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lucy mountain  passive aggressively calling out fitness bs #teamnobs ⠀ ⠀ I’m also @theFFFeed⠀ ⠀ 🎉🎉🎉living my best life x nobs merch - available until Sunday🎉🎉🎉:

we're live, friends. Living My Best Life x NOBS tees + sweaters are available via my bio and story 👅👅⠀

Important stuff;⠀

1. LiMiTed eDiTioN ⭐️ I'm working on a long term solution where you can buy shit whenever BUT until then - these babies are available for just 4 days until Sunday night 11:59pm UK time.⠀⠀
2. Sizes are unisex 🙌 I’m a UK 10 and wear a medium in urrthang.⠀
There’s a size guide on the site but they roughly translate as;⠀⠀
- XS (UK 6-8) *sweaters only*⠀
- S (UK 8-10)⠀⠀
- M (UK 10-12)⠀⠀
- L (UK 12-14)⠀⠀
- XL (UK14-16)⠀⠀
- 2XL (UK 16-18)⠀⠀

3. Everything is made to order 🎁 Once all orders are made by Sunday, your order will be made especially for you next week and then shipped out. Expected dispatch date is 31st July latest (but expected arrival date will be on your confirmation email!)⠀
4. Tees are £20 + sweaters are £28 each ❤ (with 10% of profits going to @youngmindsuk as always. They're gr8.)⠀⠀
5. Goes without saying but quality is on point. Sorry but this aint no crispy fruit of the loom shit. (Also ethically made and have great labels for label rubbing.)⠀⠀⠀
I feel like that's everything. Drop me a comment if you have a question which I didn't answer in this short novel. But yeah. I love and appreciate you nobs v much. Excited to take over the world with you. #teamnobs 💯⠀

if we’re being honest, the 80/20 rule is just a glamorous way of saying ‘everything in moderation bbz'. But under the guise of being more tailored because NuMBeRs 🌝⠀

So wtf is it? Well it depends on the context (and the fitness guru) but it's essentially the idea of eating nutrient-dense foods 80% of the time, and less-nutrient dense foods 20% of the time.⠀

Do it how you want but the two common ways of hitting it are:⠀

1. ❤️(For humans who like numbers):⠀
Eating 80% of your calories from filling, nutrient-dense sources. And 20% of your calories from less-filling, less nutrient-dense sources. Like Sainbury’s 35p basic milk chocolate. Don’t @ me. This is a more specific approach.⠀

2. ❤️(For humans who don’t like numbers):⠀
Making 80% of your food choices filling and nutrient-dense. And 20% of your food choices less-filling, less nutrient-dense. Like Sainbury’s 35p basic milk chocolate. Don’t @ me still. This is a less tailored approach.⠀

You can split it daily, weekly, monthly, whatever. But the goal is to allow you to fuel your body, getting all your important vitamins and minerals in but also eat some food we like just cus they’re tasty af. 🍫Which many other approaches without a FanCy name can do.⠀

Hope this helps my friends.⠀
I only held the cookie to show off my new nails.⠀


ok let's give some stuff away 🎉 win any 3 items from the LIVING MY BEST LIFE x NOBS relaunch.⠀
All you need to do is:⠀
1. tag two m8z in the comments below⠀
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Share the items between the 3 of you, or keep them all for yourself if you don't them that much. (*Or you've tagged Beyonce and Miley Cyrus as your entry.)⠀
Available worldwide baby ❤️ I’ll announce the winer tomorrow night. Good luck friends 👅 ⠀

🎉🎉 PSA - the #LivingMyBestLife + NOBS tees and sweaters will be available from Thursday - Sunday eve. Will post deets on Thursday eve! 🎉🎉⠀

cardio or weight lifting,
intermittent fasting or little and often,
low carb or low fat,
avocado or ice cream,
tracking macros or 'I-literally-don't-give-a-fuck' ⠀

(Don't get confused between what's 'optimal' vs what people just generally prefer. Because it’s nice for people to enjoy things 💃💃💃) ⠀

HaPPy SaTuRDaY ❤️ ⠀

P.s. Living My Best Life + NOBS sweats and tees are back this coming Thursday-Sunday 👅 ⠀


1 ingredient HeaLThY banana (n)ice cream recipe! Get it saved guys! ❤️ I just wanna inspire you! 🍌🍌🍌

I used to be low key judgemental over other people’s journey. Not in a ‘lol ur stupid’ kind of way. More in a ‘WHY WOULDN’T ANYONE WANNA KNOW THE CALORIES IN THEIR DONUT’ kind of way.⠀

The more I develop as a general human being, the more I learn that it’s kool for people to want to do things differently. Neither way of viewing food is ‘right' or ‘wrong’ if your physical and mental health is in check. That’s all I care about.⠀

To some a donut is a ’treat' at a weekend, but to other’s it’s just a damn donut 🍩 I know I have my own message I wanna share, and I know I have my own preferences. But I just want to remind you it’s cool to do things differently to others ⠀

(My journey has quite literally transformed from 6 > 4 > 7 > 3 > 8 and it’s great 💃💃💃)⠀


More Elton John than Gigi Hadid but I think I’m here for it.

itS JusT coMMon SensE 👫⠀

(P.s. 3 things to note:⠀

1. Human beings come in all shapes and sizes. 'Approprite' portion sizes largely refer to how much energy you require according to your goal and your activity levels (not just your chromosones.)⠀

2. I do actually believe simple portion control 'methods' like the above do have a place *sometimes for some people* but again; I'd say it's not something to base your eating habits on.⠀

3. No single infographic is 'something to base your eating habits on'. Including this lol.)⠀


Mental health can be a massive bitch. But the sun is shine. I’m alive, I’m LiViN and I’m on my way to drink a gin + tonic the size of my head in some kool jeans. #LivingMyBestLife love you team nobs ❤️

if you’re planning on hitting your daily micro-nutrient requirements via chocolate, it’s likely you have more important things to consider than what colour bar you’re eating 🍫🍫🍫⠀

Different foods give us different things. Not every food needs to give us spectacular HeaLTh benefits - so we don't need to begrude the ones that don't. Some just taste good. Like chocolate.⠀

Sure, it’s fun to zoom in, analyse and compare little details - but it’s equally important to zoom out and look at the bigger picture 💃💃💃 (swipe left friends).⠀

In the context of a micronutrient-dense day of food - regardless of your goal - the difference between each is arguably minimal when eaten in moderation. 🥗🍏🍓🍫🥙🍌🍇However, it's important to do what works for you. Whether than be white, milk, dark, ombe, unicorn, millennial pink etc.⠀

What's techincally ‘optimal’ zoomed in might not be what's 'optimal' for you when you zoom out ❤️ Plus, it's cool to enjoy food you enjoy.⠀

psa: #1 always anyway. Goodbye.⠀

(kcals from sainsburys basic choc 🙃🙃🙃)

I’ve had a turbulent relationship with it this year but I’m actually enjoying training again.⠀

Since the beginning of starting this account in 2015 I always referred to myself as a ‘fitness blogger’ - even when I had 13 followerz because #selflove etc. But with that title (albeit confidently self-titled) came pressure to be super strong, super lean and super #fitness.⠀

It took me a couple of years but I realised I will never be those things. And I will never be one of those accounts. I don’t have the driven nor inclination to be a ‘GRINDER’. #TeamNoDaysOff.⠀

Sometimes I like training, sometimes I don’t. And so far this year - exercise has felt more of a chore than emptying my rubbish. Which - might I add - is always in very, painfully thin bin liners. (I never learn.)⠀

But as with everything - things shift and change. And right now I’m riding a wave of motivation (but it’s MY wave) and it feels great. I guess what I’m trying to say is;⠀
1. Stop trying to conform to what you *think* fitness is. Because you’re the one in control. Move how you want, as often as you want, wearing whatever the fuck you want.⠀
2. If you zoom in closely you can see my salvia.⠀

That is all x

I legit get sooooo many dms eVeryDaY asking for my healthy recipes so just thought I’d share my Go-t0 ! xo

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