcals and 30g protein 👅)⠀


'Cute pic but dat collection of cells though.’ 😍⠀⠀
I won’t patronise you by pretending my body doesn’t fit societies ideal. Because it does (in pixels.)⠀⠀
And yet, it’s still expected to not dimple, wobble, fold or stretch. I vividly remember being in my third year at uni and a guy calling out my cellulite in a room full of people at pre-drinks. (I cried in someone’s tiny bathroom. Collection 2000 mascara wasn’t the best choice that night.)⠀⠀
Back then, I would have NEVER thought I’d be posting a video like this to the internet. But we still live in a world where dimpling on our skin is treated like a ‘condition’ when it’s just part of the human body. What the fuck lol?⠀⠀
Bodies aren't a fixed entity. They grow, shrink, move, wobble, dimple, fold and stretch. How cool is that? 💃⠀⠀
Playing around with ‘good’ lighting and angles are fun. But don’t aspire to pixels. You are worth so much more than that 💕⠀⠀
#physiqueupdate lol⠀⠀
s/o to Pat from Nottingham Trent uni. Sorry for using you as an anecdote 🙃⠀⠀

'Fat-burning foods' - a search term which could have definitely been found in my internet browsing history circa 2010-2013 lol.⠀

(Along with 'chin slimming exercises' and 'what day do UK student loans come in’.)⠀

The sad reality that (still true to this day) thousands of articles will appear from 'questionable' health magazines and blog posts with a legit list of said 'fat-burning' foods like the above.⠀

But in truth, no food burns fat. The wonderful thing about food is that all foods contain calories which provide us with energy. Some will contain less energy (calories), some will contain more energy (calories.) 🙌 But no food burns fat.⠀

Food exists to provide us with energy and nutrients to survive - that is its purpose, it's #lifegoalz as they say. So let food do it's thing 💃💃💃⠀

P.s. sorry but since when were grapefruits so fucking bitter I will never be able to wash this taste out of my mouth I am broken rip


I’ve never felt less like training than how I feel currently. Shitty training sessions and feeling like my motivation is so 'low', not even a can of white monster can fix it.⠀

As with the food I put in my mouth, my training is centred on doing shit I like.⠀

Enjoying the exercises I’m doing, enjoying being in a gym environment, enjoying how strong it makes me feel, enjoying how it physically impacts my body (and as a result, enjoying the fact I can now actually ‘tense' my ass cheeks.)⠀

So when I’m not enjoying it, I can rarely coerce myself into doing it. (No matter how many motivational hashtags I see #thegrind lol)⠀

Last night when I could feel myself questioning if I’d ever place my hand on a barbell ever again (not dramatic at all), I had to check myself and realise right now I’m just ENJOYING not training that much. Which is cool, because I’m still doing what I enjoy, ygm?⠀

So if you’re feeling like you’re ‘off the wagon’, questioning if you’ll ever eat a vegetable again, or wear leggings for the purpose of actually working out, don’t stress.⠀

It’s not a motivational dip, it’s just a shift in priorities for now.⠀

p.s. because I sacked off my planned training session today for the 2948th time, me and @thehungrypt decided to tried out one of my gal @natacha.oceane’s workout today for lols and put it on my story 4 ur entertainment. Enjoy.⠀

p.p.s Here’s an old, unrelatable photo of me with abnormally visible abs to symbolise me wearing activewear and thinking about exercise back when I enjoyed it

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