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G I V E A W A Y | We are running a giveaway on our main account, @theeverydaymums and thanks to @warrewraps and @the_moose_hub you and a friend can win a starter pack to help you reduce your plastic use this @plasticfreejuly. Head on over and have a look! Ends Friday 7th of July at 8pm! .
#plasticfree #plasticfreejuly #reduce #recycle #reuse #environment #plasticfreestorage #keepcup #warrewraps #health #wellness #lifestyle #choices

P I N K G R A P E F R U I T | Who eats it? I was graciously given a beautiful fresh grapefruit off my in laws tree over the weekend. But I've never tried it so I'm wondering if it's supposed to be kind of bitter? Or whether it wasn't ripe enough maybe? I have the other half in my fridge still. How do you have yours? Do you eat it as is or add anything to it? I'm thinking it would be good to drink too!
Pink grapefruit is an excellent source of Vitamin C and is super juicy. .
#pinkgrapefruit #grapefruit #vitaminc #breakfast

A F T E R N O O N T E A | Today we made @adventuresnacks Beetroot and Chocolate muffins for the boys to have after school. Oliver and I smashed ours while they were warm and I have to say that they were very moist and tasty. I am used to cakes being sweeter but that's ok because these are perfect for school and home, for kids. Well adults too but if you are looking for treats for kids that have no refined sugar in them then these are pretty good! 93% worth of organic ingredients and they have no preservatives or artificial colours and flavours. Also insanely easy to make. Check them out.
#muffins #chocolateandbeetroot #adventuresnacks #baking #refinedsugarfree #nopreservatives #healthy #schoolsnacks #healthytreats #gifted

Tomorrow is a brand new day. Rest well 😘
Pic via @sweetlemonheartt #newday #life #sun #newlife #quote #meme #inspirationalquotes #strength

L U N C H | I am in actual pumpkin soup heaven right now. Pumpkin and sweet potato. I think it has some ginger which I usually hate but I adore this. It's creamy and delicious and warm and filling. I'm in a food court surrounded by fast food and don't get me wrong, I eat that too but to be able to have this quality lunch makes me so happy. Top soup @threebeanscastlehill! #pumpkinsoup #threebeanscafe #lunch #glutenfree #soup #winterfood #creamy #filling #delicious

L U N C H | Sickness has been in our home for far too long. We never get sick for very long and it has been over 2 weeks now. Both older boys had a week each off school. The toddler has copped it the hardest and both of us are not at our best. Even doing all the things that I know help limit head colds and coughs from lingering and getting worse, nothing seems to be making a difference. Rest, warm bodies, no meat and dairy, plenty of vitamin C. Anyway, I know liquids are easier for our bodies to digest so I'm trying to eliminate some work there. Juice for lunch it is.
Anyone have any suggestions on immune boosting things I can try? Would love to hear them.
#lunch #juice #smoothie #fruitjuice #sickness#health #vegan #vegetarian

L U N C H | I was supposed to be eating this on the run which is why it is in a glass storage container but my plans have changed. So I'm eating now instead.
So delicious and fresh. Full disclosure, I took the cucumber out. I'm trying so hard to like it but it's so gross and tastes like watermelon and I just can't bring myself to eat it. Sorry πŸ₯’ you revolt me so.
#lunch #salad πŸ₯—πŸ₯•πŸ—

T O O T H P A S T E | We've been using @grantsofaustralia kids Blueberry all natural toothpaste in our home. The product was gifted but we've been using the Adult toothpaste for forever now so we would have bought this when it hit the shelves anyway! .
It has no flouride, SLS or sugar. It's vegan and Australian! Tastes great too! Yep I've definitely tried it. There's a link to the blog in the bio if you'd like to read more about it! .
#grantsofaustralia #toothpaste #kidsnaturaltoothpaste #australian #allnatural #vegan #vegantoothpaste #vegandentalcare #dental #teeth #flouridefree #slsfree #sugarfree

S M O O T H I E | Sorry for the absence lately! Life has been hectic antiseptic over here! But anyway, right back into it! What have I missed?! How are you all! πŸ˜‚
I make almost the same smoothie each day with the same ingredients but the delightful Cinzia from @thesmoothiebombs sent me some new flavours to try. So I added it to my juice today. I've been using Smoothie bombs since last year and they are phenomenally easy to use. Certified organic, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, palm oil free, raw and all natural. All you need to do is crumble the bomb, add a piece of fruit and the liquid of your choice and blend that baby. It's packed with superfoods, tastes delicious and ready to go when you want to whip up a juice. They have 5 flavours (super greens, peanut butter, super Berries, golden chai and raw cacao) and make mornings super easy. You should totally check them out. .
#smoothiebombs #smoothie #berries #juice #frozenberries #mornings #glutenfree #vegan #dairyfree #palmoilfree #superfoods #australian #organic #certifiedorganic

L U N C H | Today's lunch is a messy bowl of colour. The easiest of easy and only 5 ingredients.
Mixed lettuce leaf
You can easy make this in advance to take to work and the juices from grating the beetroot and carrot, ensure that it's isn't dry. It's filling, light and totally yummo. .
Having a range of lettuces, baby spinach and rocket in your salads boost your Vitamin A, C and folate levels. Add some cold pressed olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon to help absorption. #theeverydaylifestyle #theeverydaymums

D I N N E R | @mountainbreadau Rye wrap with Lettuce, Carrot, Onion, Beetroot, Cheese and Chicken mince that's been cooked in some honey and soy. So easy and delicious. Hubby has tomato and avocado on his wrap, the teenager adds cucumber and the 9 year old fills his with snow peas and snap peas. It's such a colourful meal that everyone builds differently. It's so filling without that actual fullness feeling. .
We continue to eat salads and raw foods most nights during Winter. We don't eat a lot of cooked veggies although I know some soups and slow cooked dinners will be made for sure. πŸ₯•πŸ₯’πŸ₯‘πŸ…πŸ₯—#theeverydaylifestyle #theeverydaymums

P A N C A K E S | It's still school holidays which means we have plenty of time in the morning for long breakfasts. So pancakes in a bowl it is. -@orgran_nutrition Buckwheat pancake mix is Gluten free, wheat free, yeast free. It can also be made egg free, dairy free and vegan by using an egg replacer and an oat or nut milk. I used @australiasownorganic Almond milk today.
-@jalna_yoghurt vanilla yoghurt
-Organic frozen berries
-@fiveamorganics Granola.
Tops breakfast and totally filling. Happy Thursday, lovers! #theeverydaylifestyle

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